ALN - Carlie Craig  

MADtv's Carlie Craig is a comedy power house! She showed off her acting chops and killer impressions on the new MADtv, as well as USA's First Impressions, but that's just the beginning. From her early days in Florida growing up a tennis kid, to her teenage pop group, to assisting youtube and music sensation Todrick Hall, and how her spirituality has helped guide her career. It's an episode filled with tons of laughs, Ariana Grande impressions, and some hearty motivating moments. So enjoy it, and follow Carlie on TWITTER @carliecraig, Adam @adamraycomedy, @funnbrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Kyle Kinane  

Kyle Kinane is one of the funniest dudes on earth, and a helluva standup comic! From his early days working at a warehouse in Chicago, to winning a competition and moving to LA, to becoming the voice of Comedy Central, and his latest special LOOSE IN CHICAGO premiering Oct 15th on Comedy Central, you'll enjoy this extra long conversation as much as we did. Check out his special when it drops Oct 15th, and follow him on TWITTER @kylekinane.

ALN - Piotr Michael  

MADtv's Piotr Michael is a master impressionist, and with spot on impressions of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Goldblum, Steve Buscemi, George Lucas, and Ian McKellan, he had the guys laughing the whole time! From his experience on the new MADtv, to how animation drew him to doing voices, his first taste of Hollywood heartbreak and almost getting SNL, to him doing Ian McKellan reading Jaden Smith tweets, this is a must listen! Follow Piot on TWITTER @ThisisPiotr, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and the pod @alnpodcast.

ALN - David Steinberg  

David Steinberg is a name you may not immediately recognize, but the man has been on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 140 times, directed countless episodes of Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Mad About You, has weekly hangouts with Mel Brooks, Bob Saget, Bob Newhart, Larry David, and Don Rickles, and has stories from the business you won't believe! He's easily one of the nicest guys in the business, and if you love comedy, you'll love this conversation! Follow David on TWITTER @david_steinberg, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad and the show @alnpodcast.

ALN - Wayne Brady  

The incredibly versatile Wayne Brady makes his ALN debut! He discusses his early improv days in Florida, why he kept his job at Universal Studios during WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY, improvising with Robin Williams, performing on Broadway, making the transition to the game show world, and some amazing childhood stories that'll inspire the hell out of you. He's one the greatest dudes around, and one of the most talented people on planet earth. Enjoy this special conversation, recorded in his dressing room at LET'S MAKE A DEAL, and follow him on TWITTER @waynebrady, Adam @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Jason Derulo  

Jason Derulo is one of the biggest R&B pop superstars on the planet! He's sold over 56 million singles, has toured the globe, and when he was struggling in NYC, singing on the streets, he survived on noodles and bananas! From his musical theater days, to collaborating with Stevie Wonder, his story is compelling and inspiring. Jason was kind enough to allow us into his LA home to record this in his music studio, so go get his killer new single KISS THE SKY, and follow him on TWITTER @jasonderulo, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad and @alnpodcast.

ALN - Chris Ahearn  

Chris Ahearn stops by to talk creating and producing game shows!! From casting Chris Jericho in DOWNFALL, to bringing back Match Game, producing LETS MAKE A DEAL with Wayne Brady and being Adam's first boss at Universal Studios! Lotta laughs in this one. You can follow the podcast @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad, @alnpodcast!

ALN - Mo Collins  

Mo Collins stops by to talk her early improv days in Minnesota, how she created some of her iconic MADtv characters, being on Parks & Rec, and her return to the classic show and her experience acting with Adam. It's an insightful and hilarious conversation you'll enjoy as much as we did. Follow Mo on Twitter @TheMoCollins, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad, @alnpodcast.

ALN - Mark Gagliardi  

Mark Gagliardi was the first ever DRUNK HISTORY storyteller! So he's kind of directly responsible for the show becoming a hit on Comedy Central. Aside from being an amazing actor, comedian, and the voice of Batman in animated show SUPERFRIENDS, he worked with Adam at Universal Studios Hollywood, and shares plenty of hilarious stories and memories. Mark also is a big history buff, and recently made the move from LA to NYC, and breaks down the pros and cons to both cities. A great hang, and a super funny fella, you're gonna enjoy this episode as much as we did. Check out his podcast WE GOT THIS on the Earwolf Network, and follow him on TWITTER @MarkGags, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Jim Jefferies  

Jim Jefferies is hands down one of the best comics in the world, and this conversation proves he's also one of the funniest off stage as well. From meeting Al Pacino, to his early roots in Australia, to bar fights in England, it's laughs from start to finish. Check out his latest NETFLIX special "Free-Dumb," and follow Jim on TWITTER @jimjefferies, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Jeff Dye  

Jeff Dye returns to talk about his new NBC show BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, his early learning struggles in Seattle, becoming pals with Russell Wilson, how his approach to comedy has changed over the years, and breaks down the incredible experience that was his late night debut on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon! It's an instant classic episode, one you'll probably listen to twice. Enjoy the show, and follow the boys on TWITTER @JeffDye, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Earl Skakel  

The great Earl Skakel makes his ALN debut and delivers on all cylinders. From growing up next to OJ, to his recent success with Comedy Central's ROAST BATTLE, to having ties to the Kennedy's, and the greatest viagra story you'll ever hear, it's an instant classic. Enjoy this episode and follow Earl on TWITTER @EarlSkakel, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and follow the podcast @alnpodcast!

ALN - Matthew Geddes  

Matthew Geddes has lived an insane life, and was gracious enough to make his ALN debut and share one of the craziest stories of survival of discovery you'll ever hear. From a life threatening brain tumor, to his multiple eye opening Ayahuasca trips, and starting a huge weed pen company, he's an inspiring fella to say the least. Lotta laughs in this one, but a lot of conversation you need to hear to believe. Enjoy it, and follow the boys on TWITTER @matthew_geddes, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN Classic - Adam Devine Tour Recap  

Adam Devine went on his first national standup comedy tour last spring, and brought Adam Ray to open, and Kyle Walsh to tour manage. From sold out shows, to out of control parties in college towns, to hanging with the Kings of Leon, to Beefaroni sheets, this 90 minute recap is filled with non-stop laughs, and hilarious stories from the craziest 30 day stretch of their entire lives! Enjoy the hell out of this one, and follow the boys on TWITTER @AdamDevine, @adamraycomedy, @goonssquad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Jonny Loquasto  

Jonny Loquasto stops by to talk about making his own beer, how his transitioned from the hospital to comedy, and compares fat kid stories with Adam. Jonny is one of the nicest dudes in comedy, and his sharp point of view and strong energy, he's sure to have his own show someday. Enjoy this conversation and follow Jonny on TWITTER @jquasto, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Vinny Oshana  

Vinny Oshana makes his ALN debut and brings the heat! From his military days, to his views on recess teachers, to how he started comedy & how he's been welcomed into th Wayans family, it's a complete episode from start to finish! Vinny is one of the best comics in the game, and is moments away from blowing up. Go see him live & follow him on TWITTER @VincentOshana. Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and @alnpodcast.

ALN - Brody Stevens  

Brody Stevens makes his ALN debut to talk his approach to crowd work, his baseball career, influencing Adam in Seattle with a public access show, and working for Chelsea Handler. A comic's comic, and one of the quickest minds you'll ever see live, there's only one Brody. Enjoy this hilarious conversation, and follow him on TWITTER @brodyismefriend, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Brad & Adam  

The boys break down Brad's recent journey to China, and everything he experienced. The lack of social media, the language barriers, the racist culture, the comedy sensibilities, the insane travel fiascos, and how sports references make you comfortable in a foreign land. This is a classic non stop laughs episode between Brad & Adam, so enjoy it, and follow them on TWITTER @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

ALN - Kevin Eastman  

Kevin Eastman co-created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and for that, we are in eternally grateful. In this special LIVE conversation from the San Diego Comic Art Gallery, we hear stories of how the Turtles came to be, working with Jim Henson, the unexpected success of the cartoon, why Turtle condoms were turned down, and the craziest stories he heard from fans of all ages! It's an instant classic, and a rare sit-down with one of the biggest comic book innovators, and creative human being in the world. On top of being a great dude, Kevin gives a candid inside look into a world loved by so many. Enjoy the episode, and follow Kevin on TWITTER @kevineastman86, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and the pod @alnpodcast.

ALN - Paul Feig  

Paul Feig returns to talk GHOSTBUSTERS!! The boys went to SONY, where Paul was editing the movie, and in this exclusive conversation discusses the pressures he dealt with in rebooting a beloved franchise, the amazing effects he's been witness to, his love for Legos, and how Adam got the role of Slimer. It's incredible from top to bottom, so enjoy. And of course, go see GHOSTBUSTERS when it comes out in theaters everywhere JULY 15th! Follow Paul on TWITTER @paulfeig, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, and @alnpodcast.

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