4x4 Earth - The 4WD, Camping, Fishing and Outdoors

4x4 Earth - The 4WD, Camping, Fishing and Outdoors


Join James from 4x4earth.com as he learns about 4 wheel driving, trucks, tracks, places to go and things to do when exploring the 4x4 Earth. He looks at driving and recovery techniques, trucks, mods, bush camping and cooking, fishing and generally enjoying the Great Outdoors. Learn tips and tricks to have a great time in the places that other people can't get to. Do all of this while being safe and looking after the environment.


20 - The new 4WD Cap Locker from Uneek 4x4  

Our resident 4WD expert Jason Lock talks about the history of the diff lock and how Uneek 4x4 has developed a new Cap Locker.

We talk about the effects of a factory LSD when you fit a traditional diff lock and how the cap locker will enable the vehicle to retain the use of the LSD.

We look at the changes to the design, which will make the cap locker easier and cheaper to install and also more reliable.  We talk about the design and testing process that the Cap Locker has gone through to be able to bring this product to market.

We talk about what models will be available now (Suzuki and Landcruiser) and also what will be next as well as some of the new bull bars, followed by Subaru and Prado lockers.

Another great Australian manufacturing story about a product that has been wholly designed and manufactured in Australia!

19 - 4WD tips for driving in the snow  

We talk about how to prepare for a trip out into the Snow.  Snow driving is a lot of fun, but the conditions are very different to other types of 4 wheel driving.

Snow driving is usually done in very cold environments, so preparation is a lot more important.  Spending a night out in the snow can be life threatening if you are not prepared for it.

What equipment should you think about taking out on a snow trip. We talk tyres, what type and what pressure you should be running. Alpine Diesel fuel - what is it and when you should use it. When you should carry chains. How conditions change when driving in snow and on icy roads.

We also talk about the upcoming 9th Annual Victorian gathering in November 2016 at Sheepyard Flat.

This is a great opportunity for people new to 4 wheel driving and camping to get together with other 4x4earth members.  There will be a lot of 4x4 tracks to be done and a lot of people who can make your first or second time out a nice and easy trip out.  Sheepyard's is a gateway to some amazing tracks and huts.  This is Australia's largest free 4 wheel drive weekend away, so check out the details and come along!

18 - Tim Bates and the Wonnangatta Murders  

Tim Bates has been driving the High Country for over 25 years and he shares his experiences with some of Australia's best 4 wheel drive tracks.

We talk about the Wonnangatta murders, where James Barclay and John Bamford were murdered in 1916. 

We also talk about the Talbotville campgrounds and some of the great tracks and things to see around the area.

Have you had issues with 4 wheel drives being defected in Mansfield?  More and more 4 wheel drivers talk about issues in Mansfield and we are trying to find out what makes Mansfield special and what the impact is on the local businesses.

Check out Tim's great video series, Podcasts from the Bush.




17 - Roothy and the freedom to drive our tracks  

We talk to Australia's most famous 4 wheel driver, Roothy.  We cover Milo, the places that he has been and the mods that he has done.

We also have a great chat about how to keep tracks open.  We discuss one of my favorite topics - 4 wheel drive tourism, giving the bush a hand up, not a hand out to keep the great bush towns going.

We also talk about why he is running for election with the Liberal Democrats in the Queensland Federal Senate.  For me, 4 wheel driving is a symbol of the freedom that we have in Australia, and Roothy talks about how he is working to keep our rights to the tracks we love to drive.

This was one of the funnest podcasts we've done.  Have a listen to one of the nicest and most knowledgeable four wheel drivers in Australia.


16 - Common 4x4  Myths Busted  

Many 4 wheel drive owners go their whole life without any formal training in going offroad or the vehicles that we use.  Because of this, there are many myths about driving and our vehicles which have crept in over time.

We talk to 4WD expert Robert Pepper about many of these myths, how they came about and why they just aren't correct.

You'll have a better understanding of your car and you'll be a better 4 wheel driver.

We discuss diff locks, recovery techniques, axels and a whole range of other 4 wheel drive myths!

15 - The Blue Green fighting PTSD in the great outdoors  

This is a great story that looks at the way that 4 wheel driving with mates in the bush can help people struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

We talk to Marcus Nash, the Founder of the Blue Green crew about how he started the group

This is a must listen episode for any Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, SES or ADF members who may be struggling with PTSD, or if one of your mates is struggling with PTSD, this is a great way you can help them.

It is a really inspirational story both of the work that Marcus is doing, and also about the power of going 4x4ing with some mates, having a few laughs and enjoying the peace and quiet of the great outdoors and how it can help people start to get their lives back on track.

I've spoken to some of the people who have been in dark places with their PTSD and they are certain that they wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the trips that the Blue Green crew are putting together.

14 - 4 Wheel Driving with Rocket Rod from Wholesale Automatics  

We talk all things 4 wheel driving with Rodney Hudson, or Rocket, from Wholesale Automatics.  Rodney is an iconic legend in the 4 wheel drive industry, featuring in many videos as he explores all over Australia.

We also talk about his pioneering work at Wholesale Automatics, developing sophisticated solutions for people who want an automatic transmission in their vehicle.  It is an amazing process that Rod shares with us about the design and Research and Development involved in building these great transmissions.

Rods an expert 4 wheel driver, a passionate advocate for the bush and enjoying the great outdoors and an amazing mechanic with a great story to tell.

Also, have a listen to our test drive of the new Pajero Sport.  Really interesting to drive this after our interview with Robert Pepper, because some of the things he was talking about are starting to appear in the next generation of very tech savvy 4 wheel drives.

13 - The future of 4WDs with Robert Pepper  

What kinds of changes are going to happen to 4 wheel drives over the next 5 years?

Robert Pepper is one of Australia's leading automotive journalists and is very technical.  We discuss what changes are going to effect the 4 wheel drives that come onto the market over the next 5 years.

Autonomous Emergency Braking, self driving cars,  bullbar modifications and how these will all change the way we go offroad.

We look at what factors  make a 4 wheel drive fun to drive and what that means for the future designs that we will see offroad.

What will happen with low range?

12 - Simmo in the Simpson Desert  

The Simpson is one of the iconic places to go 4 wheel driving in Australia.  We chat about the some of the interesting history of the Desert, along with the best ways to tackle Desert driving.  Ian has been through the Desert 3 times and has a wealth of experience in Desert driving as well as the high country. 

We discuss how to prepare for travelling across the Simpson Desert, what time of year is best and some of the great sites to see along the way.


We also discuss Ian's unique connection with the history of the Desert.

11 - Tips for buying a used 4WD  

Thinking of buying a used 4 wheel drive? Some 4 wheel drives have a much harder life than others, so you need to know the clues to find out the vehicles you may want to steer away from.

What are some of the things to think about in selecting the make and model of vehicle?  What is the best way to research the different models?

Is it better to buy a 4 wheel drive with lots of mods or should you look for one with no modifications?

Where are the places to buy a used 4WD?

You'll find lots of great tips to help you make a better choice next time you upgrade your 4x4!


10 Driving on Sand at the Beach and in the Desert  

Listen to Lowlux as he shares his wisdom about driving on Sand.  Based in South Australia, he's done plenty of both desert and beach driving and has some stories to tell.  We will talk about:

What tyre pressure should you be running What can possible go wrong What equipment to take How to avoid rolling your vehicle which happens commonly on the beach Beach Driving Desert Driving - How to plan for a desert trip
Track 9 - 4WD Suspension and Lift Kits  

Resident expert Jason Lock joins us to talk all things Lift Kit and Suspension for your 4x4.  We give you the information you need to choose the right kind of lift for your 4WD, what they different types of lift and suspension are, what can go wrong with lift kits that are illegal or badly designed and what impacts a lift kit can have on your insurance.

Track 8 - 4WD winches and winch warranties - which one to buy?  

Winches are a really important bit of kit on any 4WD.  Whether you put one on as a bit of insurance, hoping to never use it or if you go offroad expecting to winch out - you need your winch to work.  One of the things that I have been amazed with is the number of times winching has been needed and the winches have failed.  Some winches have a notorious "Water Clause" in them, which means that the warranty is invalidated if they go under water, which means you can't do creek crossings!  Find out which winches are good and which ones have issues in our interview with Swaggie, 4x4earth moderator and winch expert.

Track 7 - 4x4earth Gatherings - great friends and great 4 wheel driving for new  and experienced 4x4 drivers.  

4x4earth runs Australia's largest 4WD weekends away.  Davidman goes through what makes these events so much fun, what everyone does at a 4x4 earth gathering.  More importantly Dave talks about how to organise a 4x4earth gathering.  These gatherings are a really important way for people new to 4 wheel driving to join in and learn the skills of camping, 4 wheel driving and getting out and enjoying our magnificent country.   Our gatherings have grown over time to be Australia's largest free 4WD weekends away.

Track 6 - Everything you wanted to know about diff locks but were afraid to ask  

It this episode of the 4WD podcast, we discuss with 4x4 expert Jason Lock everything Diff Lock.  What are they, how do they work, when should you use them and what can go wrong. 

Diff Locks are on of those mods that many people think about or get but don't really know how to use them.  Have a listen and hopefully you will learn a little to be a better driver.

Track 5 - How be a 4x4 Trip Leader  

Every weekend hundreds of people all over Australia set out as leaders of a 4WD Trip.  Whether it is just you and a couple of mates or an organised trip with 10 newbies, we discuss with NickJ the things that you should think about before, during and after your big trip out. 

Being a great trip leader is really important because it helps people get out and explore the great outdoors that we have and also introduces new people to 4 wheel driving.  NickJ was the trip leader for the first 4x4earth trip in Victoria all those years ago, so sit back and listen to all of Nicks awesome experiences as a trip leader so we can all go out this weekend and have a great 4WD trip.


Track 4 - The day I killed my Jeep  

Talbotville Campground was the site for the 6th Annual 4x4earth Victorian Gathering.  Home of some of Australia's iconic tracks, including Blue Rag and Billy Goat's Bluff, there is plenty of amazing 4 wheel driving to be had in this beautiful part of the world.  Find out what went tragically wrong on this trip and the mistakes that James made that resulted in him destroying his Jeep Wrangler.

This is a tragic story, and a fate that has occurred to many other 4 wheel drivers.  Please have a listen and learn from James' mistakes and share the story so we can make sure that more people have a great time out in the bush and go 4 wheel driving without any damage to their vehicles.

We discuss the driving technique that was wrong (a lot of people do this - James wasn't the only one that day with this nasty habit)

We discuss the one accessory that could of saved him.

We discuss some what to do when caught in this situation.

Big shout out to Davids and Mandy for helping us get home!

Have a listen and please share with a mate so we can see less vehicles getting busted like this.

Track 3 - How we built a Gazebo at O'Tooles Campground  

We talk to Ian Smith, Grumpy on 4x4earth, and discuss the amazing work that he has led with members of Earth to put in bollards, fire pits and to build a Gazebo at O'Tooles Campground, a favorite camping spot for 4 wheel drivers in the region.  In danger of being closed because of hoons wrecking the grounds, Grumpy and team have made a huge contribution for all 4x4 drivers and campers using the area.

Grumpy organised for the materials to be donated, worked with DEPI, and run the working bees to get the work done that has made O'Tooles a much better place and ensured that these campgrounds will be kept open.

This is a fantastic model for 4 wheel drivers looking to keep infrastructure available for all of us to enjoy.  Have a listen, have a think and hopefully do the same thing in your back yard to keep open the tracks and campgrounds that we all love.



Track 2 - Snatch Strap Recoveries  

In this episode we interview Jason Lock from TJM to learn how to properly and safely use a Snatch Strap.  Used poorly, Snatch Straps can kill, so it is really important that you know exactly what you are doing to avoid killing or injuring yourself or someone else, as well as avoiding damage to your vehicle.

We also look at what to look at in a snatch strap and what brands to avoid.



Track 1 - Preparing for your first 4WD trip out  

Our first Track covers  the story of my first trip out in my Jeep Patriot and we are going to cover off on all of the mistakes that I made on my first trip out.  There was a lot of them, including the vehicle ending up on the back of a truck, going back to Jeep for repairs!  More importantly we will go over some great tips to help you be much better preparing to go offroad in your 4x4!

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