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93.7 KLBJ-FM Dudley and Bob with Matt Morning Show

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The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show is a weekday-morning comedic talk radio show airing on 93.7 KLBJ-FM, from 6AM to 10AM CST in Austin, TX. They now take an extra hour after the show to record their NSFW podcast...*gasp*....called the Sideshow. For those of you who don't know, they consistently rank among the city's top-rated drive-time shows. You're welcome.


2017-01-19 pt 3 THERE IS A LEEK IN YOUR SINK!  

We listen to some clips that help us remember why we so smart. There is a LEEK IN YOUR SINK!!!

2017-01-19 pt 2 What Kills you  

Today we learn what movie trailer is tearing Carissa up. Then we argue about what will kill us.

2017-01-19 pt 1 What Daniel's doing right now  

Daniel is out on vacation and we can't help but wonder where he slept last night. 

2017-1-18 pt.3 Small Nipples Are In  

In the last hour of the show Dale is dismayed by Facebook trolls and other conservatives. Everyone discusses an article that claims women prefer small nipples on men.

2017-1-18 pt.2 Former NFL Player Ricky Williams  

Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams stops by to talk about the current season of The Celebrity Apprentice and shares a story about his run-in with the police.

2017-1-18 pt.1 What Are You Listening To?  

Dale, Bob and the gang discuss what bands they're listening to and how to steer clear of the IRS.

2017-01-17 pt 3 Trump Blues and Swords  

Find out who will play at Trumps big party. CJ gives us a visit and we find out how he financially screwed up. 

2017-01-17 pt 2 Dale's Crushed Dream  

Dale found out that his life long dream is no longer possible. Then we watch some great animal videos.

2017-01-17 pt 1 Math Math Math  

Dale remembers Carissa can't do math and gives her a hard time about it. Football is fun again.

2017-01-13 Pt.3 Comedian Josh Wolf  

Josh Wolf stops by to talk about his podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr., boxing and Hollywood stories.

2017-01-13 pt 2 Don't Call Us  

We get a caller from someone who disagrees with our politics. Don't even try mister. Also ANIMAL CAVALCADE!


2017-01-13 Pt.1 Travel Tips  

Dale and Bob talk about company activities

Everybody gives Daniel some advice for his trip to Mexico

2017-01-12 pt 3 The Movie  

Dale plans out the movie that he wants made. India, Future destination?

2017-01-12 pt 2 Work Shop Days  

Remember when we had shop class and would make cool stuff? Watch out eating Salmon. Life without training wheels.... and let's get sentimental.

2017-01-17 pt 1 Keys a plenty  

The guys think that Carissa's keychain is a metaphor for her life. ANIMAL CAVALCADE! 

2017-01-11 Pt.3 Penny Pinching  

A heated discussion occurs when it is revealed that Daniel throws away pennies.

Another fast food fanatics segment.

2017-01-11 Pt. 2 Facebook Trolling and Golden Showers  

Dale, Bob & Mike discuss the newest Trump controversy with each other and callers.

2017-01-11 pt.1 Fake News and Reminiscing  

Various topics are covered in the first hour of the show regarding internet illusions, Trump and Dale's early radio days.

2017-01-10 pt 3 Dale is in the Bathroom  

Dale is in the bathroom dressed as a woman, or at least that what he's telling people. Good property is hard to find. 

2017-01-10 pt 2 Bath Towels are Gross  

How long should you use a bath towel without washing it? More about Carissa's gallbladder. People in politics are doing dumb 

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