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AppleInsider launched in 1997 and quickly grew to become one of the Internet's premier sources of information for all things Apple. Each day you'll find the most in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest Apple rumors and insider news surrounding the company, its partners and adversaries.


iPhone 8 rumors, Apple Watch rumors, and stocks going up Ep. 133  

Victor and Neil tackle all the iPhone 8 rumors, colors, caseback, touchID, facial recognition and more. Neil is into the Apple Watch, Victor talks about AR glasses and areas Apple is researching. Also: Wireless Carplay!

iPhone 8 and what we learn from HomePod firmware Ep.132  

Victor and Neil talk about the Q3 17 Apple earnings call, and all the things that the HomePod firmware tells us about upcoming iPhones.

The end of iPod, iPhone 8, and manufacturing in the US Ep.131  

Victor and Neil talk about the future of the iPod, Apple Watch, and manufacturing in modern America.

'iPhone 8', Qualcomm, and Profitability Ep.130  

Victor and Mike Wuerthele talk about the latest news in 'iPhone 8', iPhone SE rumors, and Qualcomm lawsuits.

iPhone 8, ARkit and more Ep. 129  

Victor and Neil talk about the latest iPhone rumors, ARkit, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast.

iPhone TouchID, inconclusive rumors, ep.128  

Neil and Victor talk about the "will-they-won't-they" inconclusive rumors surrounding the rumored new iPhone

10 years of iPhone, Mac reviews, Drones, and more  

Neil and Victor talk 10 years of iPhone, Qualcomm's patent on an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and more.

Apple and Health, New hardware, Amazon eats Whole Foods Ep. 126  

Neil and Victor review the latest Apple hardware, discuss Apple and what it could mean to be at the center of health, and also where Amazon could go based on buying Whole Foods.

The 10.5" iPad, iOS 11, HomePod, and Pro users Ep. 125  

Victor and Neil discuss some of the things announced at WWDC now that we have our hands on them.

WWDC, Kenny Batista, and iPad Pro Ep. 124  

Dan, Victor, and WWDC Scholarship winner Kenny Batista talk about iPad Pro, iOS 11, what you learn at WWDC, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast

The run up to WWDC, new Macs, new iPhones Ep. 123  

Dan and Victor talk about what to expect at WWDC, Siri, HomeKit, and Swift programming for all ages.

'iPhone 8', Drones, and HomeKit  

The latest in iPhone 8 rumors, iPad rumors, DJI drones and homekit

AppleInsider goes to Moogfest 2017 Ep.120  

Victor goes to Moogfest and interviews people including DJ Lance Rock, Dave Hodder of Focusrite / Novation, Tlacael Esperza of Sunhouse, Jason Salzman of Universal Audio, and Mark Boyd of Audulous, all makers of the tools we use to make music.

The road to 'iPhone 8' production, Lightning vs USB-C, and Microsoft Ep.119  

Neil and Victor discuss the things that happen on the road to producing an iPhone, the Apple watch losing apps, and USB-C on iPhones.

History of Pro Hardware, Pro Software, and Touch Ep. 119  

Dan and Victor speak to a group of Pro Apple users in NYC at Adorama, covering the history of pro hardware, pro software, and what the vision of the future looks like according to Apple.

'iPhone 8' rumors, Amazon in the bedroom Ep. 118  

Neil and Victor talk about the rumors around 'iPhone 8' wireless charging, HomeKit and a possible Siri-driven Echo competitor, the Apple Watch at 2 and more.

'iPhone 8', TouchID rumours, Mac Pro and Thunderbolt GPUs ep.117  

Victor and Dan talk about the uncharacteristic rumors moving TouchID to the back of the 'iPhone 8', Mac Pro hardware rumors, the Mac Gamer, Thunderbolt GPUs and more.

iPhone rumors, Touch ID, and Glucose sensors Ep:116  

Neil and Victor talk about the iPhone, rumors about the placement of its Touch ID, Apple's work on non-invasive glucose measurement, and more on this week's AppleInsider podcast!

Mac Pro announcement, Apple to ditch Imagination, and Clips app Ep. 115  

Mikey and Dan talk about Apple's uncharacteristic pre-announcement of next-year's Mac Pro and branded monitor, MacBook Pro hardware rumors, Imagination Technologies, the new Clips app and more.

New iPad, Samsung GS8, and 32 bit apps Ep. 114  

Mikey and Victor talk about the newest iPad, the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, and iOS 10.3 and the end of 32-bit apps.

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