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02/23/2017: The Mexican energy industry has a long road ahead  

Just because foreign companies can now invest in Mexico’s state-owned energy agency Pemex, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Seventy-five years of monopoly bred messy finances, debt, nepotism and corruption. But it’s too big an opportunity for some to pass up, and we’ll likely see U.S. companies involved with Pemex’s modernization. Next, our sustainability desk visits tech startups that are figuring out better places to put carbon dioxide than into the air — and some of their solutions make pretty useful products. Plus, the coal conversation continues with an update from Wyoming.

2/22/2017: Let's talk about coal, again  

We’ve been hearing a lot about coal lately. Coal mining country came out strong for Trump, who has been promising to bring back mining jobs. We discuss the reality of the boom-and-bust industry with residents in one Illinois town who wonder if they’d be better off without it. From the latest installment of Corner Office, we’ll hear the unlikely story of how the “La La Land” soundtrack came to be from the man who made it happen: John Janick, CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M Records. Plus, how closely are you being watched at work? Companies are making inconspicuous sensors that track a wide range of employee behavior at the office.

02/21/2017: Betting on Trump  

The president's plan to crack down on illegal immigration calls for more arrests, more agents and more deportations. But we wondered whether the system for deporting immigrants has the capacity to handle this kind of growth, so we did the numbers. Later in the show, we talk to Erin Simpson, co-host of the "Bombshell" podcast, about the appointment of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national security adviser. We also hear from two coal miners living in West Virginia, where 12,000 mining jobs have been lost and Trump supporters are betting he'll bring them back. 

02/20/17: An economics linguistic lesson  

When you read a story about minimum wage or hear a story about it on air, chances are we use the word "hike." It's short, it's punchy, but it also has some negative connotations attached to it. We take a look at the linguistics behind the word shaping our conversations about minimum wage. Also on today's show: New Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt takes control of the agency this week. What will his EPA look like? Finally, the Oscars are next week, so we talked to one of the show's main producers about what its like to produce an award show in this political climate. 

02/17/2017: Total global dominance by Facebook  

A. Lot. Happened. This. Week. We're here to wrap it up. Leigh Gallagher of Fortune and Sudeep Reddy of Politico join host Kai Ryssdal to review the week that was. We'll also talk about that 5,700-word letter posted yesterday by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and what it all means. We also hear from a CEO in California who says the state's increase in minimum wage has been great for his business.

02/16/2017: How small is too big to fail?  

There was a time when a North Korean missile launch, a Russian spy boat, a resigned national security adviser and a couple of disastrously rolled out executive orders might have been very bad news for Wall Street and stock prices. Not anymore. We'll look into that, plus President Donald Trump's new pick to head the Labor Department and the measure the government uses to decide what's "too big to fail." Plus, more dispatches from America's downtrodden steel towns and a bit on Trump's press conference today.

02/15/2017: What's next for Trump's Labor Department?  

Andy Puzder is out. President Donald Trump's pick to head the Labor Department has had a tough path to confirmation, and today he finally withdrew his nomination. We'll talk about what happened and what's next. Then: For nearly a century, the aluminum industry provided some of the best-paid manufacturing jobs in rural America. In Massena, New York, layoffs hit hard as domestic production moved on. Plus, how IRS rule changes affect Obamacare and the stalling gender diversity on Wall Street.

02/14/2017: Who wins and loses with a border tax?  

Thanks for spending your Valentine's Day with us. Our stories today aren't romantic, but they are important. First up, we'll look at how businesses are responding to a GOP border tax proposal. Then, Kai and Molly answer listener questions in a Make Me Smart lightning round. Plus, sweeping changes at America's fish markets and Fashion Week.

02/13/2017: Don't touch your retirement!  

President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met for the first time today, and at a joint press conference Trudeau stressed the two countries' trade relationship. Could Canada be the one to save NAFTA? Then: Most Americans aren't saving enough for retirement, and those who are saving often raid their funds for big and unexpected expenses. We'll look at different saving plans that can keep you from self-sabotage. Plus, the economics of pilot season and why smart cars need smarter roads.

02/10/17: Policing both sides of the border  

The chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers is usually part of the cabinet, but not in Donald Trump’s White House. We'll talk about that demotion, plus the new late-night TV war brewing under Trump. Then, as we consider a leaked border wall budget, we look at policing in both Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Mexico. Plus, as always, we discuss the week in business news.

02/09/17: How to build a new blockbuster franchise  

Ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit tomorrow, let's look at our trade relationship with Japan. Then, we check in with Remitly, an app that helps immigrants send money back, to see how business is going since President Donald Trump took office. Plus, we learn how "The Lego Movie" and "The Lego Batman Movie" built the new franchise, and talk about the pressure of making everything awesome again.

02/08/17: Is a strong dollar good or bad?  

We're starting off today with something the president reportedly did at 3 in the morning, and something else he did at 11 in the morning. Welcome to the American economy in 2017. First up, President Donald Trump reportedly called up his national security adviser to ask if a strong or weak dollar was better for the U.S. It's a good question! And a complicated one. Next, we'll look at the president's Twitter feud with Nordstrom and where ethics rules come into play. Plus, a look at Kentucky coal and Great Lakes shipping.

02/07/2017: One reg in, two regs out  

While President Donald Trump's travel ban is in court this afternoon, Republican senators put forward another immigration proposal to cut the number of immigrant visas in half over a decade. We'll look at what that reduction in unskilled immigrant workers will do to the economy. Then: Manufacturing is alive and well in Reading, Pennsylvania, but employers say they can't find enough skilled workers. Plus, we'll look at GM's earnings and Trump's one-reg-in-two-regs-out executive order.

02/06/2017: The retirement crisis  

Nearly 100 tech companies, including giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix, filed a legal brief Sunday challenging President Donald Trump's travel ban. We'll look at what that brief can do and how much of it is symbolic. Plus, it's no secret that Trump watches a lot of cable news, and advertisers are catching on. Then, we'll look at two very different crises in this country: a lack of retirement savings and missing railroad crossings on GPS.

02/03/2017: Super Bowl ads are riskier than ever (and just as expensive)  

President Donald Trump's latest executive order took the first steps toward whittling away on Dodd-Frank today. We'll look at that and what's ahead, plus what causes the job loss Trump campaigned on — and what doesn't. Then: After a bitter election and a rocky start to the year, making a Super Bowl ad is more of a gamble than ever. We'll look at how companies are spending their $5 million (at least) for 30 seconds this Sunday. Plus, more unintended consequences of Trump's travel ban and the growing winter biking trend.

02/02/2017: What makes a #sponsored Instagram post?  

Productivity has been lackluster for a while, and it slowed down in the fourth quarter. We'll look at what that means ahead of the first new jobs report of the Trump administration tomorrow. Plus, we'll examine an unintended consequence of President Donald Trump's travel ban: potentially worsening a shortage of rural doctors. Plus, we'll learn how to parse ads and non-ads on Instagram and Norman Lear takes a phone call in the middle of our conversation about "One Day at a Time."

02/01/2017: The view of Trump from the Middle East  

Republicans rolled back regulations on the energy industry, including rules about payments from foreign governments. Plus, Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary is reporting from Dalton, Georgia on the future of jobs there under President Donald Trump. Plus, the view of Trump's travel ban from the Middle East and how trade policy affects $300 jeans.

01/31/2017: Businesses react to Trump's policies  

We're leading off with two macro-economic stories today. First, currency manipulation: Trump and his aides have accused China, Japan and now Germany of benefiting from undervalued currency. Then, companies are trying to figure out how to navigate the new Trump era. Some are feeling pressure to move manufacturing back to the States, or take a stand on his executive order, and others just want to stay off his Twitter feed. Plus, a preview of this week's "Make Me Smart."

01/30/2017: Trump's immigration order — what now?  

It's been a busy week, and it's only Monday. We'll tackle the business implications of President Donald Trump’s executive order Friday, which restricted travel for refugees and other migrants from seven mostly Muslim countries. We're looking at tech, tourism and local manufacturing economies. Plus, Delta's troubles and a look at the early life of Warren Buffett. 

01/27/2017: One week into Donald Trump's economy  

First up, we try to cram President Donald Trump's very busy first week into about five minutes of live radio. Then, deeper dives into the United States' trade relationship with Mexico and a possible hitch in Trump's plans for the Keystone pipeline. Plus, how Republican-led Michigan is grappling with Medicaid expansion. 

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