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Colt Cabana continues to wrestle ALL OVER THE WORLD. Each week he sits down, in person, with a friend in wrestling to tell their stories of struggle and triumph in an attempt to live their dream. Episodes also include rare music, hilarious stories, commentaries and more. PAST EPISODES and PREMIUM EPISODES available at


AOW 347 Caprice Coleman  

Caprice has been wrestling over 20 years. He has a long track recording dating back to the NWA Wildside syndicated show to being on ROH TV. Colt and Caprice chat it up talking about stereotypes, being a pastor, life choices and more

AOW 346 Jeff Hardy  

Brother Nero joins the podcasts this week. Jeff is a legend in the wrestling world starting out in his backyard with his brother Matt. Colt and Jeff talk about young dreams, motocross, adrenaline, addiction, The Sting match and more. Sponsor: , (Code: COLT) ,

AOW 345 Christian  

Awesomeness! Christian is a former many time WWE champion. Colt and Christian talk about his new podcast, WWE series, growing up in Canada, relationship with Edge, the Indies, Impact and so much more. Sponsor: &

AOW 344 Frankie Kazarian  

Frankie has been wrestling since the late 90s. He's toured all over the world including a long stint with TNA and now with ROH. Colt and Frankie talk about early struggles, longevity in wrestling, his short WWE stint and more. Sponsors: &

AOW 343 SXSW LIVE: Jeff Cobb, Doug Benson, Chris Cubas, Blue Pants, Mike Eagle  

Live from Austin, TX at SXSW on the Brazzo's Podcast Stage. Guests include Pro Wrestlers: Jeff Cobb & Leva Bates Comedians: Doug Benson & Chris Cubas Rapper: Open Mike Eagle Sponsors: (Code: COLT) &

AOW 342 Dean Allmark  

Wrestler You Should Know! Dean Allmark is a UK wrestler with thousands of matches. Learn about a totally different wrestling scene with Dean and Colt. Sponsors: &

AOW 341 Christina Von Eerie  

CVE joins Colt to talk punk rock, mexico, Impact Wrestling, traveling, Canada and more. Sponsor:

AOW 340 Eli Drake  

Loud mouthed and full of opinions, Impact's Eli Drake has been a real bright spot on their TV show. Colt and Eli connect about their years in California, moving for wrestling, women, WWE and more. Sponors: ,

AOW 339 Best Friends (Chuck & Trent?)  

Poppin' Dogs & Talkin' Hogs. Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta bring their Highspots show to the Art of Wrestling. Colt pops dogs and he talks hogs with these. A little different from the normal podcast, but really fun if you're into really fun stuff. Sponsor: (code: COLT) PODSURVEY.COM/COLT

AOW 338 Jessicka Havok  

Jessicka has been wrestling well over a decade now. She's a force with in the womens scene with appearances in TNA and ROH. After dealing with some online issues, she and Colt talk about how that can effect your career. Sponsor:

AOW 337 Juice Robinson  

Once NXT star CJP, now Juice Robinson basically lives at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo. Colt and Juice who've known each other for years talk about the fears of leaving WWE to venture into the wild west of pro wrestling. Sponsors: (CODE: WRESTLING)

AOW 336 Molly Holly  

One of WWE's most decorated women's wrestlers. Molly Holly went from Subway to WWE. Colt and Molly talk about this journey, mainly the Subway part. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) Playing w/ Science Podcast

AOW 335 Hamilton LIVE: Dijak, Smash Bros, Stu Stone, Dick Justice, Space Monkey  

LIVE from Alpha-1 Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Guests: Donovan Dijak, Super Smash Brothers, Stu Sone, Dick Justice & Space Monkey. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) &

AOW 334 Cary Silkin  

From Ring of Honor owner, Cary Silkin joins Colt on this week's podcast. Cary tells the story of trying to carry a promotion a float for years. Sponsor: Indochino ( CODE: COLT)

AOW 333 Sami Callihan  

After deciding to leave WWE, Sami Callihan is back on the independents. Colt and Sami talk about anxiety of being in developmental, the future of the indies, being sober and more. Sponsors: Blue Apron ( & Zip Recruiter (

AOW 332 Bobby Fish  

Bobby Fish is in the prime of his career between ROH and NJPW. Colt and Bobby have an interest talk about age playing into success, Japan, influences and more. Sponsors: (CODE: COLT) &

AOW 2016 Podcast Commentary  

As 2016 comes to end, Colt goes over each episode from the year. He talks about how his relationship with the guest, circumstances around the specific podcast, how it got booked and more. A fun way to round out the year and a totally different episode than years past.

Pro Wrestling Fringe: Black & White  

In the 1950s, in racially segregated Memphis, Tennessee, Sputnik Monroe was a wrestling superstar. Colt and David Bixenspan discuss how Sputnik’s support of desegregation resonated throughout professional sports. (Code: COLT) to get a free month.

AOW 331 Bull James  

Bull Dempsey in NXT, now he's Bull James and he's back on the indie scene. Colt and Bull have a good talk about contrast from being signed, working with Taz & Matt Bourne, mentality and more. Sponsor: Jason Bourne on DVD

AOW 330 Ray Rowe  

Ray Rowe has been wrestling over a decade and has only just recently started to break out. Ray and Colt have known each other for years and talk about Ray's journey including Straight Edge, moving, Cleveland, Texas and more. Sponsor: Jason Bourne on DVD &

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