6 Minute Vocabulary

6 Minute Vocabulary


Build your English vocabulary in six minutes. Every Monday join two of our presenters and hear about different ways to develop your vocabulary knowledge and skills.



Catherine and Finn talk about words that have the same or similar meanings

Discourse markers  

Fortunately, obviously, seriously, ideally

Commonly misspelled words  

Weird or weird? English spelling is fascinating – but it's not always straightforward! Find out more with Finn and Catherine

Linking words  

Rob and Catherine talk about words and short phrases used to connect ideas

Words with more than one spelling  

Catherine and Finn talk about words than can be spelt in different ways


Are you interested in football? Do you know what FIFA is and why it’s called that? Or are you more interested in space and NASA? Peter and Catherine talk about acronyms


One good way of building vocabulary in English is to learn words with opposite meanings. We call a pair of words with opposite meanings antonyms

Suffixes: -ness & -ity  

Is responsibility the key to happiness at work - or can it lead to illness? Listen to Neil and Catherine talk about words with the suffixes -ness and -ity

Discourse markers: showing attitude  

Fortunately, obviously, seriously, ideally. These words do a very useful job. How do we use them - and other phrases - to express our attitudes and ideas?

Suffixes: -ment, -ance, -ence  

Listen to Finn and Catherine talk about the suffixes -ment, -ence and -ance that turn verbs and adjectives into nouns

Someone, nothing, anywhere...  

Someone, nothing and anywhere are useful pronouns in English. As you probably know, there are lots of other similar pronouns, which can be confusing

Irregular verbs  

Ring, rang, rung… say, said, said… put, put, put. Listen to Finn and Catherine talking about irregular verbs

Reporting verbs  

We use the verbs say, tell and ask to report what people say. But what other verbs can we use? Find out how to use reporting verbs to add meaning and interest to your English

False friends  

A Spanish woman was on a train in Australia. She said "Can I sit down please? I'm embarrassed." What did she mean - and why did no-one give her a seat?

Words with 'ough'  

Enough, cough, thought, although - these four words have similar spellings but very different pronunciation. Find out more about pronouncing words with 'ough'

Easily confused words  

We look at words like dessert and desert, bored and boring. Learners of English often find it difficult to choose the right one. Practise using easily confused words with us

Suffixes: -less & -free  

Are e-cigarettes harmless or do you think all public places should be smoke-free? Catherine and Neil listen to a politician and talk about the suffixes -free and -less

Prefixes de-, dys-, and dis  

Do you suffer from dyspepsia? Could a detox diet help? Do you always listen to your doctor or do you sometimes disagree? Neil and Finn talk about prefixes in this episode

Ordinal numbers  

What's the date today? And do you know how to say it? Find out about ordinal numbers in this programme

Spoken short forms  

Finn and Catherine give you an introduction to short spoken forms in 6 Minute Vocabulary.

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