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Aftermath & Other Audio Drama Stories | Post-Apoca

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Featuring the post-apocalyptic Audio Drama series 'Aftermath' (2011-2014) and other tales by Yap Audio Production - producers of the Audio Drama Production Podcast.


A Scottish Podcast | Ep 3 - Forgotten Streets of Edinburgh  

Lee and Doug explore the vaults and tunnels underneath Edinburgh. They're in search of answers, but all they seem to find is more questions. 

A Scottish Podcast | Ep 2 - Going Underground  

Lee and Doug head under the streets of Edinburgh to investigate an ancient vault. The pair plan to record episode one of Lee's new podcast - The Terror Files. 

With thanks to Kevin Parr, who stars as the night watchman. 

A Scottish Podcast | Ep 1 - New Venture  

Three years after the events of "Why Kat & Doug Don't Get Along", DJ Lee and musician Doug are reunited in Edinburgh. 


An electrician works out a way to reanimate corpses and have them perform basic tasks.

Will it end well?

Have any of our stories ended well? 

Kraken Mare  

Nine years ago the Wells-Dyson satellite picked up images of what appears to be some sort of wreckage on the floor of Titan's biggest hydrocarbon ocean - Kraken Mare. 

The discovery prompted eccentric billionaire Jennifer Barrie to fast-track an expedition to the mysterious moon of Saturn. 

The three British astronauts who have just arrived in Titan's orbit have only one job - find out what's lying under Kraken Mare. 

And potentially answer one of humanity's biggest questions.

Are we alone in the universe? 

This is Valenhigh  

Valenhigh is a collaborative fantasy Audio Drama anthology series, coming in 2016. 

For more information visit

Time is Money  

Sci-fi tale that begins 500 years from now on board a dank, sprawling space station, where petty thief and protagonist Rose is caught up in the web of dodgy antique dealer Mr Jennings, who sends her back in time to present day Edinburgh. Her mission, once back on ‘Old Earth’ (now uninhabitable after the great nuclear war of 2166) will be to retrieve a painting and bring it back to the future, where Jennings has already agreed its sale with a dangerous and powerful mafia boss.


Katie McNulty, as Rose

Karim Kronfli, as Jennings

Rosemary Stanford, as Kelly

Jim Balfour, as Blinky

Robert Cudmore, as Gav

Michael Leslie, as Levi

Tanja Milojevic, as Bex

Kevin Parr, as Guido

Owen McCuen, as the video narrator

And Cameron MacBeth, as the guard

Sound effects, music, and ambience by Blastwave FX (Themes & transitions), Kevin MacLeod ('Old Timey' - educational video), and Martin Matheny ('Break in', 'Jennings' office', 'Blinky's Workshop', and 'Preparing to Travel')

Artwork by Kessi Rilinki


Why Kat and Doug don't get along  

Scots duo Green Cloak took the British music industry by storm with the release of their debut album ‘Cheese’, but as a very public feud breaks out between the two a, follow up album seems unlikely. Washed up local radio DJ Lee steps in to lend a hand, but are his efforts doing more harm than good?

Starring, in order of appearance

R. Cudmore, C. Sneddon, M. McLean, R. Venters, J. Balfour, L. Blackwood.


Our Smallest Adventures - Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho. Helsinki Syndrome, You don't like flying

Kevin MacLeod/Incompetech – Controlled Chaos ,Airport Lounge

Ghost Order - Familiar Ground

Written & produced by M. McLean of Yap Audio Production.

Sound effects were created by Yap Audio, as well as resources gathered on from the following users.

Wniebelski, makosan, Master sound effects, Ifartinurgeneraldirection, panikko, pillonoise, ondrosik, bates8590, carbilicon, drewsifstalin, mzui, fonogeno.

Artwork by Craig Thomson

Captive Minds  

As a lifelong gamer, Dan's dream has always been to land a job at Captive Minds Game Studios. Today he's off for an interview, one that will change his life - forever.

Starring Jim Balfour, Robert Cudmore, & Julia McBay. Written and produced by Matthew McLean.

Blind Spot  

A short drama set in (West) Germany, circa 1989. Montgomery Hubbard rents a room at the airport hotel.

Written and Produced by Robert Cudmore of Yap Audio Production.

Starring Jack Kincaid, Robert Cudmore, Tanja Milojevic and Michael Hudson.

By The Book  

When George is transferred from his Police job, he meets Yuki White. She is odd, but it's her department that is truly unusual; a water pistol and a stick are standard issue kit?

Written by Charlie Rushworth and Produced by Robert Cudmore of Yap Audio Production.

Starring Julie Hoverson, Robert Cudmore, Fiona Thraille, Michael Hudson, Jack Kincaid, David Ault and Caitlin Sneddon.

Sound effects by Yap Audio Production.

Music by and Leafy Lane Productions.

Who's There?  

Someone is creeping around the house. Short narrated horror from 2011, with voices from Michael Hudson, Neil Colquhoun, and Robert Cudmore. Music by Tom Cusack.

What on Earth  

Earth's alien Overlords are reviewing the human situation, and they're not too pleased. Written and produced by M.McLean & R.Cudmore.

Starring M.McLean, R.Cudmore & C.Sneddon.

Music by J.S Bach, Silvermash & Ross McLean.

Sound effects produced by Yap Audio, as well as resources gathered on from users hasselblad22334455, herbertboland, viorelvio, soundmary & conleec.

The Jester's Slippers  

A short medieval/fantasy comedy. When mysterious shooting stars fall over the Valenhigh mountains the residents of the nearby village of Fallhaven pay no attention to the wild eyed preacher who tells them that great demons are coming to punish them for their sins. The next day, word reaches the Queen in the city of Deepmount that Fallhaven is under attack from “three legged giants”. Step forward two heroic warriors, Sir Reginald and Boris the Destroyer, who must cast aside their differences and lead the struggle against the alien tripods that threaten to destroy the realm and leave nothing but fire and ash in their path.

"The Jester’s Slippers" was the Yap Audio Production entry for

Merchant – Michael Hudson

Barmaid – Fiona Thraille

Preacher – Jack Kincaid

Boris the Destroyer – Rich Matheson

Queen - Fiona Thraille

Sir Reginald – Jack Kincaid

Cecil – Chris Barnes

Sound effects provided by Blastwave FX & Footagefirm

Tavern ambience by Sonic Legends, Medieval music in scene 2 is “Sweet October Moon” by Adolfo Rojas. Music between scenes by Footagefirm and closing theme is “Distant Lands” by Tom Cusack of

The Funeral  

A short creepy tale, narrated by Julie Hoverson. Written by Matthew McLean. Music by Tom Cusack.

This is not Dr Who fan fiction  

A short collection of tales with absolutely no connection to each other, reoccurring theme, or daleks.

Aftermath Season 2 Ep 6  

Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic Audio Drama, created by Yap Audio Production - makers of the Audio Drama Production Podcast

Aftermath Season 2 Ep 5  

Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic Audio Drama, created by Yap Audio Production - makers of the Audio Drama Production Podcast

Aftermath Season 2 Ep 4  

Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic Audio Drama, created by Yap Audio Production - makers of the Audio Drama Production Podcast

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