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Because we think being a parent is the most thrilling, exhausting, emotional ride of your life - and you can't get off.


Welcome to your new life as a parent!  

You know that when you have a baby everything is going to change but do you really know this? Becoming a parent means a massive shift in all your relationships, your partner, your friends, your work life, the community you've built around you and even your relationship with yourself. It's change upon change upon change. Any wonder you may have difficulty recognising yourself in the mirror some days! So how to negotiate all this change with courage and grace while learning to change a nappy, manage a newborn routine and breastfeed! It's a tough job so thankfully you'll have help.. and in this week's podcast you'll meet two mums who have been just where you're standing now and they've got some great advice on thriving through this tricky time.

Fitness during and after pregnancy  

There is no greater life event than having a baby, it could be called life's ultimate re-boot. However it is also a time that can cause many women to experience a big loss of fitness and confidence but rather than seeing this as a negative we could use this as the perfect excuse to get help and find a new way of approaching health and fitness.. after all you've got so many more reasons and excuses to want to be fitter faster and healthier than before.

Learn to play with your toddler  

How do you learn to play with your children? We know that play is so important, it's how children learn about the world and it prepares them for the more formal learning they'll undertake at school. So as a new parent if your world experience doesn't include teaching or early childhood development how on earth do you figure out how to play with your toddler? Thankfully there are experts who can tell us how to reconnect with our little ones by helping us adults learn to play again and thanks to some of the great toys and information available it can be heaps of fun too!

Creatine- could it have an important role in pregancy>  

Nutrition in pregnancy is something we assume is important but do we know exactly how important? Folate, we now know can prevent neural tube defects in a developing baby and we assume a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals would all be important but scientists are always trying to find out if there are elements that are more important than others. This is how something called creatine has become the subject of a study into pregnancy nutrition at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Using samples from pregnant women, researchers at Hudson Institute discovered that pregnant women who had less creatine in their urine gave birth to significantly smaller babies, so could it be that creatine could protect a baby from poor growth in utero and possibly pass on other developmental advantages?

How to tell your cat you're pregnant!  

Congratulations you're pregnant... there is a list of people you'll need to tell... including your cat! Even if it sounds ridiculous to you there are a quite a few people who really love their pets... after all they've known them for a long time; and if your pet holds a special place in your household you may be concerned about how they're going to cope with the introduction of a new baby to the family. Dr Lewis Kirkham is a vet with a special interest in animal behaviour. He believes that many new parents are misinterpreting their pet's behaviour around the arrival of a new baby and that with a little planning the transition doesn't have to be difficult at all.

A bag of tricks to understand your toddler  

Being the parent of a toddler is not easy, if it's your first or your third, toddlers have a way of turning your expectations upside down and running you up and down an emotional rollercoaster.. so how do we deal with our children's developmental needs, raise emotionally intelligent children while keeping them safe and us as parents sane!

Fathers Day comes in all shapes and sizes  

Fathers Day comes in all shapes and sizes, as do dads. Sometimes it's a day to celebrate a new beginning, remember times gone by and to reflect on fathers and children and that amazing bond of love. So while you're in the thick of nappies and midnight feeds and those new learning experiences of being a dad, it's good to be reminded that this won't last forever and like everything else in life it's changing and growing and challenging you to be the best parent you can.

Getting your body back  

The wonder and excitement of being pregnant has a couple of difficult downsides. Not least of which is having your body belong to someone else for nine months. Most women look forward to returning to 'normal' particularly in the last trimester when it seems that every step is exhausting and your belly couldn't possibly be any bigger. However many of us are taken rather by surprise when our physiology refuses to cooperate and our return to normal is a much longer and more difficult route than we ever expected. Many women say they feel judged by friends, family and colleagues for not quickly losing the 'baby weight' but on the other hand new mothers are dealing with a new baby, breast feeding and a lack of sleep that they might never have experienced before and it's pretty likely that losing a few kilos could appear like an impossible task.. In this week's podcast you will meet a dietician who is now working through her own experiences as a new mother and wants to share some baby steps to help you regain some control over your post baby diet!

Mum's Milestones  

Having a baby is all about milestones, first smile, first tooth, first step.. but what about the milestones for you as a mother... first full night's sleep, first night out without the baby... surviving the first year.. with relationship still in place.. two very funny and quite possibly sleep deprived Sydney mothers came up with some very funny milestones they thought were well worth celebrating! These have been developed into cards called 'Mum's Milestones' and they are very, very funny!

Creative Discipline for your Family  

As parents we recognise at some point we're going to need a plan for discipline for our children but what will that look like.. how will it work? How do you manage when things don't seem to be going to plan? Are you going to fall back on some of the things your parents did or will you be a more permissive parent? For most of us the need to start disciplining our children starts much earlier than we expect and we can sometimes wonder if our little children are being deliberately bad just to push our buttons.. this week's expert on Babytalk has been working in the field of creative discipline for many years, she has a range of favourite tricks and techniques to make the job much easier and more fun than you imagined.

Milk Bank.. where breastmilk is pure gold.  

It has taken years but science, medicine and parents know that breast milk is the best food for babies. A mother's own breast milk is the gold standard of nutrition for babies. As more and more has been discovered about the way breast milk is made we are finding that a mother naturally makes a milk that is microscopically designed to provide exactly what her baby needs. However breast feeding is not always easy and problems often occur when babies are born too early and when time is of the essence a mother might not have the milk supply her baby needs at the time it's needed. This is where a Milk Bank can literally be a lifesaver.

Digital Babies does your child need a digital detox?  

So how much screen time does your child get? Do you think it's too much? Considering we're living in a digital age, how do we give our children all the advantages of the digital world without using devices as a digital pacifier. How do we intelligently deal with technology and our children. Is it right that there are apps to entertain babies? How do you traverse this new terrain without techno-guilt? Dr Kristy Goodwin is a technology researcher and mum.. She's in the 'techno trenches' with us and has some kind and helpful advice this week for all parents dealing the digital dilemma of how much screen time is too much.

Researching Complimentary Therapies for childbirth.  

There has probably never been a safer time as a woman to give birth to a baby, yet the process of birth is possibly less well understood by individual women who are about to give birth. While we women sometimes tell the terrors of a difficult birth, count stitches, compare hours spent in labour, are we ever able to share techniques or positives that will make a 'normal' birth possible for other women we know? It was a rather terrifying dilemma that faced Epidemiologist from the University of Western Sydney Dr Kate Levett and led to a research project into complimentary therapies and their role in the birth process.

Amazing results for a study into a new way of giving brith.  

If there was a drug that reduced the rate of caesarean sections by 44% reduced the need for epidurals in childbirth by 65% and reduced the need to resuscitate babies following delivery by 53% we would all be demanding it be delivered no matter what the cost. In a study just published in the British Medical Journal an antenatal (before birth) education program developed by Nadine Richardson called 'She Births' has been tested on 176 couples in Sydney. The results were so dramatic the British Medical Journal has published them in an article that might be about to change the way childbirth education is delivered in Australia.

Mama Bake, a different way to feed the family  

Out of all the daily chores of parenting surely getting dinner on the table for the family has to be one of the more difficult. Just think what you're trying to achieve every day! You've got to tick the healthy food boxes, you need to make it tasty enough for children to eat and it has to be filling without too many crazy ingredients. It needs to be able to be created with possibly one or more children trying to claim your attention, it needs to be consumed by adults (possibly re-heated?) and needs to contain the minimum requirements of fruit and vegetables, possibly disguised as chocolate! What could possibly go wrong?

Making your house baby safe?  

How safe is your home.. would you say it's baby-proof? We know that accidents can happen but how can we minimise the risk and make our environment as safe as possible? When do you need to start to audit your home and work out what needs to be changed to keep a crawling or walking baby or toddler safe? In this podcast we are going to meet a woman who has made baby and child safety her career. Co-Founder and Product Development Director of global child safety brand 'Dreambaby' Carolyn Ziegler is passionate about child safety... you even get the sense she spends a lot of her own time worrying about everyone else's babies too!

Child Magazine covers celebrating diversity  

Can you imagine what it would be like if you never saw anyone that looked like you on the cover of a magazine.. it's hard to imagine how it might affect your self esteem or your view of your place in the world? These are issues that you have to imagine impact children as well. If you are navigating through the world a little bit differently than your peers, how important is it to see someone like you in the media or on the front cover of a magazine?

The Letdown  

'The Letdown' is a comedy pilot from ABC Television's Comedy Showroom. It is a very insightful look at the chaos and uncertainty of life as a brand new mother and the comedy is brilliant! I suspect most of us experiencing parenthood for the first time are aware of the large doses of crazy we're exposed to.. it's just wonderful to watch someone else go through it from the safety (?) of our television screens! In this podcast from Babytalk we meet writers Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell who talk about the experience and inspiration behind 'The Letdown'.

Short, early or underweight?  How your birth statistics can influence health.  

Babies who are pre-term, underweight or shorter than average have been found to be up to three times more likely to be hospitalized for an infection than the children who had the 'ordinary' full term births. The worrying point about this particular part of the research is that every single week early, and every small increment of birth weight and length has an impact on the possibility of your child having an infection that is severe enough to have them admitted to hospital. The researchers are finding that it's not just the very premature or pre-term babies that are effected but even the ones that arrive one or two weeks before term and these effects continue well into adolescence and possibly beyond.. so this is a podcast that may even effect you!

Recurrent Miscarriage  

Recurrent miscarriage is a terrifying term.. it means that there have been three or more early pregnancy losses. A clinic at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne is working to help reverse these tragic losses experienced by some women. The reasons behind early pregnancy loss or miscarriage can be as simple as a genetic abnormality or as complicated as a possible immune response to the embryo, specialist obstetricians and scientists are working hard to discover the underlying reasons behind the these sad losses that occur in about 1% of couples trying to conceive.

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