A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

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Pastor Greg Laurie's thirty-minute daily radio program featuring relevant, biblical teaching.


"A Well-Lived Life - III"  

When a young person dies unexpectedly, it fills our minds with questions. But Pastor Greg Laurie points out there's a God-appointed time to be born and a time to die. The Lord doesn't make mistakes.

"A Well-Lived Life - II"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says sharing Christ can fill us with new excitement and passion in our own faith. He invites us to step up and speak out for the Lord. It's encouragement toward "A Well-Lived Life."

"A Well-Lived Life - I"  

If you feel unqualified to serve God, Pastor Greg Laurie says you may be just who God is looking for! Pastor Greg points out that God specializes in "on the job training." He often "qualifies the called" instead of "calling the qualified."

"Do You Love Me? - III"  

Some believers do well in singing to the Lord, but not as well serving the Lord. Pastor Greg Laurie points out that Jesus wants our praise and worship to be undergirded by obedience and action. It's an important lesson from the series, "The Greatest Stories Ever Told."

"Do You Love Me? - II"  

It's not only important that we do God's will; it's important we do God's will God's way. Pastor Greg Laurie points out our attitude of the heart is as important as our actions in the moment.

"Do You Love Me? - I"  

How long has it been since you shared your faith? Pastor Greg Laurie helps us all freshen our resolve to be available each day to share the life-saving message of the Gospel with those around us. Gain the confidence and direction you need.

"King for a Day - II"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says we're either a bridge or a barrier to people coming to Christ? He points out that unbelievers are watching us, and we need to be mindful of what they see. Insights on displaying our faith appropriately.

"Thankful - III"  

We should thank God when the sun is shining and when the rain is falling. But what if it rains for 40 days straight? Pastor Greg Laurie says, especially then. We'll see how Noah had a grateful heart in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide flood

"Thankful - II"  

It's a week of thankfulness . . . and Pastor Greg Laurie points out how much we have to be thankful for, and he points to the example of Noah as we consider his integrity and gratefulness for God's provision.

"Thankful - I"  

The Bible points out that we love God because He first loved us. He knew us so well . . . but He loved us anyway! Pastor Greg Laurie points out it was that love that motivated Noah to live a godly life. We'll see what we can learn from this great patriarch.

"King for a Day - I"  

Some think of God as being perpetually angry at sinful mankind, just waiting for an opportunity to exact judgment. Pastor Greg Laurie points out God is really our broken-hearted Heavenly Father who's waiting for us to come back to Him.

"The Prodigal Sons - III"  

People often miss the point that, in "The Parable of the Prodigal Son," there are actually TWO sons in the story . . . and the older brother was a kind of prodigal himself. Pastor Greg Laurie reveals the lessons to be learned from both sons.

"The Prodigal Sons - II"  

If we're not moving forward in our faith, it's quite likely we're slipping backward. Pastor Greg Laurie says we need to maintain our spiritual momentum.

"The Prodigal Sons - I"  

Unbelievers often ACT like unbelievers. And it can cause Christians to isolate themselves. But Pastor Greg Laurie says that's the wrong reaction. We'll be reminded we're to reach out and build a bridge. Insight on making an impact for Christ

"The Look of Love - III"  

God's love is multifaceted, caring for us in our pain, providing for us when we're in need. Pastor Greg Laurie points out the steadfast compassion of the Lord, on our good days and bad days.

"The Look of Love - II"  

When pain overwhelms you, do you cry out to God? Pastor Greg Laurie says it's okay to tell God how you feel. Pastor Greg points out how to find the Lord's help in our times of greatest need. It's an uplifting message about God's love and compassion,

"The Look of Love - I"  

The Bible paints a picture of real love . . . on the other hand, the "love" we see around us doesn't often match the picture. Pastor Greg Laurie takes us back to the Source as we consider God's love for us and how it dates back to the very beginning.

"Forgiven, Forgotten, and Free - III"  

The Christian life isn't just about having our sins forgiven, it's about leaving our sinful past behind. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us see the importance of real transformation in our walk with the Lord.

"Forgiven, Forgotten, and Free - II"  

When the Lord doesn't immediately judge us for our sin, some people take that as tacit approval from the throne of God! Pastor Greg Laurie points out what a mistake that is. We'll see God's patience and grace are not signs of leniency.

"Forgiven, Forgotten, and Free - I"  

It's easy to criticize the shortcomings of others. Pastor Greg Laurie says sometimes it reveals the shortcomings in ourselves. Pastor Greg helps us evaluate our own weaknesses and chart a course toward spiritual health.

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