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Syndicated radio star Angela Yee talks sex and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. Join her and her friends each week as they coax stars into revealing their most intimate from the bedroom. It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before.


Episode 86: Ft. Keyshia Cole  

Episode 86: Ft. Keyshia Cole by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 85: Ft. Trey Songz  

One of the most anticipated episodes, Lip Service veteran Trey Songz stops by and has some interesting conversation with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire. He discusses liking woman who are attentive to details, not marrying a girl who is into 3 sums, having to take 4 paternity tests and even having sex with Gigi's friend while she watched. They also talk noisy cummers, preferring sex with someone that is more seasoned with experience and the weirdest sex requests. Listen to his new single "Nobody Else but You" off his upcoming album "Tremaine".

Episode 84: Ft. Rick Ross  

Ricky Rozay stops by Lip Service to explain why he doesn’t have a “licker license” when it comes to eating pussy. He also reveals why he considers Lip Service to be “the hand job show. It’s the Bawse like you’ve never heard him before….. Also be sure to check for Rick’s new single “I Think She Like Me”

Episode 83: Ft. Plies  

Episode 83: Ft. Plies by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 82: Ft. Nick Grant  

Episode 82: Ft. Nick Grant by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 81: Ft. Trina  

Episode 81: Ft. Trina by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 80: Ft. HitMaka A.K.A. Yung Berg  

Hitmaka, the artist formerly known as Yung Berg, plays a game of “Forgive or Forget” with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire and explains what behavior he could forgive and what would make him forget about a woman. They discuss if it’s ever forgivable to steal, can you forgive her for bleeding all over the bed, or what if she comes to the studio to see you but tries to smash the homies? Or what if you wake up and she’s taking a selfie of the two of you in bed together? You’ll be surprised what he can forgive!

Episode 79: Ft. Kreesha Turner  

This week on Lip Service we have Canadian and Jamaican recording artist Kreesha Turner! The ladies, as usual, don't hold back and get her to discuss the ongoing rumor that Jamaican men don't go down on women. She explains why her culture considers it "bowing down". They also talk about the extremes of cheating and if faced with the issue which one would be worse: finding out your partner pays for sex or has emotional connections and other relationships. Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, and Gigi Maguire talk threesomes- is it healthy or hurtful in a relationship, which person should choose the third party, and whether it should be done with a stranger, acquaintance or a friend.... they even get Kreesha to share her experience when she had a threesome and let's just say it didn't end well! Make sure you check out "King of the Dancehall" starring Kreesha Turner set to release January 13th.

Episode 78: Ft. Tierra Mari  

Episode 78: Ft. Tierra Mari by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 77: Kranium  

This week, Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maggie's travel to Atlantic records to kick it with reggae artist Kranium. They discuss tips on how to get away with cheating, how much a person's diet matters when you are dating, how long it takes for the newness of relationships to wear out, and buying gifts for new boos on Christmas.

Episode 76: Ft Hynakan & Cardi B  

Lip Service's most requested, Cardi B, pops by and doesn't hold back! Find out why she's single, how "poppers" makes anal sex more enjoyable, and what a man can do to make her so mad she would "f--- his dad". Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and co-host Hynakan (from ThisIs50) discuss morning sex and head with morning breath and do girls ever really like the nice guy? Make sure to look out for Cardi B new mixtape dropping later this month!

Episode 75: Best Of Lip Service  

In the spirit of the Holidays, Angela and the ladies give you a Best of Lip Service, featuring some of their favorite moments on the show. Listen in to 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, YG, Raekwon and more share some of our funniest conversations.

Episode 74: Ft. Kelli Provocateur & Moe The Monster  

Episode 74: Ft. Kelli Provocateur & Moe The Monster by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 72: Ft G Herbo  

Episode 72: Ft G Herbo by Loud Speakers Network

Episode 72: Ft PHresher  

This week we put Brooklyn's Own "Phresher" on the spot! Listen as he joins the ladies of Lip Service to discuss getting rid of side chicks just in time for cuffing season, explains why there are double standards (p*ssy is gold but d*ck is just a stick) and what role his father played in making him so "filthy". He reveals his nickname Chica Boom thanks to a $1,000 cable bill he ran up at his grandma's house watching porn and admits why getting his gooch licked drives him crazy. Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and Stephanie Santiago advise what sexual tricks work better when you don't eat, how to make a good impression on the first date and ponder over whether or not you can still be single even if you live with your child's mother/father. Make sure you download Phresher's hit song "Wait A Minute" available on iTunes now!

Episode 71: Ft. No Panty  

Salaam Remi puts together 3 familiar emcees to form the supergroup "No Panty" (Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott, & Bodega Bamz). The trio came to Lip Service and revealed the right time to not wear panties and what they think about women who don't, what is considered "sexy underwear" for men, and how to tell your significant other to get rid of a friend that may jeopardize your relationship. Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, and Gigi Maguire get Nitty Scott to open up about dating both men and woman, how to maintain a friendship with an ex and what is and isn't acceptable in that situation. Find out how the crew defines "trash pussy" and if it's ok to date someone who has been with lots of other people. Find out now on Lip Service!

Episode 70: Ft DJ Mustard  

DJ Mustard stops by and kicks it with Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago for a new episode of Lip Service. The ladies test him to see if he's as "crazy" as YG and his appearance on the show. They discuss getting tied up, if initiating sex when on bad terms makes the situation better, sex after birth, posting breakups on social media and Mustard explains why he thinks lingerie is goofy. He tells the ladies that changing your number in a new relationship should be a must to avoid an ex's texts but Angela and Stephanie don't necessarily think its a good business move.

Episode 69: Ft Mr. Marcus  

Porn star legend Mr. Marcus chopped it up with Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and guest host Valerie Lora about whether or not he ever caught feelings during filming porn, how to stay hard during sex and how you can do amateur porn at home. He talks about STD's and getting blacklisted, and his experience being single now after his divorce last year. Then you hear a crazy bestiality story involving an octopus...

Episode 68: Ft Simone Missick  

Netflix newest series "Luke Cage" star Simone Missick (Misty Knight) stops by Lip service for some superhero girl talk. Listen as the ladies discuss if background checks are necessary when dating a new person, coming clean about past relationships so you're not surprised when another woman kisses your boyfriend in the club (yes, that happened!), how important it is for your man to defend you, and being the aggressor in the bedroom. Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and guest host Valerie Lora get Marvel's first African American female super hero to open up about being the wife of a DJ, exactly where her mind wanders during sex, and why her momma told her to leave a man after finding out he had a small penis. Enjoy Simone's frank answers and check out Marvel's new Series "Luke Cage" on Netflix now!

Episode 67: Ft Blac Youngsta  

Blac Youngsta has his first drink, Hennessy and lemonade, with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire. He gives his tip of the day on how to deal with a woman who can’t dress and has a jacked up weave, and goes into detail about a woman who lied to him about her real hair. The ladies talk about whether or not they want a man to “beat it” or make love. He chooses between having lots of money or a big penis, dating women who have pictures with celebs on her IG, and how much information do you tell about your upbringing when you’re dating. Check out what his online dating profile would say, and has he ever brought his lady around Yo Gotti? #FuckEverybody available now!

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