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Art of Wrestling

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Colt Cabana continues to wrestle ALL OVER THE WORLD. Each week he sits down, in person, with a friend in wrestling to tell their stories of struggle and triumph in an attempt to live their dream. Episodes also include rare music, hilarious stories, commentaries and more. PAST EPISODES and PREMIUM EPISODES available at


AOW 324 Scranton LIVE: Jeff & Karen Jarrett, Curt Hawkins, Sonjay Dutt, Pat Buck, Chris Dickinson  

LIVE from GFW in Scranton, PA. Guests include: Jeff Jarrett, Curt Hawkins, Karren Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Pat Buck, Chris Dickinson. Sponsors:

AOW 323 Billy Gunn  

WWF tag team legend, Billy Gunn has spent years wrestling at a very high level. Colt and Billy dive into some real true and deep issues. From drugs, to mistakes, to the Attitude Era, Smoking Gunns and more. PLUS... WRESTLING ROAD DIARIES 3 is now up for PreSale at Sponsors: (Code: COLT) &

AOW 322 Adam Rose  

Adam Rose spent years in the WWE system. From an unpredictable life in South Africa, Adam moved to the States with a dream. Colt and Adam talk what went wrong with his character, living on the streets, wrestling a decade in South Africa and more. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) &

AOW 321 Scott D'Amore  

Known best as the captain of Team Canada, Scott D'Amore has been involved in wrestling for over 20 years. Colt and Scott talk 90s midwest independents, booking WCW jobber talent, wrestling The Rock and so much more. Sponsors: & (CODE: COLT)

AOW 320 Trevor Murdoch  

Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Trevor Murdoch is the protege of Harley Race. Trevor and Colt have a relaxed talk about WWE, growing up in foster care, a wrestling family and more. Sponsor: WWE 2k17

AOW 319 Kenny King  

From Tough Enough to ROH to TNA, Kenny King has been in the wrestling world for a long time. Colt and Kenny talk about adapting to the world, changing promotions, surviving being taught on TV and more. Sponsor: (CODE: COLT)

AOW 318 Cedric Alexander  

Top Cruiserweight, Cedric Alexander makes one last stop on his indie tour. Colt and Cedric discuss his style, his background, his Highspots dot com relationship and more. Sponsors: (Code: Colt) &

AOW 317 Hanson  

One half of ROH's War Machine, Hanson is War Beard! Hanson and Colt talk about making a break in wrestling years into his career. Enjoy a talk about Boston area, WWE tryouts, International touring and more. Sponsor: (CODE: COLT)

AOW 316 Cleveland LIVE: Billy Gunn, Johnny Gargano, Hornswoggle, Guido, Dan Severn, Gregory Iron  

LIVE from AIW in Cleveland, OH. Guests Include: Billy Gunn, Johnny Gargano, Hornswoggle, Little Guido, Gregory Iron & Dan Severn. Sponsors: (Code: COLT) & (Code: COLT)

AOW 315 London LIVE: Edge, Ted Dibiase, Gail Kim, Jim Duggan, Bob Holly & Jeremy Borash  

Live from Shomasters Comic Con in London, England. Guests include Edge, Ted Dibiase, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Gail Kim, Bob Holly & Jeremy Borash. Sponsors: (Code: COLT), (CODE: COLT) & (CODE: Wrestling)

AOW 314 Edinburgh LIVE week 2: Ari Shaffir, Chris Renfrew, John Robertson, Kid Fite  

Ari Shaffir, Chris Renfrew, John Robertson & Kid Fite are LIVE from Studio 24 in Edinburgh Scotland as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. SPONSORS: (Code: COLT)& (COLT)

AOW 313 Edinburgh LIVE week 1: Chris Gethard, Joe Hendry, John Hastings & Brendon Burns  

Chris Gethard, Joe Hendry, John Hastings & Brendon Burns are LIVE from Studio 24 in Edinburgh Scotland as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. SPONSORS: (Code: COLT)

AOW 312 Terry Funk  

Terry Funk is a living legend. Enjoy... Sponsors: (Code: Colt) &

AOW 311 Sabu  

Sabu isn't just homicidal & genocidal. He's also a pioneer on the independent wrestling scene. Sometimes the mythology isn't always the way the artist sees it. Sabu talks to Colt about many things past and present from his wrestling career. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) &

AOW 310 Luther Ward  

Irish independent wrestler Luther Ward joins Colt this week. They discuss the Irish wrestling scene, promoting at a young age, getting signed by WWE, promoting Ireland's hottest promotion and more. Sponsor: (CODE: COLT)

AOW 309 Ethan Page  

Now full time with EVOLVE, Ethan Page has been wrestling on the independents for 10 years. Colt and Ethan talk about breaking out of Canada, reaching goals, The Rock and much more. Sponsors: &

AOW 308 Jim Brunzell  

From the Killer Bees in the WWF to the AWA to Japan and more, Jim Brunzell had an amazing career. Jim and Colt touch a lot of his journey in the world of wrestling. SPONSORS: (Code: Wrestling) & (Code: COLT)

AOW 307 RJ City  

The ever entertaining RJ City seems to be a hidden gem on the independent scene. RJ and Colt talk a lot about integrating comedy, entertainment and art into their performances. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) & (Code: COLT)

AOW: HOWL Presents 'Pro Wrestling Fringe' - Laugh 'Til It Hurts  

Season 2 of Pro Wrestling Fringe is now up. This story telling series is featured on available on iPhones and Androids. Sign up at and use the code: COLT, for one free month. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) & (CODE: WRESTLING)

AOW 306 Jimmy Havok  

Hardcore wrestling veteran Jimmy Havok has been up and down the UK. Sitting home on an injury, he can chat with Colt about the resurgence of the UK scene and the rise of his career. Sponsors: (Code: COLT) &

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