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All In IT Radio

Join us as we talk about everything related to Information Technology, and some other random stuff as well.


E0025 A Dork With A Watch - All In IT Radio  

Should we wear our tech? This time we discuss the Galaxy Gear and other ways we human try to mimic the Borg. Wearable Computing is here, do we want it?

E0024 Everyone Is Phone-y - All In IT Radio  

This time around we talk about phones, all about phones and nothing but phones. Jolla SailfishOS, PhoneBlocks, YotaPhone, FirefoxOS and UbuntuPhone. Everyone is welcome to the party!

E0023 Con Of The Year - All In IT Radio  

During a year there is a few conference visits, and we take a trip down memory lane and review the latest ones. Retrospelsmässan, DrupalCamp, Bokmässan, and FSCONS. A mention of the Swedish Podcast Awards, as well as two cool things!

E0022 With A Licence To Watch - All In IT Radio  

In Sweden you now have to pay if you own a tablet or computer; for a licence to watch TV. Does this make sense? Speaking of tablets, Henrik has turned his Nexus 7 in to an alarm clock. And the occurrence a completely new segment!

E0021 Reader Soon Ungoogleable - All In IT Radio  

So Google wants to dictate how Swedes use their language, as well as how we aggregate RSS-feeds. The death of Google Reader and the objection to the word "Ogooglebar" puts our great search overlords in the news once again.

E0020 Geeks Enjoy Sales - All In IT Radio  

Henrik saw a sale, and fell for it, now he tells everything on All In IT Radio! An unboxing of a Swedish Google Nexus 7, followed by a feedback session regarding episode 0001's discussion of backups and harddrives.

E0019 Do Not Be Touchy, Ubuntu! - All In IT Radio  

The All In IT Radio crew dissect the news of an Ubuntu phone OS and where it could fit in the marketplace. We also discuss the unification of user interfaces. Is it a good thing, or is touch overrated?

E0018 A Steaming 8 For The Rode - All In IT Radio<  

The user interface and gaming potential on Windows 8, the Rode Podcaster microphone and some more resources for gamers on Linux.

E0017 Canes Are Blue, Comics Are Rosa - All In IT Radio  

An interview with one of the greatest now living cartoonists, Mr Keno Don Rosa! He is the true heir to Carl Bark's legacy, and the foremost creator of Scrooge McDuck comics. Hear him talk about what is wrong with comics in the USA, as well as how modern times have changed comics.

E0016 A Musical Interlude - All In IT Radio  

A music episode! Gather around the camp fire as Kenneth plays you some free tracks and tells you all about how Creative Commons works.

E0015 Raspberries On Chatroulette - All In IT Radio  

With Airtime and Facetime in the news, many talk about webcams. What to use, how and why? And a bit about Raspberry PI.

E0014 It's All About the Pitch - All In IT Radio  

The Drupal Go:ttogether of April has been, and Kenneth was there, but the spring 2012 edition of DrupalCamp Gothenburg will come, and we tell you why you should be there! Oh, and Kubuntu is very much alive!

E0013 The Audacious Quality Drop - All In IT Radio  

Feedback, a few browser extensions and Henrik talk about Cap & Design Live. Unfortunately we had an accident with the recording, so the sound quality will not be as crisp as it usually is. Hopefully you will forgive us and find it entertaining any way

E0012 FSCONS 2011 - All In IT Radio  

One of the largest Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture Conferences in the whole northern part of Europe. Of course AIITR was there!

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