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Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are funny. They're black. They're BFFs. And they host a live comedy show in Brooklyn. Join the 2 Dope Queens, along with their favorite comedians, for stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of other s**t. WNYC Studios is the producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio, Note to Self and many more.


Bonus Episode! Ezekiel Bread is for Lovers  

Jessica and Phoebe dream up the details of Carrie Russell's hot AF sex life. Plus, Caitlin Gill explains why big saus-siege isn't always best, and Danielle Radford isn't Beyonce. 

Featured Performers:

1. Caitlin Gill

2. Danielle Radford

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Bonus Episode! Shrimp Scampi with Michael B. Jordan  

Phoebe shares a juicy rumor about Michael B. Jordan and Jessica will do anything to get to the bottom of it. Plus special guests Iliza Shlesinger (Freeform's Truth & Iliza) and Jorma Taccone (The Lonely Island).

Featured Performers:

1. Iliza Shlesinger 

2. Jorma Taccone


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Bonus Episode! Creed's Greatest Hits  

Phoebe and Jessica reflect on the greatest band that ever lived. Plus, Joe List (Conan) has a forbidden secret that involves hot butter, and Clark Jones (Comedy of the Knitting Factory) steps up his sex playlist game. 

Featured Performers:

1. Joe List

2. Clark Jones

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Bonus Episode! Vagina Dentata  

The Queens talk to Michaela Watkins (Hulu's Casual) about how they would use their teethed vaginas for the greater good. Plus, Phoebe and Ilana Glazer unpack Gillian Jacobs (Netflix's Love) affinity for famous murderers and Jeff Goldblum. 

Featured Performers:

1. Michaela Watkins


2. Gillian Jacobs


Bonus Episode! Which Nicolas Cage Would You Bone?  

Phoebe and Jessica explore Nicolas Cage’s oeuvre (and a whole lot more). Plus, Marcella Arguello (@midnight) dates her first white devil and Brooke Van Poppelen (TruTV's Hack My Life) tries to get off in the age of Trump. 

Featured Performers:

1. Marcella Arguello

2. Brooke Van Poppelen


#36 Who is Jeff Tweedy?  

It’s the finale of Season 3 babies! And when Portlandia star Fred Armisen name drops a very white musician, Phoebe and Jessica require some context clues. Plus, 2 Dope Queens crowd favorite Naomi Ekperigin (Comedy Central's The Half Hour) returns to find the afikoman, while Iliza Shlesinger (Truth & Iliza) eats some ham over the sink.

Featured Performers:

1. Naomi Ekperigan

2. Fred Armisen

3. Iliza Schlesinger


#35 Mom Jokes with Kevin Bacon  

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With a name like Kevin Bacon (I Love Dick), Phoebe and Jessica just can't help themselves. Tune in for played-out puns, tacky innuendo and more! Plus, Maria Bamford (Old Baby) checks out genocide documentaries on Netflix, and Ron Funches (Amazon's Powerless) goes to Canada to find weed, but discovers so much more.

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Featured Performers:

1. Maria Bamford

Follow @mariabamfoo

2. Kevin Bacon

Follow @kevinbacon

3.  Ron Funches

Follow @ronfunches



#34 Sleepover Accidents  

Phoebe and Jessica recall the night a slumber party went horribly wrong. They are joined by Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) for an intimate chat about everything from Tami Taylor to haunted houses. Plus, comedy from Gina Yashere (The Daily Show) and Paige Weldon (Hulu’s Coming to the Stage).

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Featured Performers:

1. Gina Yashere

Follow @ginayashere

2. Connie Britton

Follow @conniebritton

3.  Paige Weldon

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#33 Hot Pickles  

High Maintenance co-creator/star Ben Sinclair drops in on the Queens to talk about his stinky past, ayahuasca, and his Blue Man Group audition. Plus, Shalewa Sharpe has to work with a bunch white liberal women, and Robert Dean (What About Bob? A Podcast) goes to Benihana.

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Featured Performers:

1. Shalewa Sharpe

Follow @silkyjumbo

2. Ben Sinclair

Follow @thisbensinclair

3.  Robert Dean

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#32 Clam Chowdah  

The Queens head to Boston with their best accents and have one of the most important debates of the century. They are joined by dad joke king Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist), plus Nick Chambers and Emily Ruskowski (Nerdist).

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Featured Performers:

1. Nick Chambers

Follow @chamberscomedy

2. Jonathan Katz

Follow @jonathan_katz


3.  Emily Ruskowski

Follow @emilyruskowski

#31 Ass Wednesday  

Are you looking for some information about Cape Cod nightlife? We thought so! Tune in for Eugene Mirman’s (Bob's Burgers) spicy suggestions. Plus,the comedic stylings of Lamont Price (Boston Calling) and Bethany Van Delft (The Moth).

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Featured Performers:

1. Lamont Price

Follow @lpizzle

2. Eugene Mirma
Follow @EugeneMirman

3.  Bethany Van Delft

Follow @bethanyvandelft

#30 White People Love Coyotes  

Phoebe and her white friend Alison visit Joshua Tree and get an unexpected visitor. Plus, Jessica offers up some inspiration for the songstress inside all of us. The Queens are joined by Nick Thune (Seeso's Good Guy Comedy Special), Josh Sharp (Comedy Central's Comics to Watch), and Alex English (Lady Parts Justice League).

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Featured Performers:

1. Nick Thune

Follow @nickthune

2. Josh Sharp

3.  Alex English

Follow @alex3nglish


#29 2 Derp Queens  

In this episode, Phoebe and Jessica explore their alter-egos - and it’s not pretty. They are joined by beloved Compton Clover Gabrielle Union for a couple of games of "Fuck, Marry, Kill" and some real talk about being black women in the industry. Plus, Jim Tews (Felines of New York) is a totally normal guy with a cat blog, and Nimesh Patel (New York City Broken Comedy) has an exciting new pitch for Real Housewives.

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Featured Performers:

1. Jim Tews

Follow @jimtews

2. Gabrielle Union

Follow @gabrielleu


3.  Nimesh Patel

Follow @findingnimesh


#28 A Sex Toy in Every Port  

In the newest episode of 2 Dope Queens, Jessica tries to keep her sexual satisfaction bicoastal - and narrowly avoids a complete disaster! Plus, John Hodgman (Judge John Hodgman) shocks Phoebe with some serious Sex and the City knowledge, Sonia Denis (Comedy Central) doesn't trust a shrink with a man bun, and John Roberts (Bob's Burgers) learns that being Linda from Bob’s Burgers doesn’t make him any more fuckable. 

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Featured Performers:

1. Sonia Denis
Follow @sonideni

2. John Hodgman
Follow @hodgman

3. John Roberts
Follow @solomongeorgio

#27 Carrie Brownstein's First Date  

Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein tells the tale of her first date (and how it turned her gay). Plus, Pete Holmes (Crashing) just can’t seem to lose weight, and Solomon Georgio (Conan) deals with the tough realities of having a white boyfriend (hint: brunch).

But wait! Stick around for a very special conversation with Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, the hosts of WNYC Studios’ newest podcast, Nancy. Think This American Life, but gayer! Find out what you can expect to hear this season - and Phoebe and Jessica offer up the new hosts some unsolicited advice.

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Featured Performers:

1. Carrie Brownstein
Follow @Carrie_Rachel

2. Pete Holmes
Follow @peteholmes

3. Solomon Georgio
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#26 Tig Notaro’s Skin Regimen  

This week, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer fills in for Jessica, and as a special treat, listeners get to find out what is going on inside her colon. They are joined by the fabulous Tig Notaro (One Mississippi), who shares tips on how she gets such beautiful, dewy skin. Plus, comedy from Chris Milner (Specific Ignorance) and Natalie McGill (Redacted Tonight).

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Featured Performers:

1. Tig Notaro

Follow @TigNotaro

2. Chris Milner

Follow @EnglishmanChris

 3. Natalie McGill

Follow @nataliesmcgill


#25 A Jon Hamm Sandwich  

2 Dope Queens is back for a third season! Phoebe and Jessica are kicking it off with a pants-dropping interview with Don Draper himself, Mr. Jon Hamm. Plus, comedian Chris Garcia (This American Life) won’t make fun of his immigrant parents, and find out why Morgan Murphy (2 Broke Girls) can’t compete on tinder. Kick back with an ice-cold glass of lemonade because you’re gonna need to cool down after the Queens serve up some serious heat. 

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Featured Performers:

1. Chris Garcia

Follow @_chrisgarcia

2. Jon Hamm

 3. Morgan Murphy

Follow @morgan_murphy


A Super Sexy Sneak Peek of Season 3!  

2 Dope Queens is back, babies!  Season 3 launches everywhere on April 4th. Get a sneak preview of our most exciting season yet. We’ve got stand up! We’ve got stars! We’ve got vibrators! And this is just a taste of what's to come. Featuring Jon Hamm, Tig Notaro, Gabrielle Union and Morgan Murphy. Season 3 launches next week on Spotify with new episodes every Tuesday.

Featured Performers:

1. Jon Hamm

2. Tig Notaro

Follow @tignotaro

3. Gabrielle Union

Follow @itsgabrielleu

 4. Morgan Murphy

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Featured music: "A1 Symphony" by Fleslit, "Peacoat" by Blue Dot Sessions, "Patched In" by Blue Dot Sessions

Bonus Episode! I Hated It  

Phoebe and Jessica get deep about the power of cinema. They're joined by winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen. Plus, comedian Anthony DeVito (This American Life) goes on a cruise with Shaggy (yes, that Shaggy).

Featured Performers:

1. Bob the Drag Queen 

Follow @thatonequeen

2. Anthony DeVito

Follow @anthonydevito_



Bonus Episode! Barbara Did My Cornrows  

Phoebe and Jessica call out Jon Glaser (Jon Glaser Loves Gear) for getting cornrows (he's white). Plus, Kevin Avery (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) tries to look like Han Solo. 

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Featured Comedians:

1. Kevin Avery

Follow @kevinavery

2. Jon Glaser

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