Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Sept. 11th 2017  

Bombers win The Banjo Bowl, NFL is back to Sundays, Wheeler and Turnbull are happy, so happy in fact that they wrote an impromptu song about the lucky moose who showed up before the game and held up traffic. Some tickets to Nickelback to hand out, Mercenary Combat League tickets and another shot at ROCK LOCKERS!! Last Words (Rena): "...Is there an under?"

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Sept 8th 2017  

Short work week comes to an end with some giveaways, including tickets to the Goldeyes Game 3 @ Shaw Park tomorrow night, MMA tickets and qualifying for ROCK LOCKERS! Recap of last night @ Splatters Paintball (we find out who won), and Rena has a very awkward sunburn... Last Words (Wheeler/Turnbull): "...the plot thickens... exactly."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Sep. 7th 2017  

Back to school stories, including Rena's heartbreaking stories about her first day on the bus. Craig Gass joins us to talk about an incident at his stand up show here in Winnipeg, and we put Rena to the test with McConaughey Vs. Trudeau! Last Words (Turnbull): "...that's your Blue and Gold report."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Sep. 6th 2017  

Tara Sloan from Joydrop and of Rogers Hometown Hockey joins us on the show. The first review for IT are out and they look good! We delve into Spitgate with the Banjo Bowl upcoming this Saturday at IG Field, and another chance for you to get into Rock Lockers with over $28,000 in prizing up for grabs! Last Words (Turnbull): "...it's a big deal."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Sept. 5th 2017  

Wheeler is back from vacation! It's the Labour Day hangover show, and it happens to be Wheeler's Birthday today too! We get to learn about this years "ROCK LOCKERS"!! Last Words (Turnbull): "...that's right, yeah."

Wheeler in the Morning- The podcast- Sept 1 2017  

Coach Brian Dobie in studio, Name that clown, Rena's all nighter, Goat yoga!

Wheeler in the Morning- the Podcast- Aug 31 2017  

Special guest K. Trevor Wilson in studio, the painting rocks trend, rena dates clowns, missing bikes, baby elephants

Wheeler in the Morning – The podcast- Aug 30 2017  

Premiere passes to see IT, Turnbull's fear of umbrellas, Painting rocks trend, LIVE in studio performance from Kevin Hogg of The Bright Righteous

Wheeler in the Morning- The Podcast – Aug 29 2017  

Rena, Turnbull and Kelly Butler talk Halloween, Hurricane Harvey, Sunscreen on your eyeballs, and tails from Victoria. check it out!

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 28th 2017  

Wheeler in the Morning Aug 28 2017 – Wheeler’s on Vacay So Rena and Turnbull are holding up the fort! They discuss the Mayweather VS McGreggor fight, Rena tells some tales from her trip to Chicago, and Rena’s butt hurts this morning and smells like an onion… download the podcast to find out why!

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 25th 2017  

What a show last night at IGF! What a win in Montreal for the Big Blue! Craig Gass is still in studio co hosting for the week. Last minute passes for McGregor and Mayweather tomorrow night, and we hand out Headstone tickets! Last Words (Wheeler): "...we'll see ya."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 24th 2017  

It's Bomber game day AND it's Guns and Roses day!! Bombers in Montreal and The Gunners at IGF! We hand out tickets to go see the show tonight with your best GnR stories. Craig Gass joins us again this morning (and his split personality impressions). New Foo Fighters and The Headstones announced a second show, we'll have tickets. Last Words (Wheeler): "...tomorrow morning."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 23rd 2017  

Tracy Morgan, Tom Arnold and Christopher Walken join us in studio this morning (it's actually just Craig Gass, but you wouldn't know the difference). BONE Phone caller has some issues with a lady who he's watching movies with, we try to help where we can. Last passes for McGregor/Mayweather and Headstones tickets too! Last Words (Tunrbull): "...twenty four cents."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 21st 2017  

Craig Glass joins us in studio this morning to talk Gene Simmons, Seth McFarland, Tracy Morgan and SNL! More passes to McGregor/Mayweather this Saturday with us at the VIP Theatres! We talk Solar eclipse, and G.O.T Ep. 006. Last Words (Turnbull): "...yeah no kidding."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 17th 2017  

America's Got Talent alumni Piff The Magic Dragon joins us in studio for some... magic?! Rena is off to see Chicago Pete... In Chicago. And Kelly Butler gets called out for the stink in his area of town. Last Words: "...9:22."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 16th 2017  

Wheeler loves the dump and Rena loves dumpster diving... We discuss. Another chance to get into the Mcgregor/Mayweather fight. And we touch on the idiotic words of Donald Trump from yesterday regarding the Charlottesville VA comments. Last Words (Wheeler): "...that's stories we missed."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 15th 2016  

Would you drink out of a cup that was urinated in and on? What if that cup was named after Lord Stanley? What will you never get too old for? KB and Turnbull do an early preview of The Bomber/Eskimo game this Thursday at IG Field, and we examine the famed sparring video with Conor McGregor. Last Words (Turnbull): "...that's your Blue and Gold report."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 14th 2017  

Las Vegas Golden Knight goalie Calvin Pickard joined the show this morning to talk about his new city and team. Rena is all stubbed up this morning, but she plays The Secret Game like a champ anyways. Mayweather/McGregor passes and we put a bow on the Canada Summer Games which came to a close last night. Last Words: "...sad news out of the NHL."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 11th 2017  

The Big Reveal of the boxing video between Wheeler and Turnbull happens today, this will decide who is going to be coming to the Cineplex VIP Theatres on McGillvary Aug. 26th for the Mayweather/McGregor fight! We preview the Bomber game tomorrow night in Hamilton with a call to the front office of the Tiger Cats. The burden of Canada now falls on young tennis star Dennis Shapovalov, we discuss after his big win against Rapha Nadal. Last Words (Rena): "...(lol).,,yeah go..."

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Aug 10th 2017  

Day #3 of Dave Turnbull wearing a Tee-Shirt of Dave Wheeler's choosing. Today it says: "SEND ME YOUR DICK PICS" with an attached phone number that we may have written down wrong?! More McGregor/Mayweather passes to come to the VIP Theatres on Aug 26th. Last Words (Tunrbull): "...one of my favourite shows."

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