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Because we think being a parent is the most thrilling, exhausting, emotional ride of your life - and you can't get off.


Babytalk: Pushing the boundaries of autism  

A diagnosis of autism can sound like the end of the world.. but in this week's Babytalk podcast we meet a father who was determined to push the boundaries of his autistic son's experience and turn some of the current thinking about autism and anxiety on it's head.

Babytalk: Dad Stuff  

Are men being discriminated against online? Why is it that the majority of parenting information, blogs and conversations appear to be targeted almost exclusively at women?

Babytalk: Mother Guilt  

Why is it that mothers are always the ones to feel guilty? This week’s Babytalk Podcast might have the answer!

Babytalk: A Slow Childhood  

We want so much for our children—a childhood that provides everything they need—could we, should we consider achieving all this by slowing down?

Babytalk: Twins  

Twins have always fascinated us but they hold more information to science than just being double trouble for their poor parents and a puzzle to the rest of us if we're trying to tell them apart.

Babytalk: Expecting the Inner Life of Pregnancy  

How do we even begin to understand pregnancy, one of the most thrilling, challenging and alien experiences of all?

Babytalk: The Anti-Ageing Effects of Grandchildren  

Want a pill that can improve cognitive and executive function? Need a drug that can turn the clock on your brain backwards by around 10 years?  Get a grandchild!

Babytalk: The Anti-Ageing Effects of Grandchildren  

Want a pill that can improve cognitive and executive function? Need a drug that can turn the clock on your brain backwards by around 10 years?  Get a grandchild!

Babytalk: Gestational diabetes  

Gestational Diabetes is a condition of pregnancy that affects 18 per cent of us. This Babytalk podcast takes a look at how you work with your doctor to keep both yourself and your baby healthy with this condition.

Babytalk: How to get out of the house  

Most of us didn't expect loneliness or isolation after we had a baby, and most of us didn't expect just how hard it would be to get out and meet people as a new parent.

Babytalk: Co-parenting  

Sometimes the fairy-tale 'happily ever after' ending doesn't work out and you're faced with a relationship breakdown and a baby... how do you make co-parenting work as well as it possibly can?

Babytalk: Play Groups  

When climbing Mt Everest solo seems like an easier task than getting out the door with your toddler you need to find a playgroup and quickly!

Babytalk: Baby Brain  

We need to talk about baby brain or the brain changes you might experience during pregnancy it's a real thing and now scientists using MRI have discovered the physical changes that occur during pregnancy.

Babytalk: Toy Libraries  

'If play is the work of children then toys are their tools!' Good toys are sometimes expensive and can have disappointingly short lives as interest wanes, the most brilliantly simple solution: your local toy library

Babytalk: As a Guilty Mum  

Are you a guilty mum? Then the baby stuff marketers know how to prey on all your insecurities!

Babytalk: The Babes Project  

Pregnancy and parenting can be terrifying, painful, tearful and overwhelming – and especially for women facing domestic violence, homelessness, health issues, unemployment and family breakdown. Crisis pregnancy support service The Babes Project helps young women in difficult situations meet all the challenges of impending motherhood.

Babytalk: Hypnobirthing  

Hypnobirthing is a practice that prepares mothers and their partners for the process of giving birth as naturally as possible.  For the many mothers that use this practice or similar they say it helps them to give birth in a positive and empowered way.

Babytalk: Mindfulness for Mums and Dads  

If you're a new parent struggling with everything that's difficult about a new baby, you might think you need some help with mindfulness like a hole in the head! What if I told you that mindfulness could help you cope and rise above some of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent? Suddenly mindfulness is a much more attractive inclusion in your busy life!


As a new parent can you really be happy? There is a lot of upheaval going on, mingled with the incredible gift of a new baby but writer and happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin thinks that happiness is easier to find than you think and it all has to do with a few simple habit tweaks.

Baby Talk: is it post-natal depression, or is it anxiety?  

Adjusting to life with a new baby can be difficult but new research is asking whether some cases of anxiety might be mis-diagnosed as post-natal depression. Perhaps not surprisingly the researchers are also finding that new fathers are as vulnerable to the disorder as new mothers.

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