All The Dirt  Gardening, Sustainability and Food

All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food


Weekly podcast with Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discussing everything gardening, sustainable practices and seasonal food including organics, your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes


All The Dirt - Episode 13 Managing Your Waste and  Winter Garden Tasks  

Steve and Deryn talk with Waste Management Educator Peg Davies and discuss those important Winter tasks for the Garden 

All The Dirt - Episode 12 Special guest John Colwill and Araluen Botanical Park  

Special guest John Colwill talks about his passion for sharing horticultural knowledge and discusses the history of Araluen Botanical Park famous for its Tulips, Camelias, Heritage Roses and Chili Festival.

All The Dirt Episode 11 Citrus for the Home Garden and Rural Plantings  

Steve and Deryn talk Citrus for the home garden. We talk with Bill Davey about his work planting trees and shrubs in the wheat belt, the wonders of deep planting and the value of tube stock.

All The Dirt - Episode 10 Permaculture for Everyone and Common Garden Pest Solutions  

Steve and Deryn talk Permaculture with Charles Otway from Terra Perma. Permaculture continues to grow in popularity around the world and for good reason. We also discuss solutions for some of gardening's most common pests and diseases


All The Dirt - Episode 9 Angus Stewart shares his passion for horticulture  

Angus Stewart discusses his passion for horticulture, his involvement in plant breeding and the importance of working as a garden educator. Angus has published numerous books, presented for over a decade on ABC TV Gardening Australia and 25 years with ABC radio.

All the Dirt -Episode 8 Best Trees for the Home Garden and We talk Coffee  

Steve and Deryn discuss the best trees for the home garden with Joanne Harris from Guildford Town Garden Centre and Steve chats with Toni Riccelli International Cup of Excellence Coffee Judge

All the Dirt - Episode 7 Senior Entomologist Dr Darryl Hardie  

Steve and Deryn talk garden bugs and diseases with Dr Darryl Hardie from West Australia's Dept of Agriculture and Food. Audrey shares a great baked mushroom recipe.

All The Dirt - Episode 6 Growing Succulents and Special Guest Sue McDougall  

Steve and Deryn discuss the secrets to growing beautiful succulents, Sue McDougall, much loved garden talk back host is our special guest and Audrey has a delicious baked sweet potato and baby spinach salad recipe that the family will love.

All The Dirt Podcast Episode 5 Keeping Chickens and Preserving Olives  

Steve and Deryn talk keeping chickens in the suburban back yard and then later are joined by special guest Linda Mitchener from the Green Life Soil Companyy. Audrey takes us through the perfect olive preserving recipe

All The Dirt Episode 4 Indoor Plants and Living Fertilisers  

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discuss the best Indoor plant selections for your home.Brian Klepzig from Neutrog talks all about proven products for your garden and Audrey has an amazing caramalised banana recipe that is easy to cook and delicious.

All the Dirt - Episode 3 Hardy Shade Plants and guest Chris Ferreira  

Steve Wood Deryn Thorpe and Chris Ferriera talk Gardening Sustainabiliy and Food, Great Gardens and The Forever Project, Shade plants for difficult locations and Audrey's baked quince recipe

All The Dirt Episode 2 Building Healthy Soil Special Guest Sabrina Hahn  

Your weekly podcast where we talk Gardening, Sustainability and Food. Interviews, guests, your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes


All The Dirt Episode 1 Growing Healthy Organic Microgreens  

Join Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe, great gardening advice, interviews and discussions on sustainability, organics and food your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes. 



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