A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

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Pastor Greg Laurie's thirty-minute daily radio program featuring relevant, biblical teaching.


"The Importance of Prayer in the Life of the Believer - I"  

Prayer may be one of the most neglected privileges in the believer's life. How can we make the most of our prayer lives? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question. It's a study dedicated to maximizing this powerful privilege.

"The Importance of God's Word in the Believer's Life - II"  

Pastor Greg Laurie says, as believers, we can no more neglect the Word of God than we can neglect the need to eat! They're both vital to keep us healthy. Pastor Greg Laurie explains that knowing the Bible is the first step toward a life that excels spiritually.

"The Importance of God's Word in the Believer's Life - I"  

If we want to build our lives on a strong foundation, Pastor Greg Laurie says we must build our lives on The Rock! And how do we do that? Pastor Greg points out it's God's Word that brings stability when the storms of life blow through our lives.

"The Parable of Spiritual Growth - II"  

New believers will often embrace their new-found faith with an explosion of excitement. But sometimes, as soon as the explosion is over, so is their interest in spiritual things. Pastor Greg Laurie explains why some stay the course while others don't.

"The Parable of Spiritual Growth - I"  

God's Word is like a seed that the Lord wants to plant in our hearts. But sometimes that seed doesn't meet with receptive soil. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us uncover the principles of spiritual growth from a familiar parable.

"Hello from the Other Side - II"  

Just as sure as Jesus died and rose again, He's coming back again to take believers to our eternal home. That's the hope Pastor Greg Laurie shares with us. It's a revealing look at heaven, and how the price paid at Calvary guarantees our eternity.

"Hello from the Other Side - I"  

Our thoughts of heaven are often influenced by movies we've seen or books we've read. But Pastor Greg Laurie says God is not silent on what life will be like in eternity. Pastor Greg provides a few biblical snapshots of life "on the other side."

"How to Come Back to Life Spiritually - II"  

Ever feel like you're running on empty, spiritually? Pastor Greg Laurie helps us refresh and recharge our lives with a fresh in-filling of power from the Holy Spirit.

"How to Come Back to Life Spiritually - I"  

What's the purpose of the Church? Why did Jesus Himself establish this perpetual body of believers and declare that "the gates of Hell would not prevail against it"? Pastor Greg Laurie shows us the purpose of the Church, and what happens when it goes off track.

"How to Know the Will of God - II"  

When we come to one of life's big decisions, we want to know God's will, we want to know which way we should go. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us uncover God's will by opening the cover on God's Book. It's a look at the way God directs His people.

"How to Know the Will of God - I"  

Many believers have a real heart to know God's will . . . but they find it a bit puzzling, if not mystifying. Pastor Greg Laurie points out God's will is not as elusive as we might think. Tune in for good insight to help us walk the right path.

"The God Who Suffers - II"  

As Jesus hung from the cross, it was painful to breathe, let alone speak. And yet He uttered seven final statements. Pastor Greg Laurie points out each is a mini-sermon, filled with insight. We'll examine those statements and what they mean for us today.

"The God Who Suffers - I"  

Pastor Greg Laurie points out it was God's plan all along that His Son would give His life for our sins. It wasn't some kind of plan gone awry. We'll see how that Divine plan was designed long ago to give you a path to heaven!

"Harvest America 2017 Special: Interview with Greg Laurie on H.A."  

Mark the date on your calendar: June 11th. That day, Pastor Greg Laurie will share the Gospel in a LIVE, nationwide event called Harvest America! Pastor Greg talks about this rare opportunity to share this Good News with your friend or loved one.

"How to Lead Others to Jesus - III"  

As believers, we know we're to let our light shine for unbelievers to see. But Pastor Greg Laurie says that's not enough on its own. We need to clearly share the Gospel. He says, "We need to pop the question." Pastor Greg helps us know when to ask if someone wants to invite Jesus in their life.

"How to Lead Others to Jesus - II"  

What's the best way to lead others to Jesus? Pastor Greg Laurie says we should follow the lead of Jesus Himself! Pastor Greg takes a look at the way Jesus shared the hope of heaven. It's some of the most practical evangelism insight you'll hear.

"How to Lead Others to Jesus - I"  

When someone hears what Christ has done for us, they'll see what the Lord can do for them. That's why Pastor Greg Laurie says it's important to tell our story, our testimony. Pastor Greg explains how to share that account most appropriately.

"Evangelism, Jesus Style - II"  

Right now, this very moment, there may be someone in your circle of influence that God wants you to help. They're carrying the burden of their sin and the Lord wants you to share the hope of Christ. Pastor Greg Laurie offers practical help on how to do that most effectively.

"Evangelism, Jesus Style - I"  

What's the right way to share our faith with others? How can we be most effective in delivering that Good News? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question. It's a practical lesson from his series, "Tell Someone: You Can Bring Others to Jesus."

"The Gospel is Only Good News If It Gets There on Time - III"  

Pastor Greg Laurie points out we have the cure for something more deadly than cancer. Can we really keep that cure to ourselves? Pastor Greg points out The Gospel is the Good News that saves people from their sins. It's news we simply must share. Get some practical help.

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