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Ep 81: Ragnarok (2016/17 Season Recap)  

Here's to another FPL season in the history books. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon take a look back at personal highs and lows, our best transfers, the most frustrating players, and what valuable lessons were learned. Thanks to all of our listeners for sticking with us through an incredible year. We'll be back later in the summer to preview next season and do this all over again. Hail Cheaters! We're offering a special 25% discount on print subscriptions to Fantasy Football Magazine. Only a limited number of these discounts are available. To take advantage, and for more information, visit:

Ep 80: Micro Troll (GW37-38)  

With fifteen fixtures played and a billion goals between Alexis, Kane, and Jesus, GW37 was truly one for the ages. Josh and Brandon recap the high scores and memorable moments before moving on to strategies for this season's final round. We look at differential budget picks and captain options, determining which approach will help you overtake your mini league leader in GW38 or, conversely, hold off the chasing competition. Good luck and Hail Cheaters! We're offering a special 25% discount on print subscriptions to Fantasy Football Magazine. Only ten of these discounts are available. To take advantage, and for more information, visit:

Ep 79: Electric Sheep (GW36-37)  

Goals change games and goals change gameweeks. So how did Alexis Sanchez's goal against Southampton change our outlook on GW37? Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon make their final preparations ahead of the biggest week of the season, discussing potential Chelsea rotation, the need for Manchester City players, and how Spurs might respond to their loss at West Ham. We also hunt around for worthwhile punts and talk about how your captaincy choice might be more crucial than ever. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 78: The Dining Car (GW35-36)  

Heading into GW36, Brandon has an active wildcard and Josh is sweating the Showstoppers playoffs. The Always Cheating hosts are together this week to discuss late-season mini league strategies, priority players for managers without a wildcard, and what to do about Gabriel Jesus. And, yes, we do ponder triple captaining Alexis Sanchez and explore the alternatives. Special guest Dave Weigner-Lodahl joins to talk about winning the Always Cheating "knockout" league and how he's approaching the FPL home stretch. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 77: The Monkey's Paw (GW34-35)  

With just the Manchester derby left to play, we're almost through another divisive double game week. The Always Cheating hosts recap some of GW34's action and argue a bit on whether it was a true or false binary between strikers Benteke and Negredo. Then it's quickly on to key questions ahead of this season's home stretch as Brandon starts tinkering with—but still hasn't triggered—his wildcard. We also run through captaincy options and clean sheet likelihoods for GW35 in a weekend that will soon be upon us. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 76: The Gambler (GW33-34)  

Just in case you didn't have enough to worry about heading into the double GW34, Jose Mourinho has gone and rotated the Big Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon are on hand to make sense of it all. We're breaking down Manchester United's decisive victory over Chelsea, another rampant win for Spurs, and the fact that a Premier League title race is officially back on! How does this impact your FPL squad? We take your listener questions, preview GW34's captains and clean sheets, and much more. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 75: Real Fun (GW32-33)  

Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon recap the events of GW32, leading us to two major questions: First, how quickly (if at all) should we get rid of Alexis Sanchez? And second, how quickly should we pick up Harry Kane? Other heavy hitters like Hazard, Ibrahimovic, and Lukaku are in contention as we prepare for GW33. Our preview of the weekend fixtures includes captains and clean sheet predictions. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 74: The Blame Game (GW30-31)  

It's a lightning quick turnaround between GW30 and GW31, but the Always Cheating hosts are still here for you. Josh and Brandon recap this weekend's highlights and Josh describes how his freshly wild-carded team performed. Then we run through all ten midweek fixtures and pick out potential clean sheets and captaincy options. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 73: Sunglass Hut (GW29-30)  

The season's final international break has had its fair share of casualties, most notably Seamus Coleman. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon discuss how best to deal with these injuries, also with an eye toward the newly announced doubles in GW34. And we're talking about Josh's active wildcard and how to strategize your own wildcard, whether it's active now or in a few more game weeks. Plus we take your listener questions, preview GW30 fixtures, and debate what could be a very difficult captaincy decision. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 72: Chariots of Fire (GW28-29)  

For the record, this episode of Always Cheating lasts approximately 02:42 longer than Coutinho did against Burnley. Josh and Brandon discuss the continually unpredictable Liverpool midfield and a GW28 dominated by Lukaku and Joshua King. There's talk of how Tottenham's FPL prospects could be impacted by Kane's ankle injury, the absolute necessity of Alexis Sanchez going forward, and what the stats can tell us about Chelsea's attack. Stay tuned for a preview of GW29 fixtures, clean sheets, and captaincy options. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 71: Profligate (GW27-28)  

On the eve of Manchester City vs Stoke, the Always Cheating hosts reflect on their GW27 transfer decisions and the potential payoff of an Aguero triple captaincy. Josh and Brandon also touch upon Kane's unstoppable form and Ibra's disastrous Bournemouth encounter before they head into a preview of the anemic GW28 fixture list. Doubling up on Liverpool mids or Everton defenders? Burning points for Llorente or Carroll? Are we settling for Lanzini or King? Plus armband picks, clean sheet guesses, and your listener questions. Hail Cheaters.

Ep 70: Dann in Real Life (GW26-27)  

From a Kane hat trick to a Liverpool clunker, Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon return to recap the highs and lows of GW26. But, let's be honest, we're here this week to talk about only one thing: the presumptive Manchester City double in GW27. Is there a way to field City assets without completely blowing up your GW28 squad? And which City players are the best bets, given Pep's penchant for rotation? We answer your listener questions and give a full preview of the GW27 fixtures with potential captains and clean sheets. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 69: Detective Maloney (Break-GW26)  

The Always Cheating hosts sort the FA Cup fallout and run team-by-team through the key clubs with no blanks, i.e. fixtures in all three upcoming game weeks. Which FPL assets will be key in both GW26 and GW28? Is a Liverpool midfielder essential? And, if so, who? Looking ahead to GW28, Josh and Brandon debate the degree to which managers should corrupt their FPL sides just to field as close to a full eleven as possible, and how soon after might we plan to wildcard out of this mayhem. Plus we respond to your listener questions and more. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 68: Uatu the Watcher (GW25-Break)  

Heading into a weekend of FA Cup fixtures, with the specter of GW28 looming, there's not much to do with our FPL squads but sit back and wait. In the meantime, Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon recap the scores from GW25, including the ghost goal from Gareth McAuley. We also discuss what to do with heavy hitters like Alexis and Ibrahimovic who will blank in GW26 (if not GW28, as well) and what the longterm prospects are for new form players Sadio Mané and Manolo Gabbiadini. We take your listener questions and more. Stay tuned next week for a full GW26 preview. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 67: One in One Million (GW24-25)  

Still in the beautiful afterglow of Romelu Lukaku's four-goal bonanza, the Always Cheating hosts recap the results of GW24 and attempt to parse the worrying form of Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez. The question of Gabriel Jesus still lingers, and it's now a mad scramble to work Gylfi Sigurdsson back into our lineups. Josh and Brandon also discuss what is known about the blanks for GW26 and GW28 and which players might play key roles during the next month. We take your listeners questions and preview GW25's fixtures, captaincy options, and potential clean sheets. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 66: Hail Cheevers (GW23-24)  

Buckle up for some quick-fire FPL chat as Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon put the brutal midweek fixtures behind them and turn the attention to this weekend's GW24. We're talking about Man City's new weapon Gabriel Jesus, Tom Heaton's bonus point supremacy, and the Curious Case of Romelu Lukaku. Plus we begin preparing for the blanks in GW26 and GW28, take your listener questions, and predict captains and clean sheets. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 65: Scottish Payet (GW22-23)  

It feels like things this season are finally starting to heat up, which makes it hard to believe that we have just 16 game weeks left. (Yeah, we suppose 16 weeks is still quite a ways to go.) Josh and Brandon take a moment to evaluate midseason strategies and how to assess your longterm goals for mini leagues and overall rank. We also discuss must-have midfielders, appealing third strikers, and recent moves in the January transfer window. And then we preview clean sheets, captains, and key players for GW23. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 64: Just Eat It (GW21-22)  

This last weekend provided major point tallies through key Spurs and Chelsea assets (thank you very much, Mr. Alonso), among others. But big weeks like GW21 can often create more questions than answers: Kane on form or Lukaku with fixtures? Is Hazard worth the money? Wait, but where is Costa? Is it already time to bring Coutinho back in? And are we adjusting formations to accommodate the plethora of midfield and defensive options that are now, finally, showing some consistency? Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon respond to your tweets and emails and then preview GW22's key fixtures, captaincy options, and likely clean sheets. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 63: The Game Genie (GW20-21)  

Buy? Sell? Hold? After surviving the onslaught of holiday fixtures, Josh and Brandon return to discuss the current crop of FPL standouts: from Giroud, Aguero, and Defore to Ake, Baines, and the entire Spurs lineup. Then it's a look at bulking up your midfield with in-form and low-price midfielders. Do those even exist? Plus we preview the possible clean sheets and captaincy options for GW21, along with taking many of your listener questions. Hail Cheaters!

Ep 62: Eye of the Storm (GW18-20)  

We find ourselves right smack dab in the middle of this season's festive fixtures, and in this episode of Always Cheating, Josh & Brandon are recapping GW18 and looking ahead to the twenty fixtures that'll be hitting us in quick succession. Match by match, we're discussing FPL transfers, captaincy options, and clean sheet potential through GW19 and GW20. Hail Cheaters and Happy New Year! (Always Cheating is nearing the end of its December pledge drive at - for a small reoccurring donation to help offset our costs of creating this weekly podcast, we're offering all sorts of exclusive content, including bonus podcast episodes and new mini leagues for the second half of the season. Thanks for your support!)

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