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AppleInsider launched in 1997 and quickly grew to become one of the Internet's premier sources of information for all things Apple. Each day you'll find the most in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest Apple rumors and insider news surrounding the company, its partners and adversaries.


iPad, red iPhone 7, and Workflow Ep. 113  

Neil and Victor catch up on the latest iPads, iPhone, and Apple acquisitions on this week's AppleInsider podcast.

New iPads evidence, culling the App Store, and Swatch Ep.112  

Victor and Mikey talk about the evidence of new iPads and the rumored event, the concept of removing large numbers of apps from the App Store, and the idea of Swatch making a smart watch.

'iPhone 8' delay, Conan and HealthKit, and the CIA Ep.111  

Neil and Victor talk about the 'iPhone 8' and delays, healthcare and HealthKit, and mostly-solved vulnerabilities in iOS.

What 'Pro' means, and USB-C on iPhone rumors Ep.110  

Neil and Victor talk about USB-C and iOS devices, iPads as computer replacements, and what the definition of 'Pro' is.

'iPhone 8', AirPods vs Powerbeats 3, and more Ep .109  

Neil and Victor talk 'iPhone 8' rumors, the iPad event coming up, and Airpods vs Powerbeats3

'iPhone 8' and no home buttons, AppleTV, Fake News Ep.108  

Mikey and Victor talk about an 'iPhone 8' with no home button, Malware on the Mac, fake news in Apple News, and more, on this week's AppleInsider podcast!

iPhone rumors, the watch, and wireless charging, Ep. 107  

Neil and Victor talk about the 'iPhone 8', weather apps for Apple Watch, wireless charging, and more.

Earnings, Tim Cook's HomeKit, and Immigration Ep.106  

Neil and Victor talk through Apple's earnings call, Wall Street raising price targets, and what it's like to use HomeKit at Tim Cook's house.

mac, iOS betas, and Qualcomm lawsuits Ep: 105  

Victor and Mikey talk about what's new in macOS and iOS betas, the rumors surrounding 'iPhone 8' and TouchID, and a series of Qualcomm lawsuits with Apple.

Can Apple still turn on a dime? Ep. 104  

Victor, Dan, and Mikey talk about whether the culture is changing within Apple to one that has more difficulty innovating, and the latest rumors about iPads and Apple Pencil.

10 years of iPhone, Post-CES homekit roundup, Ep.103  

Neil and Victor talk about 10 years of iPhone, all the HomeKit things introduced at CES, and what's going on with Apple and transportation.

AppleInsider sees the weird at CES  

Neil and Victor discuss some of the best and worst of CES, and why we're talking about products that haven't shipped, and may never ship.

AirPods review, Apple activations and Note7  - Ep. 101  

Victor and Dan discuss impressions on the AirPods, iPhone activations in light of the Note 7, and more on this week's AppleInsider Podcast.

The future of the Mac, AirPods, and more - Ep. 100  

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Neil reach episode 100, and answer listener questions about the future of the Mac, why people aren't buying smaller capacity phones and using iCloud, questions about AirPods, augmented reality, and more.

Mario, updates,  HomeKit, Ep. 99  

Neil and Victor talk over the latest updates from Apple, the tech summit President-Elect Trump held in Washington, Mario, and battery meters going away. Send us your questions and tips to! We'd love to hear from you.


Victor and Neil discuss Apple's continued work in AI and cars, the rumored iPhone 7s, and Neil's reviews of PowerBeats3 and the MacBook Pro 13".

Scaling back iPhone 7 output and Nokia back from the dead, Ep.97  

Mikey and Victor talk about the iPhone 7 production rumors, the surprise acquisition of Pebble by Fitbit, and Nokia's brand revival from the dead, all in this week's AppleInsider podcast

Focus, the death of Airport, and what it means for Mac - Ep. 96  

Daniel Eran Dilger and Victor Marks talk about the end of Apple Airport routers, what it means for Mac, and Apple's focus.

Reviewing the MacBook Pro, and 'iPhone' rumors - Ep.95  

Daniel Eran Dilger and Victor discuss Dan's review of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and the very latest in Apple news and 'iPhone' rumors.

MacBooks and the meaning of Pro: Ep. 94  

Daniel Eran Dilger and Victor Marks discuss MacBook Pros, what makes a Pro machine 'Pro', and the latest in iPhone news and rumors.

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