A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

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Pastor Greg Laurie's thirty-minute daily radio program featuring relevant, biblical teaching.


"The Gospel is Only Good News If It Gets There on Time - II"  

You probably know someone who needs to hear the Good News of the Gospel. Have you shared it with them? The longer you wait, the higher the risk. Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message called "The Gospel is Only Good News If It Gets There on Time." Listen online for help.

"The Gospel is Only Good News If It Gets There on Time - I"  

Jesus has entrusted you with an invaluable gift. But that gift is only valuable when you share it. Pastor Greg Laurie points out how we each have been entrusted with the Good News that leads to salvation. Have you shared that news lately? Listen online to get some help.

"Tell Someone - III"  

Some believers think evangelism is best left to the pastor . . . or only for those with the "gift of gab." Pastor Greg Laurie says Jesus has called each and every one of us to share the hope of Christ. Want to find out how to do that? Tune in and listen online.

"Tell Someone - II"  

Billy Graham was a dairy farmer. D.L. Moody was a shoe salesman. Do you think God only chooses superstars to share the Gospel? Pastor Greg Laurie shows us how each of us can share the most important news anyone can deliver. Listen online and get equipped.

"Tell Someone - I"  

What keeps you from sharing your faith? Is it fear of failure? Fear of the reaction you'll get? Pastor Greg Laurie launches a series that'll give you the knowledge and the boldness you need to share the hope of Christ.

"So What? - III"  

With the Last Days approaching, Pastor Greg Laurie says we need to put our spiritual gifts to good use for God's Kingdom. Tune in for practical insight on making ourselves available for great things from God.

"So What? - II"  

Pastor Greg Laurie points out we all have a part to play in preparation for the soon return of the Lord. What's your role? Get important insight as Pastor Greg helps us see how the End Times may be upon us and how we all need to be doing our part.

"So What? - I"  

We know Jesus is coming back again, and it could be soon. So how should that affect the way we live today? Pastor Greg Laurie provide some answers. It's a study dedicated to the question, "So What?" Listen online for important insight.

"When Heaven Comes to Earth - III"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says, if someone is a true Christian, their focus and their values will change. It's part of the transformation that comes with real conversion. He'll help us all evaluate where we stand with God given the soon return of the Lord.

"When Heaven Comes to Earth - II"  

When we see the problems in the world around us, we need to remind ourselves that God will one day restore the Earth to His original design! Pastor Greg Laurie brings us that reminder as a part of his "Essentials" series.

"When Heaven Comes to Earth - I"  

Believers often talk about going to heaven. Have you ever stopped to consider that heaven is coming to earth? Pastor Greg Laurie points out God's final plan for a new heaven and a new earth, and how heaven and earth will become one!

"What Every Christian Needs to Know about Prayer - III"  

To some, prayer seems mysterious and intimidating. Pastor Greg Laurie says we'll feel differently about prayer once we realize just how much God WANTS us to come to Him! Listen online for an important study from Pastor Greg's "Essentials" series.

"What Every Christian Needs to Know about Prayer - II"  

When our lives are full of problems, it's good to know our God is full of grace, power, and providence! Pastor Greg Laurie helps us all connect with God's resources through the powerful privilege of prayer. It's foundational insight for every believer.

"What Every Christian Needs to Know about Prayer - I"  

Prayer may be one of the most neglected privileges in the believer's life. How can we make the most of our prayer lives? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question. It's a study dedicated to keeping prayer firmly in focus

"Let's Talk About Heaven - III"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says, those who think more about heaven will put the Lord first . . . and those who put the Lord first will prioritize their lives well! Pastor Greg helps us focus on our eternal reward, as a part of his "Essentials" series.

"Let's Talk About Heaven - II"  

Everywhere you look, in books, magazines, movies, you'll see someone's notion of what heaven's like. Pastor Greg Laurie looks beyond the conjecture to the scriptural truth. Listen online for a candid, biblical study of what God wants us to know about heaven.

"Let's Talk About Heaven - I"  

When a loved one has recently gone to heaven, we're more curious about what awaits us there. That's the case with Pastor Greg Laurie ever since the unexpected death of his son. He reveals what he's learned about heaven in recent years. A fascinating study.

"Revival in Our Time? - II"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says it's time for a revival to sweep across our land. And he's taking a big step in that direction with his upcoming HARVEST AMERICA event! Find out how revival starts with individual believers getting involved. Listen online and discover your part

"Revival in Our Time? - I"  

Pastor Greg Laurie's Harvest America event coming up, he points out that the time is right for another great revival, like the four that swept our country in the past. Listen online for important insights on your part in the story!

"The Message We Must Proclaim - II"  

No matter how much you know about sharing the Gospel, Pastor Greg Laurie says none of that matters if you don't care about lost people! We'll learn to develop a heart for lost souls, and how to act appropriately on that compassion.

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