6 Minute Grammar

6 Minute Grammar


Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar. Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.


Zero and first conditionals  

Neil and Catherine take a look at the zero and first conditionals. Learn how to make them and when to use them


To separate or not to separate? Finn and Catherine look into phrasal and prepositional verbs in 6 Minute Grammar. Listen to the examples and see if you can pick up the rules


Finn and Catherine take a look at 'both', 'every', 'all', 'each', 'either' and 'neither'

Present perfect continuous  

Finn's got paint all over his clothes and Catherine's tired. Find out what they've been doing and learn about the present perfect continuous tense

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