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The Briefing 07-01-16  

Pope Francis continues to sow confusion with remarks on marriage, homosexuality, and—yes—justification || Under cultural pressure, military lifts transgender ban and removes "man" from job titles

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The Briefing 06-30-16  

America's new state religion: California bill threatens existence of Christian higher ed || California to consider legalizing recreational marijuana in November with "Adult Use of Marijuana Act" || The economics of morality: Microsoft first major company to try capitalizing on marijuana

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The Briefing 06-29-16  

Why are the most important moral questions of our time being decided by the Supreme Court? || Independent report shows SCOTUS decisions are trending left. Are we really surprised? || Can Christians still be pharmacists? Yesterday's SCOTUS decision a major blow to religious liberty. || From covenant to contract: No-fault divorce is wreaking havoc on another generation || Islamic terrorist attack in Istanbul another attempt at upending civilization as we know it

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The Briefing 06-28-16  

In landmark case, SCOTUS doubles down on "constitutional" right to an abortion invented 40 yrs. ago || Ex-Gov. of Virginia avoids conviction in unanimous SCOTUS decision upholding due process || Most British millennials were strongly against Brexit—but not enough to vote.

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The Briefing 06-27-16  

Brexit means change for both Britain and Europe. But just what will that change bring? || Influential conservative George Will exits GOP over loss of party's conservative identity || One year after Obergefell, historic decision still sending shock waves throughout society

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The Briefing 06-24-16  

Political drama in the House of Representatives as Democrats stage sit-in on gun control || SCOTUS checks Obama's executive overreach on immigration, upholds UT's affirmative action || Correlation between religious affiliation and abortion highlights why theology matters || The stories of two 90-year-old men allow us to reflect on the debt we owe to history

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The Briefing 06-23-16  

Brexit and the question of identity: Is the UK more fundamentally British or European? || Obama admin continues to pave over Christian conscience in California insurance ruling || New York's "blue laws" endure as a residual witness to America's Christian heritage

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The Briefing 06-22-16  

Character in leadership: Does it matter to evangelicals in the 2016 presidential race? || Dignity in crisis: An alarming number of able-bodied men not working or looking for work || Distributing condoms to teens increases sexual activity and pregnancies, new study shows

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The Briefing 06-21-16  

Russian athletes banned from Olympics due to Moscow's complicity in doping charges || Former SS guard at Auschwitz convicted in what may be the final Nazi war crime trial || Gender differences continue to shine through despite society's best efforts to gloss over them

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The Briefing 06-20-16  

When sensationalism masquerades as scholarship—and then is unmasked: The unraveling of "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife"

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The Briefing 06-17-16  

Two-year-old boy killed by alligator at Disney World rends the American heart || The CIA and French authorities warn of long-term terror threat ISIS poses to the world || As we honor fathers Sunday, we need also reflect on the secular subversion of fatherhood

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The Briefing 06-16-16  

Equal opportunity becomes equal responsibility: U.S. Senate votes for women in the draft || A utilitarian worldview undergirds the most alarming developments in bioethics || The tragic death of Prince highlights importance of hearing "no" from those who care

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The Briefing 06-14-16  

Questions surrounding FBI probes and Islamic jihad surface in Orlando massacre aftermath || Assisted suicide bills attempt to normalize the illusion of human autonomy over death

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The Briefing 06-13-16  

Weep with those who weep: Terrorist attack in Orlando an assault on the image of God

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The Briefing 06-10-16  

Mom of baby with Down Syndrome sends remarkable letter to doctor who recommended abortion || Naturalistic, evolutionary explanation of cuteness in babies borders on the ridiculous

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The Briefing 06-09-16  

In race to the left, Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic nomination—but which Hillary? || "Intersectionality" may explain why Millennials are unimpressed by Hillary's historic win

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The Briefing 06-08-16  

Stanford rape controversy points to the larger erosion of society's ethical mores || Millennials are putting off marriage because they can afford to. Or can they? || Nothing remains unscathed by the LGBT revolution—not even the real estate market

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The Briefing 06-07-16  

No matter the outcome of today's primaries, Bernie has redefined the Democratic Party || How many LGBT Americans? No one knows, which is why Uncle Sam is trying to find out. || Atheists venture show of force in D.C., instead reveal demographic and identity problems || "Ah... Dear Millennials, please insist on using WORDS to translate the Bible, not emoji."

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The Briefing 06-06-16  

Muhammad Ali, the 20th century's most charismatic and controversial sportsman, dead at 74 || The battle for the soul of Baylor continues in the midst of sexual-assault controversy

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