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Bannon: Kuttner, Hisham Al-Omeisy, Loon Whisperer, Spain Update, Finland Attack, Principal Shot, Bubble Tea and more  

Loose Bannon. The firing of Steve Bannon means the departure of a man who served as President Trump's right hand man, and supplied the President's vision -- but our guest warns he'll still have the President's ear.

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Four Weddings and a Funeral Episode  

Darren Black Bear of Oklahoma faced a lot of resistance when he decided to tie the knot back in 2013. Not from friends and family, but from his state. But Mr. Black Bear found a way to marry the love of his life, Jason Pickel, all the same — with a little

Barcelona Attack, Quebec Immigration Minister, Nail In Heart Guy, Google: James Damore, Grizzly Bear Hunt and more  

They were strolling. Shopping. Thinking about where to eat. Now, at least 12 people are dead and dozens injured, after an attacker drove a van into a busy tourist area in Barcelona. A resident describes the carnage on his street.

Charlottesville Memorial, Charlottesville: Lawmaker, Baltimore Statues, Fish Hook Doctor, Cloakroom Attendant, Rare Bird, Submarine Death, Robot Funerals and more  

Hundreds gather in Charlottesville for the memorial service for Heather Heyer, who was killed during Saturday's protests -- and while the President tweeted his condolences, the city's former mayor says it's too little, too late.

Brian Lilley, Trump Presser, SJ Harris Obit, Volcano Discovery, Charlottesville: Teacher, Grizzly Hunt Ban, De-Smurfed Town and more  

When The Rebel's revolting, revolt against The Rebel. Brian Lilley tells us he's leaving the right-wing media outlet over its coverage of the racist rally in Charlottesville, saying it's become "toxic" to his journalism.

Charlottesville: Vice Mayor, Charlottesville: Father, NAFTA Freeland, Banana Scorpion, Charlottesville: Schweitzer, Daisy Sweeney Obit, Sierra Leone Mudslide and more  

From bad to worst. When racists showed up in numbers for a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the city knew there would be trouble -- but the killing of a counterprotester turned a terrible day into a tragedy.

North Korea: William Perry, Right Whales, Le Studio Fire, Syrian Doctor, Hogweed Warning and more  

"Locked and loaded". U.S. President Donald Trump's shots at North Korea have not been what you'd call "diplomatic" -- and former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry worries less diplomatic language means fewer diplomatic solutions.

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Great Outdoors Episode  

Our fearless host, Carol Off, is used to pushing for truth and certainty on air -- but she once showed she's equally prepared to push trapped cetaceans off a beach.

Trans Mountain: Weaver, Abe Snidanko Obit, Chronicle Herald Vote, Migrant Deaths, Kyle Miller, Haruo Nakajima Obit and more  

Making a provincial case out of it. BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver backs his NDP power partners' plan to join the legal fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

North Korea: Guam, Lacolle Refugee: UNHCR, Password Security Guy, New Orleans Flood, Carla Del Ponte, Track Coach and more  

President Trump threatened "fire and fury". North Korea warned of "an enveloping fire". And in the heat of this apocalyptic talk, the island of Guam is sweating -- because North Korea has also said it could be the target of a missile strike.

Daniel Turp, Palahniuk Time Capsule, Driverless Car, 9/11 Remains Identity, Six Dates, Glen Campbell obit and more  

A call against arms. Former Bloc MP Daniel Turp says videos of Canadian armoured vehicles being used in civilian areas of Saudi Arabia are all the evidence the government should need to block future sales.

Wildfires destroyed homes, Jack Rabinovitch obit, Old Thrush, Kid in Car Warning, Toronto Tree Tower and more  

Twice burned. His family lost one house to the Fort Mac wild fires. Now a second has been burned to the ground by the blazes in BC. But Jason Schurman says he isn't shying away from the challenge.

Malware Indictment, Sierra Leone Jogging, Calgary Hawks, Swimming to Work, Jordan Rape Law, Shkrelli Verdict, Robert Hardy, NAACP Travel Advisory, Bob Ross Chia Artist  

Code snap. Four months after a young hacker helped save the world from malware, he's been detained by the FBI for allegedly creating and selling malware of his own -- but our guest believes the authorites may have made a mistake.

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Marathon Episode  

Terry Fox was heartbroken when he had to cut short his cross-Canada Marathon of Hope. But of course, the end of the road was only the beginning.

Asylum Seekers: Government, Syrian Activist Executed, Fishing FOI, Eclipse Fireworks, South African Activist, Right Whale Minister, Colten Boushie Feast, Watermelon Seed Spitter, Scaramucci Call  

What's in flux during the influx. The sudden spike in asylum-seekers entering Quebec from the United States is creating concern -- but Ottawa says everything's under control.

Montreal Asylum Seekers, Oslo Bus, Exploding Caterpillar, Polaris: Weaves, Calgary Rescue, Judith Jones, Peanut Butter Escape  

Escaping from where they escaped to. After the earthquake in 2010, people fled Haiti for the U.S. -- and now so many Haitians are fleeing the U.S. for Quebec that Montreal has opened Olympic Stadium to asylum seekers.

Kenya Attack, BC Fire Labour, ASMR Video Artist, Iceland Hot Dogs, Arpaio Case, NFL Player, Son of Sam, Capsized Boat, National Hosts, Scream Choir  

Casting doubt on casting ballots. He was in charge of making sure next week's election in Kenya goes smoothly -- but now that Chris Msando has been brutally killed, our guest sees danger ahead.

The Mooch is Out, Sam Shepard, Snooty Statue, Joey Chestnut, Venezuela Vote, Tim Raines Hall of Fame, Aleppo Zoo, Jeanne Moreau  

That don't impress me, Mooch. After a tumultuous and surprisingly profane week-and-a-half as the White House Communications Director, Antony Scaramucci is out.

Pakistan PM, Stouffville SLAPP Case, Clown Motel, Mind Music, and more  

Pakistan's high court pushes Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from power after the Panama Papers leak suggests that his family hadn't been entirely upfront about their wealth.

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Road Trip Episode  

Before it was a big-screen comedy smash, The Cannonball Run was an actual illicit cross-country car rally, complete with Ferraris and a souped-up ambulance -- and Jim Hunt was the first Canadian to enter it.

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