Albert Breer, The MMQB Podcast

Albert Breer, The MMQB Podcast


The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer brings listeners a one-of-a-kind combination of insight, information and attitude concerning all things football. Drawing from an unmatched collection of sources, The MMQB's senior reporter dives deep with original angles and unapologetic takes on the week's biggest headlines. Episodes feature an eclectic mix of interviews with big names from inside and outside the football world. It's the rare podcast experience that satisfies the hardcore gridiron junkie while remaining accessible to the casual football fan.


Draft Guru and NFL Network Analyst, Daniel Jeremiah  

For most, the NFL season just ended, but, for Daniel Jeremiah, football is just getting started. The NFL Network analyst and draft guru joined Albert for today's show to talk about... - Some of the deepest positions in this year's draft. - What he would give up to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo. - And how he would approach the draft if he were GM of the Cleveland Browns. We had plenty more with Daniel, plus Albert sounds off about the relationship between the Patriots and Donald Trump, Emily joins us for some segments (there's a new one!) and we answer a Six Pack of your Twitter questions. The offseason is here, but we're not slowing down. Let's go.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports Joins Albert to Talk New England's Super Bowl 51 Win  

Two days after an epic Super Bowl 51, Albert is joined by the unofficial leader of New England's fan base, and the creator of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, to talk... - The Patriots, obviously. Was this Super Bowl win different than the others? - Deflategate. What roll did Barstool play during the controversy, and what was it like going to jail while defending Tom Brady's honor? - The evolution of Barstool. Dave talks about where he'd like to see the company five years from now, and whether or not he'd ever step away from the site's day-to-day operations. All that, plus our usual segments with Emily Kaplan and a Six Pack of your Twitter questions. Let's go.

Mike Shanahan Talks About His Son Kyle's Coaching Career, the Super Bowl, and Whether or Not He's Retired  

On today's show Albert had former NFL head coach Mike Shanahan on to talk about... - His son Kyle's career as a coach, and what Mike forced him to accomplish before accepting him as a member of the Redskins' coaching staff. - The Super Bowl. - And retirement. Mike told Albert whether or not he'd consider a return to coaching, if asked to by Kyle. All that, plus Albert gives a quick take on the 49ers hiring John Lynch as their GM, we do our usual segments with Emily Kaplan, and, as always, a Six Pack of fan questions from Twitter. Let's go.

Former New England QB Scott Zolak Talks About the Evolution of the Patriots  

On today's show... Albert is joined by former Patriots quarterback, and current Patriots color man, Scott Zolak. Scott talked about how bleak things were when he first got to New England, how influential Bill Parcells was, in terms of changing the team's culture, and about the three key components that make the Pats perennial Super Bowl contenders. That, plus our usual segments with Emily Kaplan and a mailbag full of your Twitter questions. Let's go.

Mike Tannenbaum, Miami Dolphins EVP of Football Operations, Talks NFL Playoffs,  Adam Gase, and What's Next for the Dolphins  

On today's show... EVP of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins, Mike Tannenbaum, joins Albert to talk: - Hiring Adam Gase, and how he knew that Gase was ready to take over an entire football team. - Miami's 2016 season, and what lies ahead for the franchise. - The four remaining teams left in the playoffs, and the common thread that makes them all successful. Plus, as always, segments with Emily Kaplan and a Six Pack of Twitter questions. Let's go.

Whitney Mercilus Talks Getting Ready to Play the Patriots, and Albert Talks Long-Term Impact of  Giants Boat Party  

On today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer... Albert gives his take on the Odell Beckham Jr. situation, and why one day on a boat will follow the Giants around for a long time. Also, Texans LB Whitney Mercilus joined Albert to talk about playing the Pats, Jadeveon Clowney being an absolute beast, and how the team adapted after losing JJ Watt. All that, plus our usual segments with Emily Kaplan and a Six Pack of Twitter fan questions to get you ready for the next round of playoff football. Let's go.

AJ Hawk Talks Aaron Rodgers' Leadership, Ohio State Losing Big, and the Status of His NFL Career  

Welcome to another episode of The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer. On today's show Albert had AJ Hawk on, who talked... - Aaron Rodgers, and what makes him such an impactful leader in Green Bay. - His NFL career, and if he's still trying to play. - And of course, Ohio State's crushing loss to Clemson this past weekend. All of that, plus Albert analyzes the NFL coaching carousel, Emily joins for some segments, and we finish with a Six Pack of Twitter questions. Let's go.

Former Raiders Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson Talks Matt McGloin Taking Over for Derek Carr  

On today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer, Albert talks to a guy who knows both Derek Carr and Matt McGloin very, very well. It's former Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson. Olson talked about watching McGloin during a tryout, the backup QB's popularity within the Oakland locker room, and why he thinks the Raiders should be able to do a lot of the same things with him at the helm. Also, he discussed the future of another quarterback he's worked with, Jags starter Blake Bortles. Then we had our usual segments with Emily Kaplan, and Albert answered another Six Pack of Twitter fan questions to get everyone ready for Week 17. Let's go.

Andrew Hawkins Talks Fournette and McCaffrey, Playing for an 0-14 Team, and Why RGIII is Underrated  

On today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer, Albert spoke with Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins about... - Playing for an 0-14 team, and how hard the players are working despite an awful record. - Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey, and whether or not they should be sitting out their Bowl Games. - And going to college while playing in the NFL. Also, Hawkins plays a round of word association and Albert brings you his usual segments with Emily Kaplan, before answering a Six Pack of Twitter fan questions. Let's go.

Barstool Big Cat Talks Bears Football, Life at Barstool Sports, and Jeff Fisher  

On today's show Big Cat from Barstool Sports joins Albert to talk about... - Life as a Bears fan. - The insane growth of Barstool Sports. - Jeff Fisher. - Tony Romo, and how it may be time to start him again. - And whether or not Urban Meyer would want to coach at Notre Dame. Plus, Albert wants people to give Ben McAdoo more credit, Emily joins the show for her regular segments after a harrowing week in Green Bay, and Albert answers a Six Pack of Twitter fan questions. Let's go.

Talking NFL Injuries and Tom Brady With Dr. Neal ElAttrache  

On today's show, Albert talks with Dr. Neal ElAttrache about... - Tom Brady, and how he's still playing at such a high level. - The injuries to Gronk and Earl Thomas. - How important it is for doctors to put the health of players over the success of the team. Plus, our usual segments with Emily Kaplan, who is freezing in Green Bay, and a Six Pack of Twitter fan questions. Let's go.

Jason Witten Talks 2016 Dallas Cowboys, Romo and Dak, and Life After Football  

On today's show, Albert talked with legendary tight end, and current Dallas Cowboy, Jason Witten about... - When Jason knew that this year's team was special. - The transition from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott. - Zeke Elliott, and why he deserves credit. - And his plans for life after the NFL. All that, plus Albert's regular segments with Emily Kaplan, and his Six Pack of Twitter fan questions. It's all here, on this week's episode of the MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer. Let's go.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen Joins Albert to Talk Buckeyes-Wolverines and NFL Ratings  

Welcome to the latest edition of The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer. On today's show... -Albert talks with NFL Network's Rich Eisen about the Michigan Wolverines-Ohio State Buckeyes rivalry and the NFL's ratings dip. - Also, Albert and Emily talk about how good the Dolphins have become, why the Cowboys have the right stuff to win games in January, and why the Texas Longhorns had better hire Tom Herman. -Plus, as always, Albert answers six of your Twitter questions during his weekly Six Pack. We've got all that and more for your commute to Thanksgiving dinner. So enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Mularkey Talks About the Development of Marcus Mariota and Tennessee's Huge Week 10 Win  

After Sunday's monstrous slate of NFL games, one of which was Tennessee's drubbing of the Packers, Albert managed to get Titans head coach Mike Mularkey on the show to talk... - The team's mindset heading into Week 10. - The development of Marcus Mariota. - And his team getting to enjoy coming to work every day. Also, Albert and Emily talk about how it'll be nearly impossible to bench Dak Prescott, and as always, Albert caps the show off by answering a six pack of fan questions from Twitter. It's all here on today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer.

Donte Stallworth Talks Clinton-Trump, Albert and Emily Dish Out NFL Mid-Season Awards, and a Six-Pack of Twitter Questions  

Today is the day America picks the next President of the United States, so we figured it would be fitting to have a former NFL receiver, who has devoted a lot of his post-football life to politics and social issues, on the show--Donte Stallworth. During our discussion , Donte talked about... - How he got into covering politics. - How Trump is viewed by a lot of NFL players. - And who he would be voting for. Also, he told us some great Bill Belichick stories and revealed who he thinks was the NFL's funniest player during his time in the league. All that, our segments with Emily Kaplan, and Albert's Six Pack on today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer.

Reaction to the Patriots Trading Jamie Collins, Albert's Six Pack of Fan Questions, and an Interview With Matt Ryan  

On today's show.... - The Patriots traded Jamie Collins?! The Patriots traded Jamie Collins. - Jay Gruden's "Donovan McNabb moment." - And Albert talks to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Plus, Emily joins the show for some segments, and Albert answers Twitter questions during his Six Pack. You won't want to miss it, let's roll...

An Interview With Dolphins HC Adam Gase, Thoughts on Josh Brown, and Albert's Twitter Q&A  

Welcome to another episode of the MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer. On today's show Albert talks about... - The Josh Brown situation. - The Buckeyes' loss to Penn State. - And which NFC East teams are going to make the playoffs. Plus, an interview with Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, who talks in depth about the evolution of Ryan Tannehill and Jay Ajayi, our weekly segments with Emily Kaplan, and Albert turns his Six Pack into a Twitter Q&A.

Will the Raiders End Up in Las Vegas? Landry Jones Replaces Roethlisberger, and We Talk to New Bills OC Anthony Lynn  

Welcome to another episode of the MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer. On today's show Albert talks about... - The Raiders and their potential move to Vegas. - The lackluster defense in Carolina. - And how the Steelers will fare without Ben Roethlisberger for the next few weeks. Plus, an interview with Anthony Lynn, the offensive coordinator of the NFL's hottest team, the Buffalo Bills. And of course, Albert gives you his weekly Six Pack and is joined by Emily Kaplan to digest NFL Week 6, while simultaneously getting ready for Week 7.

Dan Mullen Talks Dak Prescott, a Segment Inspired by Odell Beckham Jr., and Albert's Baby Makes His Podcasting Debut  

On today's show we have a great interview with the man who helped to develop Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen. Coach Mullen talks about how sticking around for another year helped Prescott, how well-prepared Dak is, and how he thinks his former starting quarterback is handling the pressure of playing for" America's Team." Also, we have Albert's "Six Pack" and our usual segments with Emily Kaplan, plus a new one that was inspired by Odell Beckham Jr. All this and more on today's MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer.

John Elway knows QB's, Julio Jones goes off and Richie Incognito joins for a candid discussion  

Week 4 is in the books. Denver Broncos rookie QB Paxton Lynch was thrust into action due to a shoulder injury to starter Trevor Seimian, Julio Jones explodes for 300 yards receiving against a Panther defense that is missing Josh Norman and the Steelers keep finding stud WR's. Emily Kaplan is back to run through all of the news from Week 4 in the NFL and even touch on some NCAA Football from the weekend. Plus, Buffalo Bills Pro-Bowl Guard, Richie Incognito joins Albert for a honest and in-depth discussion about the Bills win against the Patriots and the similarities he sees in what he and Tom Brady went through during their suspensions from the NFL.

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