Arab Spring: A History

Arab Spring: A History


The Arab Spring: A History is a podcast seeking to explore just how the Arab Spring happened. If you've ever wondered just what has been happening in the Middle East for the last few years, this is the podcast for you. So, how are we going to do this? We're going to tell the story of the Middle East since 1900, and take it up to the present day. We'll look at a mixture of revolutions, social reform, political developments, global diplomacy and economic boom and bust across the region that attracts so much attention from the rest of the world. From Turkey to Egypt, Dubai to Syria, Iran to Israel, Afghanistan to Tunisia, we'll follow how the world of 1900 became the world we live in today.


Episode 33 - Turkish Coups  

This week we briefly cover the solidification of Khomeini's regime and the succession of Khameni and Rafsanjani. We then move on to cover Turkey in the 1970s as it undergoes a series of coups.

Episode 32 - Hostages  

This week we recap events in Iran, more specifically the hostages in the American embassy in Tehran. We also introduce Ronald Reagan, and cover the 1980 US Presidential election.

Episode 31 - Khomeini Supreme  

This week we examine the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution. Ayatollah Khomeini is now in power, and he is determined to change the world. This involves ending his alliance with the communists, going to war with Iran, and, of course, the infamous capture of the American embassy in Tehran.

Episode 30 - The Islamic Revolution  

This week we watch the Shah's regime try to become a regional power before entering its death spiral. Finally the people snap and a year long revolution follows, forcing the Shah out of the country and heralding the return of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Episode 29 - Shah Supreme  

This week we see how the Shah managed to gain control of the country, and introduce Ayatollah Khomeini into the narrative.

Episode 28 - Mossadeq Supreme  

This week Mossadeq rises to the top of Iranian politics, and challenges both the Shah, Britain and America, which leads to his downfall in a 1953 coup.

Episode 27 - The Rise of Mossadeq  

This week we return to Iran to look at the build up to the Islamic revolution. We begin by looking at post-occupation Iran and the rise of Mossadeq.

Episode 26 - Camp David Accords  

This week we focus on the Camp David Accords, the first real attempt to form a peace between Israel and Palestine.

Episode 25 - Yom Kippur War  

This week we turn to Egypt and Syria for the rise of Sadat and Assad, before turning to the Yom Kippur War and the election of US president Jimmy Carter.

Episode 24 - The Gulf States  

This week we turn to the Persian Gulf and talk oil. We take Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates up to 1979, looking at their independence and how they became the oil states. We also look at the Global financial crisis of the 1970s, Saudi Arabia and the rise of Qaddafi.

Episode 23 - The Rise of Saddam  

This week we follow the narrative of Iraq through the 1963 revolutions, the regime of Arif, and the Baathist Revolution of 1968. We then take a look at the rise of Saddam Hussein to become president of Iraq in 1979.

Episode 22 - An Iraq Divided  

The podcast is back! This week we continue to tell the story of Iraq following the July Revolution of 1958. We look at the initial conflict, Qasim's Premiership, and the February 1963 Revolution.

Episode 21 - Iraq to Revolution  

This week, for the first time since episode 9, we return to Iraq. We follow the turbulent period after 1939 which Nuri al-Said dominated until the Iraqi Revolution of 1958.

Episode 20 - Turmoil  

This week we take Turkey through the rise of collapse of the Democratic Party, as the economy turns sour and chaos envelops the country. The army is left to hold everything together.

Episode 19 - Inonu  

This week we return to Turkey. We tell the story of Ismet Inonu and his rise to power along with Ataturk, before seeing what happened after Ataturk's death. We cover the creation of the Democratic Party in 1946 and the important election of 1950.

Episode 18 - The Fall of Nasser  

This week we end the story of Nasser. We cover the last decade of his life, looking at the Yemeni Civil War, the Six-Day War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the creation of the PLO.

Episode 17 - United Arab Republic  

This week we go from 1956 to 1961 in Egypt and Syria to talk about their political union and the formation of the Baath Party.

Episode 16 - Suez Crisis  

This week we continue telling the story of Egypt, covering 1956 and the Suez Crisis. Then we also double back yet again to bring ourselves up to speed on events in Jordan and Syria.

Episode 15 - A Very Likely Friendship  

This week we explore the effect the creation of Israel had on Egypt. Things begin to go down the toilet until a coup by Nasser and the Free Officers. We also talk about the Third World and Soviet relations with the Middle East.

Episode 14 - A New Dawn  

This week we explore the effects of World War 2 ending. We see the Egyptian reaction to Attlee and the creation of Israel.

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