Alt+F1: 103 - United States GP Prerace 2016  

The promise of BBQ, large hats, and race cars is mere days away, so we take the opportunity to get totally PSYCH, American BROS!

Alt+F1: 102 - Japanese GP 2016  

There's water on the track and bunnies on our faces. It must be Japan!

Alt+F1: 101 - Malaysian GP & Japanese GP Prerace 2016  

We do our best to avoid large chickens while recapping perhaps the best race this season along with a makeshift Button-themed pub, stone-faced shoe drinkers, and celebrating in the nude.

Alt+F1: 100 - Malaysia GP Prerace 2016  

Against the scenic backdrop of Malaysia, our grand (pending legal proceedings) Liberty future comes into focus, Formula E's calendar can't make up its mind, some turtles ride in a golf cart, and Alonso discusses hair products.

Alt+F1: 99 - Singapore GP 2016  

The air and track were hot with race cars, strategies, and lizards, but not as hot as the takes on the Liberty deal from pretty much everybody. Plus: Chase's mustache gets even more mysterious!

Alt+F1: 98 - Singapore GP Prerace 2016  

We oil up our facial hair in preparation for Singapore while Bernie dishes sick burns, Hamilton asks for a mauling, and countries go for gold by drifting in tanks.

Alt+F1: 97 - Italian GP 2016  

Like a GP3 car at Spa, everything in F1 is up in the air, like whether Button will operate a vehicle of some kind next year, who's replacing Massa, and what Bernie will be up to in the year 2110.

Alt+F1: 96 - Belgian GP & Italian GP Prerace 2016  

Another battle in the Ardennes erupts resulting in a first turn fracas, suspect squiggling on the straightaways, and a heavy bombardment of the barriers.

Alt+F1: 95 - Belgian GP Prerace 2016  

CFDD (Computational Fluid Drew and Danny) celebrate the end of the midseason break with Roborace updates, the next big Euro Truck experience, and the longest race name in the history of our species.

Alt+F1: 94 - MotoGP Austria 2016  

Now that we're all MotoGP experts, we don't have to grill Gurk about the best MotoGP races of the past decade, which fingers to use to brake, and whether motorcycles are all-wheel drive... but we do anyway.

Alt+F1: 93 - MotoGP Primer 2016  

While Alonso and the rest of F1 are sunning themselves in deck chairs, we invite GameSpot's Gurk Erdemli on to learn us good about them two-wheeled racing machines.

Alt+F1: 92 - German GP 2016  

We remove all foreign bodies from our eyeballs before diving straight (on full lock) into saying whatever you want on radio, baby Perez and Hulkenberg, and the most sophisticated of timing devices. Also: in Russian media, Kvyat calls out YOU.

Alt+F1: 91 - Hungarian GP & German GP Prerace 2016  

Lang is back to regale us with boat anecdotes and ponder why everyone is so aggro. Maybe F1 should go hang out in Verstappen's van and just, like, chill, man.

Alt+F1: 90 - Hungarian GP Prerace 2016  

With Danny back in the monocoque, we sprinkle paprika all over the Hungaroring, explore WWI-F1 crossovers, air hashtag beef, and attempt to rebuild a 2014 classic.

Alt+F1: 89 - British GP 2016  

Danny's out sick this week so you know what that means: the Big Bopper himself Dave Lang joins us for hot takes on rules that suck, the concession stand at Spa, and who else but Pastor Maldonado.

Alt+F1: 88 - Austrian GP & British GP Prerace 2016  

Track changes wreak havoc on suspensions like a brain on drugs and contribute to just as much elation, anguish, and human drama in F1 AND Formula E.

Alt+F1: 87 - Austrian GP Prerace 2016  

Don't worry, Europe. The U.K. may be gone but race cars are still around! So too are Hulkenberg's eyeballs, treacherous cliffs, intercontinental rallies, and infamous NASCAR hacker gangs.

Alt+F1: 86 - European GP 2016  

It's the first race at F1's equivalent of a Mario Kart track and despite a distinct lack of banana peels we learn that Lewis didn't RTFM, Kimi's a bona fide grease monkey, and Bernie Ecclestone is the world's foremost expert on civil rights.

Alt+F1: 85 - Canadian GP & European GP Prerace 2016  

E3 and F1 may sound similar, but nowhere in Los Angeles could we learn that Vettel's a Flock of Seagulls fan, see Max continue to earn his stripes, and watch the Wall of Champions claim a few more victims. Plus... BAKU!

Alt+F1: 84 - Canadian GP Prerace 2016  

With no stop signs, pit speed limits, or knowledge of the Texas Penal Code, we explore the difference between stiffness and hardness, the benefits of mom-as-media liaison, and which track feature is most like a contraceptive.

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