6 Minute Grammar

6 Minute Grammar


Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar. Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.


'Have to' and 'must'  

Finn and Alice discuss how we talk about obligations in English using 'have to' and 'must'

Adverbs of frequency  

Adverbs of frequency are words like always, never and sometimes. People use them to talk about how frequently things happen


Sophie and Finn explain different meanings of the word 'like'

Present simple and present continuous  

Do you know how to make and use the present simple and present continuous?

Question forms  

Yes/no and Wh-questions

Future continuous and be + infinitive  

Learn when and how to use it and how it differs from the future perfect tense

Verb patterns  

Want to do, like doing, tell someone to do, ask that someone does… Finn and Catherine explore verb patterns

So, such, enough, too  

Intensifiers are words like so, such, too and enough. Learn how to use these words

-ing and -ed clauses  

Callum and Catherine look at clauses which begin with present or past participles

Linking devices of contrast  

Despite, although, while, whereas... learn some linking devices of contrast with Finn and Catherine

Conditionals review  

Even if you do know all about conditionals, why not check out our review, just to make sure!

Used to  

Callum and Catherine discuss how to use 'used to' to talk about the past

Future continuous  

Callum and Catherine have a couple of ways of talking about the future

Phrasal verbs: types 1, 2, 3, 4  

Callum and Catherine discuss four different types of phrasal verb

Narrative tenses  

Catherine saw a monkey in a tree on her way to work today. Hear more about this story and find out how to use narrative tenses in this episode of 6 Minute Grammar

Adverb position 2  

We look at groups of adverbs and how we use them with adjectives and other adverbs

Defining and non-defining relative clauses  

Callum and Catherine explore the topic of relative clauses. You'll learn about defining and non-defining relative clauses and the relative pronouns we use with them

Talking about the future  

Join Catherine and Finn as they explain the various ways of discussing the future. And hear about Finn's plans to cook a delicious curry for his dinner

The definite article with abstract uncountable nouns  

Join Callum, Catherine and Finn as they talk through this topic

Adverb position 1  

Callum and Catherine talk about the three positions where adverbs usually go when used with verbs. They explain where to put adverbs when used with modals, questions and negatives

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