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Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast

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TrainerRoad's Ask a Cycling Coach podcast gives you the chance to get answers to your cycling and triathlon training questions with USAC/USAT Level I certified coach Chad Timmerman and other special guests.


Ask a Cycling Coach: 078 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

The Nate episode! • Nate, Chad and Jonathan's VO2 max & RMR test results • How to prepare for physiological testing • Nate's racing ISRAMAN! (full-distance triathlon in Israel) • How to cram for a big event • How to pace an IRONMAN • How to adjust your TT bike position for optimal power • Mountain bike racing in the mud • Testing ideas to heal sore legs

Ask a Cycling Coach: 077 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• What is metabolic efficiency testing? • How to know how much fat you are burning • Coach Chad, Jonathan and Nate's MET results • Does every athlete's threshold reside at 4mmol/L? • Which trainers are the quietest? • What to do after you reach peak fitness • Can you you maintain a peak for a whole season? • Do oval chainrings make a difference? • Should athletes calculate their caloric burn differently? • Which build plan should you pick: short or general? • How to know if you've had a bad test or if you've lost fitness • What to do if cadence drills don't allow you to hold your power targets • How to become a better climber • How to keep your cycling shoes fresh • What trainer is best for mountain biking? • What testing can help you understand your genetic limitations? • What power-to-weight ratio can you achieve?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 076 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Chad, Nate and Jonathan’s physiological testing • How to test your metabolic efficiency • What is the ideal cadence? • Does dry needling help sore knees? • How to boost your immune system to avoid illness • Why does your smart tainer seize up? • Should you train before an FTP test or just get right into it? • Do spin classes make you a faster cyclist? • How to balance weight training with cycling • Do mountain bikers and cyclocross riders need a strong upper body? • What is the best training approach to improve your power to weight ratio? • Should cyclists practice “bulking”? • Should you use ERG mode during short, intense efforts? • How hard should your sprint intervals be?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 075 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• How to review your year and set goals • Do slow twitch fibers need more recovery time than fast twitch? • How long do the effects of supercompensation last? • Is running good cross training for cyclists? • When to apply chamois cream • How big of an effect can your bike fit have on your power output? • What should you do if you have a left / right imbalance? • Do antibiotics affect FTP? • Is it better to be consistent or go all out during VO2 intervals? • How to plan a season with two peaks • What is the difference between weaknesses and limiters? • How to adjust your training for single speed racing • Why are over-unders so hard?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 074 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Cycling kit etiquette • Is it wrong to wear a championship jersey when training? • What type of garmin should you use in cyclocross? • Is it bad to smell like ammonia when working out? • How to deal with sweat in your eyes • What is the best sunscreen to use on the bike? • How to tell if you are just tired or experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome • What is the difference between over training and Over Training Syndrome • Do massages make you slower? • What type of massage is best for cyclists? • How to train for RAGBRAI • What type of training should you do for a big, non-competitive event? • Should you use a wheel block? • How to level your bike on the trainer • How to control your fan while on the trainer • How to adjust your training plan if you are sick • What is the best way to prepare for a hot race? • Does heat training make you faster? • Can you build power and lose weight at the same time? • What to record in a training diary

Ask a Cycling Coach: 073 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Chainring sizes explained • How to deal with a saddle sore • Do warmups actually work? • Do high fat diets drop your FTP? • Why are our bodies not dependent on fat all the time? • How to do 'spinups'? • How high of a cadence should you be riding at? • What to do if your bike can't be used with a normal trainer • What is maltodextrin? • Does sugar intake halt fat adaptation? • Chad, Nate and Jonathan's most dreaded workouts • The effects of mental fortitude and optimism on performance • Should you have an offseason FTP and weight goal? • How to trend your fitness during the offseason • How to adjust your training plan for vacation or travel • What exactly is "high intensity"? • Should you wear knee warmers inside? • Are knee warmers better than leg warmers? • Why don't the pros use leg warmers? • Is Nate's nasal surgery helping him recover?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 072 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Mud cyclocross tips • How to take a run up • Are 11-speed quick links reusable? • How high can your power-to-weight ratio be? • How to train for Leadville • How long does it take to regain peak fitness? • Why do you smell like ammonia after a hard workout? • How to add extra training stress to your training plan • Is it necessary to do a spindown with PowerMatch? • VirtualPower explained • How to get accurate data with VirtualPower • How to know if your FTP is too low • How to overcome a plateau in fitness • What to do during a recovery interval • What upgrades make you fastest?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 071 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Is commuting bad for training? • How does swimming affect rest and recovery? • Do short workouts do anything for long distance racing? • Does pushing a heavy gear make you faster? • How to figure out what gearing you need • Does baking soda make you faster? • How Xterra training differs from typical triathlon training • How to train for Lotoja • How to taper for an event • How to maintain cycling fitness while training for a marathon • How to clean your drivetrain • Does giving blood hurt performance? • Do you need a fan when training in a cold environment?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 070 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Is caffeine a performance enhancing drug? • What drugs are and aren't allowed for cyclists? • Can marijuana make you a faster cyclist? • Does sugar intake affect aerobic fitness? • Will a gel nullify the effects of a fasted ride? • Is a z2 ride ruined by intervals? • How to get extra out of your intervals • Does splitting a long ride into two separate rides change its effect? • Is it better to train in your aero position or upright? • How to know if you are training too much • How to transition from race season to base season • Is it normal to feel like you are slower when starting training after time off? • Is it better to prolong the base phase if you want to lose weight?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 069 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Can you replace a workout with a commute? • Does commuting count? • Are power zones different than heart rate zones? • Which is best, power or heart rate? • If you have to skip a workout, how do you choose which workout to skip? • Is it bad to train more than prescribed? • How to not get dropped • How to improve your climbing • Why do different apps give me different power readings? • How does TrainerRoad calculate Normalized Power (NP)? • How to do single leg drills without clipless pedals • Should you skip pedaling drills? • Are rollers bad for your training? • Which type of workouts should you do on rollers? • Bike setup changes that warrant a new FTP test • Fasted training explained • Should you eat sugar on every ride? • How to lose weight during base training

Ask a Cycling Coach: 068 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• How to fix tight hips for cyclists • What is dry needling? • How to use your off-season wisely • Should you use a mountain bike on a cyclocross course? • How to plan a season of mountain bike racing • Which is tougher: east coast or west coast? • How to train for XC • How to plan your training for cyclocross • Sweet Spot or Traditional Base? • High intensity or low intensity for base training? • Is it bad to ride hard on the weekends during base training? • How to integrate weight training with your cycling • Are there any benefits to alcohol for performance? • What is polarized training? • How to avoid burnout • Bulletproof Coffee Recipe • What does ‘grass fed’ actually mean? • Nate’s steel cut oats recipe • How to make oatmeal in a rice cooker. • What type of oatmeal is best for performance? • Should athletes use margarine? • Is it possible to get different FTP test results using different formats? • Which testing format is best for time trialists? • The difference between FTP and stamina • Can you hold your FTP for 60 minutes • How mental fortitude affects your performance • How Bad Do You Want It - • How to adjust to avoid jet lag for athletes • How to avoid the downsides of flying for athletes • Why North American mountain bikers aren’t as fast as Europeans • Should you skip your workout when you’re sick? • How to know if you should skip a workout or adjust the intensity • How to minimize the effects of a sickness • How to train for a hilly IRONMAN course • How to pace an IRONMAN • Is it normal to see your heart rate increase every interval? • What does an increased heart rate mean? • How to prepare for a stage race • What is the best way to train for ultra endurance racing? • How to train for the Hoodoo 500 • How much fitness will you lose in four weeks of no training? • How to come back after an injury

Ask a Cycling Coach: 067 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Should you not train with sore muscles? • Is soreness a sign of fatigue? • How to reduce soreness • How to train for a stage race • Is it best to train for a TT or the road race in a stage race? • Does non-alcoholic beer hurt recovery? • Can you skip base training? • How to know if you have a good aerobic base • How to train for two peaks in one year • How to train for an IRONMAN with road racing • Can you use TrainerRoad outside? • How to follow a TrainerRoad workout outside • What is the best workout for a half ironman and a full ironman • Do you need to replicate your goal event in training? • Is just doing one workout efficient? • How to use one power meter on different bikes • The easiest power meter setup you can get • Do larger riders need different training plans? • Training for clydesdales • Racing strategy for clydesdales • How to save energy during a criterium • How to know which category you should race • Will training on a cyclocross bike not transfer to a road bike? • How bike geometry affects your training • What is the difference between a cyclocross bike and a road bike? • What makes a good road racer? • How to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a road race • Road racing strategy • How to become a great road racer

Ask a Cycling Coach: 066 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Jonathan's Deux North Everesting Challenge Recap • How to pace a long ride • What type of nutrition to bring on a long ride • What type of lights to use for an overnight ride • Bike setup for 24 hour rides • What it takes to climb 30,000' • How demanding is a double century • How do you stop without brakes? • Single leg drills with a single-sided power meter • Are cadence/technique drills mandatory? • What data matters most for mountain biking? • Is power relevant for mountain biking? • Alternatives to FTP to measure progress • How can you tell if your getting faster • Is a 1x drivetrain good for road riding? • Are the gaps between gears too big on a wide range cassette? • How to plan a whole season of training • What to do if you have excess time between now and your event • How to adjust your training plan if you don't have enough time to do a full Base, Build, Specialty • How to change your training plan if you are preparing for multiple peaks • What effect does a mid-ride break have?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 065 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Everesting Attempts • Is a decline in LTHR bad? • How to use heart rate most effectively • Advantages and disadvantages of smart trainers • Are speed sensors useful if you have a GPS? • Training blocks for cyclocross racers • How to incorporate racing into your training plan • How to balance training stress and recovery • What's the difference between rest and recovery? • How to adjust your training plan for aging athletes • Which supplements should you use to aid recovery? • Recovery tips • How to make the most of your rest days

Ask a Cycling Coach: 064 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Kona recap • IRONMAN World Champs • How Andy Potts crashed • What it's like to catch a bike • Spotify playlists for Coach Chad and Coach Jonathan • How to return to racing after pregnancy • Bike handling drills • Activities and habits that make you a better rider • How to practice barriers for cyclocross • What to do when riding through sand • How to improve your corner speed • How burping affects your heart rate • How to avoid a late season fade • Is it normal to see your left / right balance fluctuate? • Should you go back to base training in the off season? • What is ketosis? • Is a ketogenic diet good for cycling?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 063 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: FLO Cycling  

• The aerodynamic research and testing process explained • What depth wheels should you use? • How to know what tire width to use • Does tire width vary from rider to rider and bike to bike? • What tire pressure is best? • Which tire is the most aerodynamically efficient? • Which tire has the least amount of rolling resistance? • How does a cross wind affect a bike? • How to set up your bike for cross winds? • What to look for in a set of wheels • What to look for in an aero bike

Ask a Cycling Coach: 062 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Cyclocross racing update • Racing two races in one day • What to learn from the pros about cyclocross • The best gearing for cyclocross • How to build the ultimate CX bike • Dropper posts on cyclocross bikes • How to set up a cyclocross bike for road riding • How to deal with delays in resistance on a trainer • Can sweat ruin your bike? • Why are longer efforts hard for some riders? • How to adjust your workout if an interval is too hard • How long should your offseason be? • Training while traveling • What to do if your training isn't translating to the road • Marginal gains for time trials • Mental fortitude and how it affects performance • Does a rough road surface make you more tired? • What causes cramps? • How to follow a TrainerRoad plan outdoors

Ask a Cycling Coach: 062 - TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Cyclocross racing update • Racing two races in one day • What to learn from the pros about cyclocross • The best gearing for cyclocross • How to build the ultimate CX bike • Dropper posts on cyclocross bikes • How to set up a cyclocross bike for road riding • How to deal with delays in resistance on a trainer • Can sweat ruin your bike? • Why are longer efforts hard for some riders? • How to adjust your workout if an interval is too hard • How long should your offseason be? • Training while traveling • What to do if your training isn't translating to the road • Marginal gains for time trials • Mental fortitude and how it affects performance • Does a rough road surface make you more tired? • What causes cramps? • How to follow a TrainerRoad plan outdoors

Ask a Cycling Coach: 061 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: Matt Lieto  

Professional Triathlete and IRONMAN commentator Matt Lieto. • How to go from average joe to pro triathlete • What type of power it takes to win an IRONMAN • How to pace a triathlon • Do triathletes use elevation training? • How to train for hot weather • How to acclimatize yourself to Kona • How to control your appetite • How to lose weight quickly • How to keep weight off • Tips to overcome food temptations • How to know if you've tapered correctly • What the pros do to taper • High intensity training for ultra-endurance athletes • Managing distractions at a big race • How to stay focused building up to race day • What type of accommodations are best when traveling to a race • Is carb loading best? • How to manage gluten intolerance while traveling • What should you eat before a race or big day of training • Triathlon bike tactics • Triathlon drafting rules explained • Do triathletes actually draft? • How to use drafting rules against your competition • Why you should attack and change your pace in a triathlon • How to deal with cross winds on a TT bike • How to pace yourself on climbs and hills in a triathlon • Are descending skills important for triathlon? • How to increase your efficiency on the bike • Marginal gains to maintain speed on the bike • What mountain bikers and IRONMAN athletes have in common • How triathletes use mental tactics to influence a race • Is it better to go easy on the bike or go hard on the bike? • Ideal gearing for triathlon • How to read wind conditions and use them to your advantage • How to know when to favor power and when to favor aerodynamics • How to manage heat on race day • Do saunas help performance? • How triathletes can benefit from mountain biking • Should triathletes do cyclocross? • What triathletes should do in transition • How to catch a bike

Ask a Cycling Coach: 060 - TrainerRoad Podcast – Special Guest: Cuore Cycling Apparel  

Scott Tietzel from Cuore Cycling Apparel ( • What makes a jersey aerodynamic? • How to tell high quality kit from low quality kit • Why do companies use different fabrics? • What type of kit to use for different weather • How to wear your kit like a pro • Small things you can do to make your kit more aero

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