A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

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Pastor Greg Laurie's thirty-minute daily radio program featuring relevant, biblical teaching.


"The Greatest Story Ever Told: The Birth of Christ, Part 1 - I"  

When Jesus was born, God became man. He arrived fully human, yet fully God. Pastor Greg Laurie delves into this fascinating mystery. It's a close look at the character and attributes of God's Son, the Son of Man

"Your Number is Up - III"  

Most everything we buy that makes us happy only provides a limited amount of satisfaction for a limited amount of time. Pastor Greg Laurie explains where real, long-lasting joy can be found.

"Your Number is Up - II"  

After a great accomplishment, do we keep the credit, or do we give God the glory? Pastor Greg Laurie points out how important it is to remember where our talents, gifts and abilities came from. It's an important reminder of where the glory belongs

"Your Number is Up - I"  

Think of that co-worker or acquaintance that seems so steeped in sin and conceit. Pastor Greg Laurie says no one is beyond the reach of God! Pastor Greg continues his "Greatest Stories Ever Told" series, we'll consider the account of a rebellious king who turned his life around.

"Why God Allows Suffering, Part 2"  

Pain can feel like it's destroying us from the inside out. But Pastor Greg Laurie says we can use our pain for God's glory. It's a biblical look at the purpose of our suffering and how "God never wastes our pain."

"Why God Allows Suffering, Part 2"  

When a friend is suffering terribly, Pastor Greg Laurie says the last thing they need is easy answers or quick clich├ęs. Pastor Greg digs deep into the Scripture for solid encouragement for those times of pain and heartache. Surviving life's challenges

"Why God Allows Suffering, Part 1"  

What can we do when the bottom has dropped out of our lives? What will get us through? Pastor Greg Laurie says it's not "what," it's "Who." Pastor Greg offers insight and encouragement for those who are facing heartache and pain.

"Why God Allows Suffering, Part 1"  

Many people ask why God would allow people to suffer. Some question His love; others question His power to intervene. Pastor Greg Laurie addresses the difficult questions that surround the subject of pain. It's insight straight from God's Word,

"Why God Allows Suffering, Part 1"  

Many people today are suffering. To those who aren't, Pastor Greg Laurie says, "Be prepared; one day hardship will knock on your door." Pastor Greg launches an in-depth study series on why God allows suffering to visit our lives.

"For Such a Time as This, Part 2"  

Each day we choose which path we take. Pastor Greg Laurie says, each decision can build us up spiritually, or tear us down. We'll learn to make wise choices more consistently and be ready for what the Lord wants for our lives.

"For Such a Time as This, Part 2"  

Many of our lives have traveled a long and winding path with U-turns and detours along the way. Pastor Greg Laurie wonders, could it be that all those experiences have prepared you perfectly for what God wants you to do next? We'll trace the life of Queen Esther of Persia and how God used her in a surprising way.

"For Such a Time as This, Part 1"  

Esther became queen of Persia . . . not for her own glory, but so God could use her. Pastor Greg Laurie points out maybe God has you where you are, "for such a time as this." Good insight on how God uses those who make themselves available.

"For Such a Time as This, Part 1"  

We may have the impression that the great men and women of the Bible were born great . . . and stayed great. The truth is, most were unremarkable people . . . until they made themselves available to God! Pastor Greg Laurie shows us a case in point from the story of Esther.

"Good News in a Bad World - III"  

We all know people who don't yet have a relationship with the Lord. God may be working on their hearts right now, and He may want us to extend the invitation. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us fulfill that responsibility properly.

"Good News in a Bad World - II"  

How can we find and follow God's will for our lives? Many believers ask that question. Pastor Greg Laurie points out the path that leads us to that understanding. It's a practical study in God's Word

"Good News in a Bad World - I"  

The Lord tells us to have no other gods before Him. "Easy," we might say. Pastor Greg Laurie points out how common it is for something to capture our attention and turn our hearts away from God.

"How to Find Eternal Life - II"  

When we feel emotional pain, we tend to isolate ourselves . . . insulate ourselves. But Pastor Greg Laurie says that insulation can keep us from God. An important discussion of how to let down our defenses, and let God in.

"How to Find Eternal Life - I"  

Below the surface, everyone wrestles with the same things: loneliness, emptiness, guilt. And Pastor Greg Laurie says those needs can only be filled by a relationship with Christ. Pastor Greg shows us how to connect with those who need the Lord . . . and EVERYONE needs the Lord!

"The Parable of Spiritual Growth - II"  

Often, the speed at which we grow spiritually is determined by where we fix our focus. Pastor Greg Laurie points out the importance of keeping our eyes on Christ.

"The Parable of Spiritual Growth - I"  

Is there a secret to spiritual growth? Is there a reason some hit the ground running in their faith while others seem stuck in the starting blocks? Pastor Greg Laurie points us to a familiar parable. We'll discover some important principles hidden just beneath the surface.

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