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5 live News Specials

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Showcasing BBC Radio 5 live's news specials, including in-depth interviews and documentaries.


Your Call: Shakespeare - the bard of bards' or much ado about nothing?  

Ahead of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, Nicky Campbell takes your calls and views on the bard and why he has endured where some others writers have faded into history.

Nick Yarris  

Nick Yarris spent 22 years on death row for a murder he didn't commit -- before he finally walked out of prison a free man in 2004. He was wrongly convicted in the 1982 case of a woman who was raped and murdered in the US state of Delaware, but eventually acquitted when DNA evidence proved that he was not the killer. Yarris later moved to the UK, and now lives in Los Angeles, from where he spoke to Peter Bowes & Rhod Sharp on BBC Radio 5 live's Up All Night programme.

Meningitis: Matt Dawson's 'two weeks of hell'  

Former England rugby union captain Matt Dawson talks in-depth about the "two weeks of hell" as his two-year-old son battled meningitis W.

Do you suffer with social anxiety?  

The comedian Sofie Hagen has spoken of her daily battle with social anxiety that means she regularly hides in toilets. Nicky Campbell speaks to 5 live listeners who face similar struggles in their everyday lives.

5 live Radio Moments 2015  

Celebrating the best of 5 live over the past twelve months, as part of BBC Radio Moments 2015.

RAF Akrotiri  

Tony Livesey reports from RAF Akrotiri as he speaks to pilots, surveillance crews, ground technicians and the base's senior commanders about their part in air-strikes against the so-called Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. He looks at how Akrotiri's firepower has been bolstered since the Commons vote in favour of Syrian strikes, the crucial role of the Brimstone air-to-ground missiles, and the planning and preparation that goes into every sortie. Tony also hears from Cypriots about their attitudes to the escalating military campaign on their doorstep.

Ebola: Winning the Battle in Sierra Leone  

Anna Foster reports from Sierra Leone on the aftermath of Ebola. She speaks to those who survived and hears how the country is trying to move on from the deadly disease. She also looks at the stigma now being felt by many former patients, meets some of the medical staff who risked their own lives treating them, and hears how sport is finally resuming in the country and helping it to heal.

Nick Garnett: Reporting Inside the Story  

5 live reporter Nick Garnett looks back at some of the biggest stories he’s covered in 2015, and explains what it takes to get them on air as he is sent around the world at short notice

'I can't even look at you after you knowingly gave me HIV'  

Becky Mitchell's ex-boyfriend was jailed for five years for knowingly infecting her and another woman with HIV. It was only the third conviction of its kind in UK legal history. She spoke exclusively to 5 live Breakfast since her ex-boyfriend Simon James was found guilty of 'recklessly transmitting HIV'. Becky says although she "never felt the need for a guilty verdict" it was "reassuring" to hear the judge's comments condemning James' actions. This clip is originally from 5 live Breakfast on Thursday 17 December 2015

Wake Up To Money – Spending Review  

Ahead of the spending review announcement this Wednesday, Adam Parsons speaks to some big names from the world of business, politics and economics including Sir Vince Cable and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Your Call - How do you deal with your stammer?  

On international stammering awareness day, Rachel Burden talks to listeners whose lives have been affected by stammering

'Til It Happens To You'  

Lady Gaga "Til It Happens To You" writer, Diane Warren & video director Catherine Hardwicke tell Nihal why they're backing a campus sexual abuse campaign. They tell Nihal, "People do not know what consent is ... make this clear with a zero tolerance policy."

Wake Up to Money: Sir Michael Moritz  

Sir Michael Moritz, an early investor in some of Silicon Valley's biggest names, including Google Linkedin, Yahoo and Whatsapp, talks to Adam Parsons about why footballers should earn more than hedge fund managers, the big new technology that Sir Michael's team have decided NOT to invest in, and whether the likes of Google and Apple and Facebook are going to dominate our worlds for decades to come.

Lamont Dozier  

Rhod Sharpe interviews Lamont Dozier, part of a legendary song writing team that brought us some of the all time classics like the Four Tops "Reach Out" & "You Can't Hurry Love"

Mum, I'm transgender. I want to be a boy  

An 11 year old tells Stephen Nolan how he has known that he didn't want to live as a girl since he was just five-years-old

Simon Mayo speaks to Cilla Black in 2003  

Cilla Black spoke to 5 Live's Simon Mayo in September 2003 about her autobiography 'What's It All About'. You can listen to the interview again. She discusses how she got her early break, her friends the Beatles, the impact of the death of Bobby - her husband of 30 years - and her career as a singer and TV presenter.

Labour Leadership Debate, 25 Jul 15  

Who should be the next leader of the Labour Party? A panel of Labour Party members debate who they think should get the top job.

Grexit: Why the IMF thinks Greece deal won't work  

Former IMF senior manager, Peter Doyle, tells Rhod Sharp why the IMF thinks latest bailout deal for Greece can't work.

Up All Night: Saved from the Nazis 09 Jul 15  

A letter from my parents before they were sent to the gas chambers. John Fielden was rescued from the Nazis. He's one of two survivors telling their stories.

Your Call: Ten years on 7/7 London bombings 07 Jul 15  

5 live Breakfast's Rachel Burden hears your memories, stories and reflections on the anniversary of the 7 July London bombings in 2005. Callers include Melanie in Cookham who was 20ft away from the bomber on the Circle Line train and Greg in Bristol who lost his daughter Jenny Nicholson.

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