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Polling Bump For Trump, Clinton Fights For Florida, Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket  

New national poll: Clinton's lead shrinks to three points, Trump regaining support, U.S.: Fight to take ISIS capital looming

Trump Fights For Florida, New Trump Audio Released, Are The Polls Really Rigged?  

Trump's past praise of Clinton as "Wonderful woman", Trump campaigning in must-win Florida, GOP using rising insurance rates against DEMS

Trump Campaigns In Swing States, Clinton Up By 5 Points In CNN Poll, Trump Doesn't Believe Polls  

Awaiting Trump rally as eh slams "Phony" polls, Clinton leads Trump by 5 points, Elizabeth warren strikes back at Trump, 100 ISIS fighters killed in 24 hours

Trump Predicts Victory, Clinton Hits Ohio, Latinos Voters Split On Trump  

Judge has ex-NSA contractor held, DDoS attack: third wave, Trump's foe in Utah isn't Clinton

Trump's Road To White House, Hillary and Donald Speak At Same Charity Dinner, Trump Supporters Stand Firm  

Donald Trump on Thursday night eschewed decades of tradition by offering a tough takedown of Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith dinner, and his remarks notably lacked self-deprecating humor. In doing so, Trump missed an opportunity to take some of the heat off his campaign as it struggles through the final weeks of the race. He opened with some more light-hearted remarks, referencing his "beautiful hands" and joking about how his crowds at rallies dwarf Clinton's. "It's great to be here with 1,000 wonderful people. Or, as I call it, a small, intimate dinner with some friends. Or as Hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season," Trump said, to which Clinton laughed. But the mood turned dour when Trump began to directly take on Clinton. He said Clinton wants him to be her ambassador to Iraq or Afghanistan -- "it's my choice." Trump made reference to calling Clinton a "nasty woman" in Wednesday nights' presidential debate -- and compared his feelings about Clinton to his years-old beef with Rosie O'Donnell.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Meet For Last Debate  

The Trump guest list, Polls are coming in, Last presidential debate of the 2016 campaign

Undercover Video Has Dem Operative Fired, Trump Prepares For Last Debate,  Clinton Preps For Hacked Emails  

Why Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous, What we've learned from hacked Clinton campaign emails (so far), Melania: Donald Trump was 'egged on' into 'boy talk'

Melania Trump Speaks With Anderson Cooper, More Leaked Clinton Emails, Battle To Retake Mosul  

Melania Trump one-on-one with Anderson Cooper, Quid Pro Quo at FBI?, Jason Chaffetz on GOP and NeverHillary

Obama Takes Swipes At Trump, CNN Heroes, Must Win States For Trump  

Former model says Trump put his hand up her skirt, Conjoined twins separated, Obama to Trump: 'Come on, man'.

Trump Accuser Talks To Anderson, Trump In Ohio, People Mag. Editor Talks About Accusations  

Taking on Trump, Emotional Michelle Obama denounces Trump, U.S. retaliates for missiles fired at navy warships

2 Women Say Trump Groped Them, Bill Clinton's Accusers, Hillary's Email Problems Grow  

Ryan blasts Clinton campaign emails about Catholics, Evangelicals, Putin slams "Hysteria" over U.S. claims of Russian interference, NTSB: Deadly plane crash an "Intentional act"

Wikileaks Dumps Clinton Emails, Al Gore Campaigns With Hillary, Trump Writes Off Ryan  

Pelosi: Dems would take back house if election were today, Obama weighs in on Trump tape: "That's not right", 17 confirmed dead in NC

Clinton Gains In Polls, Trump Doubles Down On Clinton Attacks, RNC Still Behind Trump  

Poll: After tape Trump down Clinton up, Hillary would be in jail?, Hurricane tiggers deadly floods in NC

Trump Brags About "Groping Women", Clinton Calls "Horrific", Hurricane Heads To Jacksonville Fl.  

On tape: Trump brags "As A Star" he can grope women, Matthew slams Florida

Florida Braces For Deadly Hurricane, Trump Holds Town Hall In NH, Florida Gov. Says "Get Out"  

Hurricane Matthew sports 140mph winds, Trump taking part in town hall ahead of next debate, Poll: Clinton leading Trump by 11 points in Michigan

Bill Clinton Says "Obama Care" Crazy, Deadly Hurricane Heads To Florida, Data Theft At NSA  

Clinton preparing for next debate, How Trump's gamble on casinos led to giant debt, Hurricane menaces closer to U.S.

Nation Eagerly Awaits First Vice Presidential Debate  

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Square Off In First Vice Presidential Debate

Trump Talks Taxes, Clinton Leads In Polls, Where Are The VP's?  

Clinton attacks Trump for losing millions, avoiding taxes, Election cyber attacks, "Saturday Night Live" mocks Clinton-Trump debate

Clinton Rises In Polls, Trump's Twitter Rant, Trump's Inner Circle  

Police to release video of El Cajon shooting, Trump alleges former miss universe did "Sex tape", Clinton leads in polls

NY Train Crash Update, Clinton Sex Scandals, Trump And Women  

114 injured in deadly New Jersey train wreck, Sources: Bomb suspect possibly took train to NY, Christie: Not asked yet to help Trump with debate

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