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93.7 KLBJ-FM Dudley and Bob with Matt Morning Show

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The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show is a weekday-morning comedic talk radio show airing on 93.7 KLBJ-FM, from 6AM to 10AM CST in Austin, TX. They now take an extra hour after the show to record their NSFW podcast...*gasp*....called the Sideshow. For those of you who don't know, they consistently rank among the city's top-rated drive-time shows. You're welcome.


2016-10-26 pt 3 Hangin with Spence  

Other radio shows don't do it like we do.. other radio shows certainly don't book guests like board op Spencer. 

2016-10-26 pt 2 Mazzerati  

Dale goes to a car dealership wearing a Jack Bauer Jacket. What follows could only happen to him. 

2016-10-26 pt 1 Fired  

Dale is a little upset this morning about an issue the editor had about his Austin Monthly article. But he doesn't want to blow it up on air, you know how that goes. 

2016-10-25 pt 3 Let's Save La Shonda Lester !!  

There's a PUNCH show tonight that you must attend! We get to talk to the star and the cause today. BE THERE!

2016-10-25 pt 2 RANT RANT  

Dale takes a moment to rant a little about everything this morning. Trump. Voters. News casters. Other radio people. No one is in the clear. 

2016-10-25 pt 1 Love Letters  

This morning started out with a caller asking Bob for help. Why Bob? Carissa is getting love letters from a listener.

2016-10-24 pt 3 Dale's large adult son and clowning on Carissa  

Dale talks about how his son will be the world's oldest high school football player and Carissa gets clowned on for...at this point, everything!

2016-10-24 pt 2 Taylor Swift show and ATX Gentrification  

Dale tells the rest of the show about his experience at a recent Taylor Swift concert and then after, Gentrification in Austin???

2016-10-24 pt 1 RIP Kevin Meaney and who likes Quarry?  

The gang pays tribute to the late great Kevin Meaney and Dale gets mad about nobody liking Quarry!

2016-10-21 pt 3 Chris Cubas in the house!  

Comedian Chris Cubas stops by the show and enlightens the gang about his upcoming show.

2016-10-21 pt 2 Winning back an ex and faililng  

The gang does a contest to find out the best stories involving trying to win back an ex and failing. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

2016-10-21 pt 1 Giardia woes and gas station soup  

The gang discusses Carissa's recent health issues and the reasoning behind them.

2016-10-20 pt 3 Austober Fest and Schmideos  

Austober fest is this weekend and we get to talk to one of Matt's best friends. Also we watch a lot of pointless yet hilarious videos and laugh like it's a Friday. 

2016-10-20 pt 2 f1 PARTYYYYY  

Daniel is excited about Phil Collins going on tour. Amanda calls in to defend herself. We talk to our friends from f1 and are getting super pumped about this weekend!

2016-10-20 pt 1 Service Animals  

We get an update on Dale's investments and a look at his past life as someone who works out. Everyone hates service dogs.. except some people in the room- can you guess who? And what about service ducks!?

2016-10-19 pt 3 Daniel New Wave Game  

Daniel manages to make another horrible game for listeners to win F1 passes.  Way to go Danny.

2016-10-19 pt 2 Fighting, More Animal Cavalcade and Gay Speed Dating with Seis!  

Bob and Dale get in a tussle followed by more Animal Cavalcade. ALSO- Amber from OnSpeeddating.com joins us for another round of in-studio Speed Dating!  This time our former intern, Seis, looks for the man of his dreams!

2016-10-19 pt 1 Judy Maggio, Chuy's Parade & Animal Cavalcade  

2016-10-19 pt 1 Judy Maggio, Chuy's Parade & Animal Cavalcade

2016-10-18 pt 3 Seventies Song Game and Culture with Nicole  

We play a song game for F1 passes and get a visit from an old friend, Nicole Raney of Culture Map Austin 

2016-10-18 pt 2 Dale Doo Doo Touch and Fast Food Fanatic  

Big Sweep: Does Dale still have the 'Doo Doo Touch?'  Find out here, PLUS Fast Food Fanatic!

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