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As Told By Nomads features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, and entrepreneurs discussing what it takes to be global leaders.


222: The Top 5 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet with Chris Pinckley  

You have a big idea and you want to shock the world. But,you’ve tried to get yourself going and constantly get sidetracked. Or, you’re trying to expand your business to go global, but you can’t seem to break through the barriers to entry .Or, you’re a business leader, but you don’t seem to command the level of respect that you need in order to make the kind of impact that you want. In State of Mind 2.0: 11 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet, Executive Leadership & Critical Thinking Coach Chris Pinckley explains the secret formula that creates the type of individual who can achieve any goal, command the utmost respect as a leader, and has the ability to create a global impact. We discuss all this in today's episode with Chris Pinckley. Chris is the author of over 20 books on self-development, mindset, and consciousness expansion. He has also produced 3 talk shows, written over 400 articles, been published innumerous magazines, and built two successful training businesses. His latest book State of Mind 2.0 is the culmination of all of his years of self development, coaching experience, and accomplishments integrated in to one book. Stay in the loop with all his work here: Get his book here:

221: How Millennials Continue Redefining Success, Breaking Barriers & Changing The World with Jared Kleinert  

Did you know that there are currently about 3 billion people under 30 right now? That equates to roughly 52% of the world's population. These are the next global leaders so it is important to ensure that they are influenced the right way. Today's guest Jared Kleinert believes this and did something about it. He believes that by sharing our stories, we can solve society's most pressing problems. Jared's new book 3 Billion Under 30 assembles seventy-five “world-class” Millennials who've leveraged the experiences and ideas they've shared in to: Create companies worth billions of dollars. Win the CrossFit Games (twice). Found and operate media platforms like Levo, Elite Daily, Mogul, Odyssey, Futurism, Addicted2Success, UploadVR, and others with hundreds of millions of monthly readers. Write, advise, or otherwise support the publication and promotion of over forty New York Times bestselling books, including titles that have sold millions of copies apiece. Grow a collective following of over 50,000,000 people on social media. Employ thousands of people to work for their high-growth startups. Develop supportive communities for tens of thousands entrepreneurs around the world. Produce feature films, award-winning documentaries, and popular television shows. Become the youngest elected state or federal lawmaker in American history. Lead new industries like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, smart firearm development, lunar settlement, and modular phones. Jared Kleinert is an Entrepreneur, TED and keynote speaker, and award-winning author. His first book 2 Billion Under 20 was the #1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015 and his newest book 3 Billion Under 30 comes out today (you can order now!) See the link in the show notes to order it. Order the book here:

220: Live, Love And Explore Your Best Life with Leon Logothetis  

Today's interview is with Leon Logothetis. Leon is a global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. It wasn’t always that way. He used to be a broker in the city of London where he felt uninspired and chronically depressed. He gave it all up for a life on the road. This radical life change was inspired by the inspirational movie The Motorcycle Diaries. Leon has visited more than 90 countries and traveled to every continent. He is the host of the TV series Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody, which is broadcast across the world by National Geographic International and, over the course of three seasons, sees Leon cross America, the United Kingdom and Europe on just 5 dollars, 5 pounds, and 5 euros a day, respectively. In today's episode, we talk about the following: What the “Way of the Traveler” is and how you can achieve this state of being How traveling can help you connect with others and learn more about yourself How being bullied as a child has inspired him to spread kindness across the world How you can get out of your daily rut and make a change for the better How his past experiences have inspired his memoirs and changed his life for the better We also discussed his journey and his new book Live, Love, Explore: Discover the Way of the Traveler a Roadmap to the Life You Were Meant to Live which can be found in stores everywhere. Live, Love, Explore: Discover the Way of the Traveler a Roadmap to the Life You Were Meant to Live:

219: How To Find Your Path With Nate Menninger  

Today's episode is with Nate Menninger. He is an American explorer, athlete and writer who is addicted to traveling and whether he is back-country skiing in Patagonia or running with the bulls in Spain, he wants to prove to the world that everything is possible, no matter how difficult or dangerous something seems. As he travels, he continuously meets exceptional individuals who have achieved amazing feats: I.E. hitchhiking from New York to Argentina, running marathons in the arctic and throwing shot-put in the Olympics. Using their stories and his, he hopes to unite and inspire everyone to embark on the world's most extreme cultural, athletic and artistic adventures. We talk about all these experiences and much more in our episode. To connect with Nate, check out his Instagram at thepathfinder.mag and his website at

218: How To Live An Unconventional Life With Jules Schroeder  

Happy New Year! Today's episode is with the amazing Jules Schroeder. Jules is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, writer, speaker, millennial expert and musician who helps today's generation on their unconventional paths and shows them how to profit from their passions. At the age of eighteen, Jules Schroeder ran her first six-figure business teaching other college students how to run their own businesses. Four years later, at age 22, she co-founded a publishing company that made seven figures its first year in business, specializing in making books #1 Best Sellers on the Amazon Kindle platform. In addition to all this, Jules is on a mission to help others find alignment within themselves by connecting to their purpose and passion. Jules has an ability to show people how to support themselves by profiting from the work they are meant to be doing in the world. She does this through example in her own life, pursuing her music, teaching yoga, snowboarding, playing pool, and spending time with her family and friends. In This Interview You’ll Learn: How Jules built both her 6 figure and 7 figure businesses What she learned from her failures as a business owner What she learned from her near death experience How she became a UN ambassador How she manages her multiple passions How she maintains close relationships despite being away so much To sign up for her upcoming Unconventional Life Summit where you can learn the exact strategies, tactics and mindsets to create your life and business in alignment with what you are passionate about, click this link:

217: Johannes Koeppel Is Disrupting The Travel Industry  

Today's interview is with Johannes Koeppel, the CEO of WeTravel. He has a pretty inspirational story around travel, entrepreneurship, and changing his life. Out of college, he moved from his native Switzerland to Central Asia to work for the Red Cross first in a prison facility in Uzbekistan, then as head of the Tajikistan office. He leveraged these experiences to earn money by leading groups of Europeans hoping to explore Central Asia off the beaten path. This became the seed of an idea for a startup, and now WeTravel is an 11 person team speaking 22 languages and representing 8 different nationalities. Anyone can sign up on the site and earn a living or extra side hustle doing similar things across the globe. WeTravel’s growth has been phenomenal, within a year and a half it has organized more than one million in tours just this month. In this episode we discuss: Johannes’ background as a nomad How Johannes learned how to be a businessman How Johannes found his co-founder How he manages a cross-cultural team What makes WeTravel different WeTravel website:

216: The Benefits of Being Multilingual with Lina Abisoghomyan  

SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT! Today's episode is with Lina Abisoghomyan! Remember her from episode 208? Yup! Well she's being gracious enough to do a special mini episode with us today. Today, she breaks down what the benefits are of being multilingual! If you're thinking of a New Year's resolution, definitely consider picking up a language or two. The benefits are tremendous! To catch Lina's last episode, take a listen here: To find out more about Lina's company, click here: I did a Use Your Difference episode on how to learn a language without moving abroad here: Enjoy the holidays! I think I might drop another episode this week so stay tuned!

215: How to Use Your Voice to Make A Difference with Mary Simms  

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level? How would it feel to be able to say you've become a Huffington Post contributor, be regularly interviewed by your dream media outlets or be "Featured On" CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX Television News? Can you imagine how that publicity could grow your business? Mary Simms, a media savvy PR professional, US Army Vet, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Mag Contributor let's us in on how to do all that. She helps high-powered entrepreneurs and attorneys embrace their influencer status and reduce what they spend on paid advertising while increasing revenue. Her expertise is helping you embrace your expertise and achieve industry icon status through top-tier media placements. According to Mary, the best way to elevate your brand and increase media generated revenue is by adding value to your pitch, pitching the right contacts within a newsroom, and providing them with an excellent segment idea that’s easy to produce. Mary is on Twitter at @marysimms and her website at To listen to this episode, click here or below

214: How To Deliver Great Presentations With Jonathan Schwabish  

Whether you are a university professor, researcher at a think tank, graduate student, or analyst at a private firm, chances are that at some point you have presented your work in front of an audience. Most of us approach this task by converting a written document into slides, but the result is often a text-heavy presentation saddled with bullet points, stock images, and graphs too complex for an audience to decipher―much less understand. Presenting is fundamentally different from writing, and with only a little more time, a little more effort, and a little more planning, you can communicate your work with force and clarity. I talk about all this with today's guest, Dr. Jonathan Schwabish. We discuss how to create effective data rich presentations that make a meaningful impact. Dr. Schwabish is considered a leader in the data visualization field and is a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in research. He has written on various aspects of how to best visualize data including technical aspects of creation, design best practices, and how to communicate social science research in more accessible ways. He was named a “visualization thought leader” by AllAnalytics in 2013 and speaks widely on the issues of data visualization, open data, and data use in organizations. Dr. Schwabish helps nonprofits, research institutions, and governments at all levels improve how they communicate their work and findings to their partners, constituents, and citizens. He also teaches data visualization and presentation skills at Georgetown University and the Maryland Institute College of Art, as well as in public workshops. He also hosts the PolicyViz Podcast, which focuses on data, open data, and data visualization. His new book about presentation design and techniques, Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks, is now available for preorder. He is on Twitter @jschwabish. Websites mentioned in this episode: PolicyViz: PolicyViz Podcast: Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks:

213: How to Build Your Cultural Chemistry with Patti McCarthy  

Are you fascinated but frustrated by cultural differences? Have you stood on the edge of cultural gaps and wondered how on earth to bridge them? Don't worry, you are not alone. Working across cultures can be very challenging, both professionally and personally, but these cultural gaps can be bridged. Cultural Chemistry combines strategy with knowledge, introducing you firstly to the Four R's - an easy, four-step process for simplifying and improving your cross-cultural partnerships - and then exploring cultural differences, by meeting people and hearing stories from all over the world. Whether you are a business traveller, an expatriate, have global clients, work in a multi-cultural team or are simply a holiday maker who wants to dig deeper, Cultural Chemistry will teach you: Why reflecting on our own culture is so important How to make a great first impression Why our assumptions about people are often completely wrong How to be an effective manager and motivator I talk about all this and more with today's guest, Patti McCarthy. Originally from the UK, Patti is a 3CK (third-culture kid) who has lived and worked on five different continents. Through her business, Cultural Chemistry, she provides coaching and training to organizations wishing to embrace the opportunities which cultural diversity provides. She is also a regular media commentator and public speaker on the impact of cultural differences on everything from business expansion to childcare. She lives with her husband, her two dogs and her three children, who were all born in different countries." Patti's Business: Patti's Cultural Chemistry Book: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps

212: Taking Small Steps to Reach the World with Gabby Wallace  

Today's interview is with Gabby Wallace. When Gabby Wallace was young, she wanted to travel the world and achieve world peace. These dreams led her on an incredible journey teaching English to students in Japan. As her vision grew, she started Go Natural English to teach English to students around the world. She has taught over 100,000 students since the beginning of her company. Throughout her career, she has visited many countries and met many interesting people along the way. Having big dreams and always looking for the “better story” has made Wallace’s life both exciting and meaningful. Gabby Wallace, founder of Go Natural English, taught English as a Second Language for 10 years before creating the Go Natural English platform. She earned a Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at a top university in the United States. Also, she has worked closely with learners from many different countries who include scholars preparing for the TOEFL and IELTS tests, professionals in research, marketing, sales, pharmaceutical sciences and business, and diplomats. We discuss her journey towards becoming a global teacher and what she has learned along the way. Go Natural English: Catch her TEDx Talk here:

206: How to Scale your Online Business with Yuri Elkaim  

Today's interview is with renowned health and fitness expert, Yuri Elkaim. Over the past 10 years, Yuri has been built an impressive multiple 7-figure business that has served over 500k people in the health and fitness community. And now, he’s pulling back the curtain to share his business and marketing secrets with other heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them build an online business around their passion. Some of the things we discuss in this episode are the following: The Freedom Formula For Scaling Your Online Business Mindset Shifts for Building a Successful Online Business How to use strategic content to attract better traffic Lead magnets that your visitors are begging for and the right way to give it to them How to create your “unique method” to stand out in a crowded marketplace Skills you must develop for online success Why following the “gurus” might be a BIG mistake Website: YouTube Channel:

211: How to Streamline Your Business And Become Amazing At Working For Yourself  

Today's episode is with Heather Thorkleson. She has traveled to every continent on earth and spent the better part of her 20’s slowly dying in the corporate world. She eventually dropped out of the rat race to become a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute, graduated from Seth Godin’s groundbreaking altMBA program, and rolled all her hard-won wisdom into a small business consultancy called Republic of Freedom.She helps people move their businesses forward by: Guiding them toward specific next steps Providing an outline of how one can best leverage their day to day work for maximum impact Turning their indecision into decisive action AND Turning the sound of crickets into an engaged audience Head on over on her blog at Book a 1-on-1 session with her here: A group program with her here: Follow her on social Instagram here:; Twitter:;

210: Claudia Körbler- Translating the World Into a Better Place  

Today's interview is with Claudia Körbler. Claudia is a dedicated Interpreter, cross-cultural and strategic communication specialist in English, Spanish, and her native language German, with expertise in Governance. Her professional career in the U.S. is based in the diplomatic service. She has served the Embassy of Austria, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the World Bank Group in different capacities with focus on trans-cultural communication and Interpretation. She delivered consecutive Interpretations for high-level diplomatic summits and consulted on cross-cultural communication techniques. Ms. Körbler currently holds a position as a Policy Development and Strategic Communication Analyst at the Food and Agriculture Organization to the United Nations in Washington, D.C. As an Austrian born global citizen and Third Culture Adult she has lived and worked in the U.S., Spain, UK, and Italy. During her time in the diplomatic service, and now working for an international organization, Claudia has refined her skills in cross-cultural communication and comprehends the beauty, challenges, and difficulties of living and working in different cultures. Claudia sits on the Executive Board of the National Museum of the Women in the arts, is part of the Scientific Research Board of the European Forum Alpbach, and part of the Universitas Austria Interpreters and Translators Association. She has also served on the FIGT board since October 2014. In our interview, Claudia discusses her beginnings in the policy and international development world. She also shares tips on the best ways to get on the radar of international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank. Resources mentioned in the podcast: Use Your Difference Show: Suited for Change:You can help low-income women pick out interview and work suits and accessories from Suited for Change’s D.C. boutique of donated apparel. Volunteers also are needed for workshops on work and life skills. 202-293-0351, Ext. 201. Rebuilding Together Washington, D.C.: Red Cross: United Nations Volunteers: Bread for the City: Bread for the City needs groups of five or more to glean crops from farms, as well as folks to harvest from fruit trees right in Washington. Volunteers are also sought for three-month stints of weekly shifts at the pantry, stocking shelves and helping clients pick out groceries; sign-up begins Sept. 1. 202-265-2400. E-mail Ronald McDonald House Charities: Nearly 60 volunteers help at two homes for families with sick children — in Fairfax and Northeast Washington — by tidying the houses, making sure guests are comfortable, doing administrative tasks or handiwork, working at special events and cooking meals. 703-698-7080 or 202-529-8204. FIGT: Youth2YouthCommunity of the World Bank Group: TEDx Graz 2016:

209: Dinesh Kandanchatha - An Investor In Business With You  

Today's episode is with Dinesh Kandanchatha. In the process of building and exiting multiple companies (the last for over $200M), he has learned some valuable lessons on the following subjects: Sales: How to maximize your funnel math to generate 12-15x returns on your sales people Funding: Creating businesses that are fundable and finding the right investor Marketing: Making sure Marketing activities focuses on the end goal – sales on a shoestring budget Tech: Get more done using technology as leverage. I can discuss some of the must have tools for every entrepreneur Further more, he's a cross cultural individual who has lived a nomadic life. Learn all about his nomadic and business tales! To find out more about him, head on over to

208: Lina Abisoghomyan - The Diplomat of the Future  

Today's episode is with Lina Abisoghomyan. Lina is the founder of Policy Pear is a rising voice in the world of global policy and diplomacy. Lina is a student at American University majoring in International Studies, with a primary concentration in Foreign Policy and National Security, and a secondary concentration in International Political Economy. She is an aspiring diplomat and negotiator, and brings a wide variety of experience from both the public and private sectors specifically in areas of foreign relations, economic development, and national security. She has held positions at the Creative Associates, The International Trade Commission, The Hudson Institute, and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. She is one of the most talented people I have ever met and she is only 20 years old! Some of her accomplishments include the following: Multilingual (5 languages) Youngest Employee of the United States Federal Government (at the time she was hired) ICS-CERT VLP CyberSecurity Certification Certified Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Kickboxing Instructor Second Degree Black Belt, Shotokan Karate First Degree Black Belt, Tang Soo Do Tae Kwon Do Policy Pear: We discuss the best ways to solve today's global problems, adapting to different cultures and best ways to become better global citizens.

207: TCK Town with Ava Senaratne  

Today's interview is with the Editor-in-Chief of TCK TOWN, Ava Senaratne. She is from Sri Lanka, Dubai and Australia and is currently living in Melbourne. We discuss her background as a third culture kid. How she found her identity and her background in design. Her publication TCK TOWN is an amazing online journal which explores the myriad experiences and ideas of Third Culture Kids from around the planet.

205: Dissecting The Cultural Code Of United States with Andy Molinsky  

Back at it again with cultural codes! We are continuing our series with cross cultural expert Andy Molinsky. This time we are doing the Americas. Andy’s series is highlighting the cultural codes of 10 countries. The country of choice today is United States. The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a country composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. The 48 contiguous states and federal district are in central North America between Canada and Mexico, with the state of Alaska in the northwestern part of North America and the state of Hawaii comprising an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. At 3.8 million square miles and with over 324 million people, the United States is the world's third-largest country by total area (and fourth-largest by land area) and the third-most populous. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries. The country's capital is Washington, D.C. and its largest city is New York City; other major metropolitan areas include Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami. The geography, climate and wildlife of the country are extremely diverse. Andy uses the following six-dimensional framework to capture the differences across cultures. Directness: How straightforwardly do people typically communicate in this culture? Enthusiasm: How much positive emotion and energy do they typically show? Formality: How much deference and respect do people typically demonstrate? Assertiveness: How strongly do people typically express voice their opinions? Self-Promotion: How acceptable is it for people to speak about their accomplishments? Personal Disclosure: How much do people typically reveal about themselves? Be sure to grab Andy’s free E-book for mastering 10 cultural codes from around the world:

204: Finding Alternative Ways to be Wealthy with Gerald DuBose  

Today's interview is with Gerald DuBose. Gerald is a gifted visionary on a mission to change how the world perceives beauty. A writer, athlete, performer entrepreneur and now budding fragrance artist, he has always seen the world differently than most. A Washington DC native, Gerald's childhood was dedicated to creativity. He began writing poetry at six-years old , developing a genuine passion for overlooked beauty. He began his love affair with scents and fragrances shortly thereafter, becoming captivated by his father’s collection. We discuss community development and ways to build wealth in today's world. To find out more about him and all his amazing work, check out To learn more about ways you can make a difference across cultures, check out:

203: Dissecting The Cultural Code Of Germany with Andy Molinsky  

Back at it again with cultural codes! We are continuing our series with cross cultural expert Andy Molinsky. Andy’s series is highlighting the cultural codes of 10 countries. The country of choice today is Germany. Germany is a great power and has the world's fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP, as well as the fifth-largest by PPP. As a global leader in several industrial and technological sectors, it is both the world's third-largest exporter and importer of goods. Germany is a developed country with a very high standard of living sustained by a skilled and productive society. It upholds a social security and universal health care system, environmental protection and a tuition-free university education. Andy uses the following six-dimensional framework to capture the differences across cultures. Directness: How straightforwardly do people typically communicate in this culture? Enthusiasm: How much positive emotion and energy do they typically show? Formality: How much deference and respect do people typically demonstrate? Assertiveness: How strongly do people typically express voice their opinions? Self-Promotion: How acceptable is it for people to speak about their accomplishments? Personal Disclosure: How much do people typically reveal about themselves? Be sure to grab Andy’s free E-book for mastering 10 cultural codes from around the world:

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