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Animation Addicts Podcast - Animation News, Movie


Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between! Each episode, the Rotoscopers—Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith—discuss the news in the animation world, an animation principle & have a hilarious in-depth discussion about an animated film. Join in for all the news & laughs in the world of animation! For more news, reviews and interviews and to join the community, go to!


145 Joseph King of Dreams - Dang it, Wrong Musical.  

The Rotoscopers take on DreamWorks' only direct-to-video film, the sequel that's actually a prequel, Joseph: King of Dreams!


Highlights Nerdy Couch Discussion: Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) Main Discussion Patron Pick! Thanks Holly! The market for of Bible Videos Did it need to be a musical? The world's first Millennial  The story behind the "Half Brothers" Luke Skywalker vibes Potiphar's wife has some swagger You Know Better Than I Tell Pharaoh!!!  Lessons we learn from this story Triggers.  April Fools!  The fat guy in the band makes it all worth it. We Rate it! Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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144: Dumbo - Worst. Circus. Ever.  

Chelsea and Morgan hit The Big Top and talk about Disney's shortest animated feature film, Dumbo!


Main Discussion: Dumbo Basic production info Can we get a Dumbo Art Book by J.B. Kaufman? Where does Dumbo fall in history? Initial thoughts Look out for Mister Stork! Chelsea's sister, Marisa. The building the circus song and Mamma Jumbo gets mad Song: Baby All Mine Pink Elephants on parade. When I see an Elephant fly The Magic Feather and Ending We rate it! Our thoughts on the upcoming live action remake directed by Tim Burton Bloopers! "It's better to be nice." Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts144 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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143 Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Can We Get Helga Workout Videos, Please?  

Morgan and Chelsea submerge themselves in the Language, style, and forgotten gems of this 2001 Disney Film


Main Discussion: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Basic Details and the Terrific Trio
What was 'Par for the course?'
"No Songs. More Explosions." We were HIP!
They made up a language?
Poor boy's in the boiler room. We love Michael J Fox!
"I LOVE HELGA!" -Morgan
Walk-in Fireplace A.K.A. #Goals
The ensemble cast and who we love.
Where is the emotional weight?
Kita: The Forgotten Disney Princess
"Don't look into the light!" -Bugs Life
"P.T. Barnum was right" Suckers!
So many unanswered questions!
"I always wanted to use that spell" -Professor McGonagall
There made sure to cover their bases with the cat.

Voicemail: Alex
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142 - Happily Ever After - Why Laser Beams from the Eyes?  

Morgan and Chelsea are back for another Patron Pick film. This time they review Filmation's 1990 animated film about Snow White, Happily Ever After.


Highlights Nerdy Couch Discussion: A little history of Filmation Main Discussion: Happily Ever After (1990) You can't find this movie anywhere legally online, but it's uploaded to YouTube with 4.2 MILLION views. What other animated films came out in 1993? YouTube and Amazon reviews for this film. Gotta love the SNES Amazon page for the video game!  Plurality of the word "dwarf". What's with the unnecessary critters? Why are they singing?  Laser beams out of Malice's eyes? What? Lots of reused animation in this film. The budget for this film: pennies? This horse is almost is worthy of being an honorary Disney Horse Introducing the Dwarfelles AKA the Disney fairies The songs...ouch. The Shadow Man AKA "whatever it is" The stone critters they didn't want to animate anymore Moral: Kids don't spoke We rate it! Voicemail: Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts142 when talking about this episode on Twitter! Bloopers!
141 Aladdin and The King of Thieves - They're Finally Getting Married  

Morgan and Chelsea invite you to join them on the Nerdy Couch. Put your nostalgia goggles on and join in on the fun and maybe even some signing! (OK, a lot of singing!)

Highlights Main Discussion: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) The epic VHS trailer! The "trilogy" explained History: 'Direct to Video' sales & Tad Stones from The Disney Afternoon Ode to Robin Williams and the full returning voice cast & soundtrack Movie Breakdown: So many quotes! So much singing! You've been warned.  Morgan's new rug We Rate It! Voicemails: Alex, Lauren, & Jeremiah Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts141 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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140 Five Year Anniversary - Truncate Silence  

After five years of podcasts the whole gang is together to reminisce about the opportunities that have come from the show, the fans, the inevitable tangents, and the future of the show!

Highlights Remembering the first episodes Mason always interrupts, Morgan always get's her way, and Chelsea will edit you out. It's just the Rotoscopers' way. Funny titles of episodes we don't even remember doing. So many people are our favorite people. Touring Animation Studios The Glen Keane Interview The Steve Hickner Interview The Don Bluth Interviews #1 & #2  Roto-Rama: Next time in Rome! Mason loves Shanna Personality Profiles! Pottermore/Myers Briggs Our Amazing Fans, RotoWriters, and the RotoNation Roto-Enemies Turned Roto-Allies We are for FANS by FANS. Please don't take us too seriously! More favorite episodes! So many quotes! Frozember and all that Frozen stuff Most viewed Roto YouTube Videos "IRL" What's next? Chelsea's New Music Patreon Mason's Etsy Morgan's new projects yet to be disclosed! What's next for the podcast? #MakeRotoscopersGreatAgain So long Mason! We love you and can't wait for you to graduate! Bloopers! Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts140 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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139 Megamind - I Had the Time of My Shhlife  

Chelsea and Mason are joined by the Head of Character Animation for DreamWorks' 2010 film, Megamind, Jason Schleifer! Get ready for an in-depth look behind the scenes and at the future of animation!

Highlights Jason Sheilfer: A History Nimble Collective Megamind: The Film Jason's advice for going into management His work on the upcoming film, Boss Baby One last Easter egg to look for when you watch the film Bloopers! Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts139 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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138 Emperor's New Groove - Kronk Out!  

New Year means a New Groove! Mason's back with Chelsea as they welcome animator and director, Tony Bancroft, as they talk about Disney Animation's 'The Emperor's New Groove'!

 Highlights The Sweatbox - Kingdom of the Sun Favorite quotes When Tony joined the team/Tony's Journey The Kronk Off! Mason vs. Tony Esma vs Cruella DeVile Angle vs Devil Kronk Muscle Magazines  How do you rank this film? IMDB standing Why were the box office results so low? Music - Sting. What's Chelsea's problem? Chat Questions: How did Tony hear about the Rotoscopers? God Speed, Kronk.  Voicemail: Alex, Jack Song & Jeremiah  Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts138 and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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137 Who Framed Roger Rabbit - I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way  

Tom Bancroft from 'The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast,' along with Roto-Writer, MJ Edwards, joins Chelsea for this fun chat about the 1988 Touchstone/Amblimation film, 'Who Framed Rogger Rabbit'!


Highlights Catch 'N' Fire with MJ and Tom Nerdy Couch Discussion: The Roger Rabbit Shorts! Who's the guy in the rabbit costume? Andreas Deja's favorite nickname History of Touchstone  Tom's top selling book that never was Main Discussion:  Money, Money, Money, Money! How many artists does it take to clean up after themselves? Cameras, Props, and 'Star Wars' comparisons We love the 40's Bob Hoskins did so much better than Scooby Do Daffy and Donald take the stage Shave and a Haircut "He makes me laugh" An animator's view and the Red Line Best. Line. Ever.  The ending is kind of weird... all five of them. Voicemail: Steve Hickner, Sydney, Mystery Man, Danny L, & DJ Slope Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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136 Moana - Let the Man-Tears Flow  

Get the boats ready we are sailing off to talk about Disney's new animated film, 'Moana!' Welcome to guest hosts, RotoWriter, Pablo Ruiz, and Ryan Prieto!

Highlights Catch 'N' Fire with Ryan Prieto Main Discussion: Basic Facts Will 'Moana' beat 'Frozen' at the box office? The original plot points prior to the research trip. Who are these brothers? That's a lot of research! Is the soundtrack in Fijian? Characters - Long hair and water! Let's just talk about what we all want to: the music, song by song. #PutMirandaInTheVault Tears. So many tears! Only a few negatives. This is why I'm here! -More tears. Let the audience make the connection Voicemail: Alex B, Jack, Jess A, Mark, and Sydney Please tell us where you are listening from! Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts136 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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135 Trolls - We Will Not Be Trolled  

The internet trolls are out to get us but the Rotoscopers will not be stopped! Welcome guest hosts: Chad Lewis, of LewToons YouTube fame, and RotoWriter and YouTuber Rachel Wagner

Highlights Main Discussion: So many emotions in so many movies! I'll never EVER be happy!  I 'felt' it! - Lisa Frank Character designs Who are all these trolls? Overcoming horrible teaser trailers Bridgett and Roller Rinks "Oh, that my life were a music video" -Chelsea Can we just talk about Justin Timberlake for a while? Can we talk about Mumbai Musical for a while? Another tangent: Captain Underpants! MySpace references in Toy Story Let's drive back to the 90's for a second: Animated Musicals We Rate It! Voicemail: Daniel L, Josh K, Mystery Man, & Christian Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts135 when talking about this episode on Twitter!
134 Finding Nemo - The B*Fished Episode  

This fun episode submerges Mason and Chelsea in a sea of nautical puns and technical difficulties but nothing stops them from reviewing this great Disney Pixar film, 'Finding Nemo!'

Highlights Main Discussion: Finding Nemo Original Story by Andrew Stanton! Money and Critical Response Research and scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef The Shark Tale comparison Characters and favorite scenes Quote-off! Voicemail: Mystery Man, Ryan P., Tara, Dylan, Jeremiah, & Simon Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts134 and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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133 Wall-E - Alright, We'll Recycle Already!  

Mason and Morgan take the show into the world of Pixar's 'Wall-E!"


Nerdy Couch Discussion: Mason and Morgan take Variety’s Pixar Quiz! Main Discussion: Award Blitz. This film brought home the bling! LIVE ACTION PART ONE: WALL-E ON EARTH WALL-E and EVA: Robots in love PART TWO: ABOARD THE AXIOM Directive A113! - “Computer, define ‘hoedown’” Voicemail: Cassidy W., Mystery Man, Dan, Daniel L, Jeremiah, & Ryan P Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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132 Storks - RotoPack! Form a Podcast!  

The Rotoscopers are all back and ready for takeoff! Join them as they talk about the newest film from Warner Brothers Animation: Storks! Highlights Main Discussion: Going into this film... Let's talk about the directors! Voice Actors: Give me a little more Kelsey Grammer Humor for a new generation: Do we really talk like that? A few Simpsons quotes go a long way. Family: Isn't it about TIME? Voicemail: No Name, Rachel Wagner, & Ryan R. Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

131 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West - Cat R. Waul VS Ratigan  
Way out west, the Rotoscopers are at it again, dog-gone-it! This time they review 'An American Tail: Fievel Goes West' Highlights Main Discussion: So many connections to Beauty and the Beast! Mini Nerdy Couch Discussion - Who would win in a fight? Chelsea is lost in the jungle We rate it! Voicemail: Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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130 Kubo and the Two Stings - Who's the Monkey?!  

Kubo and the Two Stings hits theaters, check out what the Rotoscopers thought!

Highlights Main Discussion: Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) Kubo at the box office. Why hasn't it done very well? What is the deal with the mom? Dementia? Brain damage? Other? The design of the sisters was amazing. 10 out of 10. What's the deal with Monkey? We explain it to Mason. Voicemails: Alec, Dylan, Hannah, Joey, Ryan, and Sarah

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129 The Little Prince - He Just Said the 'B' Word  

The Little Prince has finally been made available! Check out what our hosts, Chelsea, Mason and Morgan, thought!


Highlights The back story of 'The Little Prince' - A Netflix Original Movie Main Discussion: The Animation Style - Mixes CG with Stop Motion The “magic suitcase” Celebrity voices and their characters they “showed” and didn’t “tell” Themes - Death, Loss, Growing up but not forgetting, Dystopian corporate wasteland vs fantasy world, Businessmen are evil! Did anyone think that the film was boring? Music/Score Critic Reviews: The Independent VS Vox Voicemail: Jeremiah, Brandon, Ryan P., & Sarah HOUSEKEEPING - Morgan’s PSA about us being “Critics” and Status on Writing applications Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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128 Bambi - 'Twitter'pated  

The Rotoscopers have gone on STRIKE! Last minute they decided to review the Walt Disney Classic, Bambi, instead of Ice Age 5. Was it a good decision? You be the judge!

Highlights Nerdy Couch Discussion: Why we decided to record Bambi today. Main Discussion: Patron Pick by Greg Wilde The movie is based on Bambi, A Life in the Woods (1923) by Austrian author Felix Salten. Naturalism - not set in a fantasy world Tyrus Wong did a lot of the background paintings. At age 105, he is still going strong! “April Showers” arguably the most complex piece of animation in the film. We gotta talk about BAMBI’S MAMA (spoiler: she dies!) Conservationist / Environmentalist message / Backlash WERE THE HUNTERS THERE ILLEGALLY? (do we even care?) A “SHOT-BY-SHOT” ANALYSIS by Mason We Rate It! Mini Discussion on Ice Age 5 Voicemail: Rachel and Jeremiah Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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127 'The Secret Life of Pets' - The Snake in My Pantry  

What do your pets do when you are away? Mason and Chelsea welcome special guest host Rachel Wagner to talk about the new Illumination Entertainment's 'The Secret Life of Pets.'


Main Discussion- Special Guest Host: Rachel Wagner Production notes “The first film to open over $100 million in the United States that is not a sequel nor based on previously published material.” Mason’s theatre report The Mower Minions Short Going into the film we all had low expectations but it was just "too cute!" Voice Cast: Albert Brooks (Tiberius)...just think of a really creepy Marlin. So many pet-isms The snake in Chelsea's pantry. Sausage trip. These kinds of sequences should be expected from Illumination. New York! The cityscapes and skylines and building designs were gorgeous. Voicemail: Kelsey and Hannah Blooper: PokémonGO Conversation Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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126 Finding Dory - Octophile  

The Rotoscopers couldn't hold back their excitement to discuss Pixar's new sequel Finding Dory!


Nerdy Couch Discussion: Piper (2016) Main Discussion: Finding Dory (2016) First thoughts and expectations--it blew us out of the water! Improvements in the animation, except for Marlin Were Marlin and Nemo necessary? New characters: Hank the septipus, Bailey the Beluga and Destiny the whale shark. Where's Maya Rudolph in this film? Baby Dory is adorable. Heart eyes for those eyes! Where are all the easter eggs in Finding Dory? Where does this rank as far as Pixar sequels go? Do you prefer Zootopia or Finding Dory? Voicemail: Daniel, Dylan, & Sarah

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