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The Apple Byte covers the fact, the fiction, and everything inside the world of Apple. Brian Tong talks about the latest Apple announcements, the rumors, and he'll break down the good and bad of Apple with an edgy style.


The 'iPhone 8' will take design cues from the iPhone 4  

One of the best-looking iPhones could inspire the new "premium" iPhone 8. The Touch Bar MacBook Pros finally get a Consumer Reports recommendation after a software fix, and do you want Apple Glasses?

The Apple Byte: Feedback Special 2016  

The Apple Byte and CNET team read your feedback from 2016, another amazing year thanks to you.

The highs and lows for Apple in 2016  

We recap one of Apple's toughest years with the highs and lows of 2016. What were the high and low points for you?

3 ways Apple can make the AirPods better  

Apple's first wireless earbuds are interesting, but there's a lot more they can do to make the AirPods really special.

A peek at the iPhone's potential under-glass fingerprint scanner tech  

The AirPods are available for preorder. Don't lose them. A full-glass screen iPhone is closer than you think and the Apple TV gets a Tinder app. We're already swiping left.

Brian Tong's Fab 5 Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide  

NES Classic Edition. Amazon Echo Dot. Fitbit Charge 2. Sony Playstation VR. Bose Quiet Comfort 35. These are the five gifts at the top of my list that cover all the hot categories in tech for 2016 and beyond. Your loved ones can thank me later.

The Hyperdrive gives you back everything your MacBook Pro lost  

Apple wants you to watch movies on iTunes two weeks after they debut in theaters. Red could be the next color for the iPhone, and the Apple Watch has "record sales".

Apple is testing more than 10 different prototypes of the iPhone 8  

Is Apple really working on a foldable iPhone? The iPhone 8 might not get an OLED display and Tim Cook says Air Pods will begin shipping in the next few weeks.

The iPhone 7 Antenna issues explained  

What's really going on with the iPhone 7's LTE connection? Apple's getting rid of their Airport Wireless routers and we like balloons.

Rumor: 3 new iPhones coming in 2017, only 1 will be OLED  

Apple's working on digital glasses. How special is the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar? And Apple's selling a book...for $300.

Rumors point to a 'Jet White' iPhone 7 and 7 Plus  

The new MacBook Pros are the best selling MacBooks ever. The next color craze for the iPhone 7 could be "Jet White" and MacOS Sierra gets new emojis.

The Apple Watch is getting Dick Tracy style video conferencing...but not from Apple  

The MacBook Pro brings the fastest SSD drives, CMRA is making the Apple Watch even better and say goodbye to the Peach emoji. #RestInPeach

Reactions to Apple's New MacBook Pro  

We breakdown the new MacBook Pro's and the Touch Bar. Plus we offer suggestions for Apple's next TV Ad campaign.

Apple leaks the 'Magic Toolbar' for the new MacBook Pros  

New MacBook Pro details are accidentally leaked by Apple in macOS Sierra for the rumored 'Magic Toolbar'

Apple's New MacBook Pro and Macs: The Final Rumors  

It's every MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini rumor we've heard before Apple's official announcement.

Apple won't tell you iPhone 7 32GB models are 8 times slower than others  

It's everything you can expect at Apple's October 27 Mac event. Apple doesn't want you to know this about the iPhone 7 and our Kanex GoPower Watch winners!

iPhone patents point to an edge-to-edge glass design and new camera  

New MacBooks can't come soon enough for Apple, new patents could reveal tech in the next iPhone, and the Samsung vs. Apple battle is not over.

Apple's iPhone 7 still outperforms the Google Pixel, but the Pixel's camera is better  

An Apple iPhone 7 has exploded, New iPad Pro rumors point to powerful specs in 2017, and we remember Steve Jobs on the 5th anniversary of his passing.

New OLED Touch Bar MacBook Pros coming by late October  

We're still going to see the new MacBook Pros this year, Apple's Echo-like smart speaker is in prototype testing, and HealthKit is going to get more useful.

The iPhone 7 is hissing, but not exploding  

The iPhone 7 has hissing, Airplane mode and Lightning Ear Pod issues. Plus, macOS Sierra is finally here!

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