Always Open

Always Open

United Kingdom

Join Barbara Dunkelman and friends every week as they sit down for a late night chat at their favorite diner to talk about life, love, sex, and everything in between.


My First Crush - #4  

Join Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, and special guests Nick Rutherford and Jessy Hodges as they discuss bad dreams, crushes, and going to college.

What’s Up with the Clowns? - #3  

Join Barbara Dunkelman, Jessica Vasami, Jon Risinger, and Mariel Salcedo as they discuss clown scares, spooky situations, and how to get rejected.

I Don’t Want to F**k You Anymore - #2  

​ Join Barbara Dunkelman, Mica Burton, Blaine Gibson, and Mariel Salcedo as they discuss Halloween, bad breakups, and bucket lists.

Peeing Your Pants - #1  

This week, we discuss our worst living situation, peeing our pants, and what you should do if you are interested in a coworker.​

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