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All In The Mind is Radio National's weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour - everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.


Machines for mental health  

It may be that we don't need to be face to face to provide quality mental health care.

Hooked on social media  

Social media it is compelling—but perhaps we depend on it too much.

My mind was a stranger  

The story of an Irish design engineer who suffers from an extreme form of bipolar disorder—charting his relationship with the illness from an idyllic childhood, through a drink and drug-fuelled adolescence and early adulthood, to relative stability today.

The psychology of hoarding  

We all have different approaches to how much stuff we accumulate. But what happens when your attachment to things becomes so strong that a decision to let go of anything is impossible?

The sound spiral: misophonia  

For some people certain sounds not only annoy them, but send them into panic, anxiety, and even rage. This hyper-sensitivity is a recently discovered condition called misophonia. We discuss the the research trying make sense of it.

Dream sleep  

A good night's sleep is divided into cycles, some of which are REM, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep—and may be important for memory.

Tuning in to autism  

People with autism often have difficulty with social interaction. In a candid and poignant interview, spokesperson John Elder Robison shares his experience of living with autism.

A stroke of reality  

Stroke can happen at any age—knowing the signs and how to act can be vital.

The neuroscience of learning  

The evidence now being found about the vital role of attention and engagement in effective classrooms.

Egotism and its pitfalls  

We all know the importance of having a healthy self esteem, but what happens when it gets out of hand?

Apps for autism  

Researchers are finding new clues to early identification of autism, and computer games to help autistic kids unlock their true potential.

Creativity and mental illness  

Science is now showing an interesting connection between highly creative people and mental illness.

The Idiot Brain  

The brain is a complex organ which may be at the centre of all human experience—but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? A neuroscientist and stand-up comedian from the UK calls it ‘The Idiot Brain’.

A cultural history of insanity  

In the ancient world mental disturbance was explained in religious terms or by the action of evil spirits—we look at the cultural history of insanity for insights into modern-day treatment.

Mindreading, ethics, and the law  

The idea of technologies that could help us read the minds of others just by scanning their brains is both exciting and unnerving—and it’s imminent.

Brain decoding  

Imagine if it were possible to have your own portable ‘brain decoder’ connected to your mobile phone. It could read people’s thoughts just by detecting their brain activity. It’s a possibility that opens the way for some exciting and disturbing scenarios in the future. All in the Mind hears from the researchers who can already tell something about the movie you’re watching or the story you’re listening to—just by using brain scans.

The Indigenous memory code  

Traditional Aboriginal Australian songlines hold the key to a powerful memory technique used by indigenous people around the world.

Voices and mental illness  

The latest research shows that hearing voices is not just experienced by people with schizophrenia and psychosis. We follow up on last week’s ‘inner voices’ programme by exploring what hallucinations can tell us about mental illness.

Our inner voices  

We all hear voices. For some people the inner conversation brings reason, memory, self-encouragement or rebuke. For others, the voices seem to come from outside—and they might be friendly or deeply malicious. This week All in the Mind explores the workings of our inner voices and how they link to our development and creativity.

Autism and empowerment  

Sometimes people with autism develop mental illness too, which can cause misunderstanding and misdiagnosis. Hear one woman's story as she shares her insights to empower others.

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