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Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast

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TrainerRoad's Ask a Cycling Coach podcast gives you the chance to get answers to your cycling and triathlon training questions with USAC/USAT Level I certified coach Chad Timmerman and other special guests.


Ask a Cycling Coach: 112 – Transitioning to CX season, trainer maintenance, brick workouts & more  

• How to transition to cyclocross season • The effects of humidity on heat training? • Could the Trek Domane be a gravel bike? • Should you maintain your smart trainer? • Can you skip base training if you are fat adapted? • Can you shortcut to peak fitness if a race schedule changes? • Tips for endurance mountain bike racing • Can you use ERG mode during an FTP test? • How to make yourself a sprinter • Are brick workouts really worth it?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 111 – Singletrack 6 - Recap  

The dust has settled and Coach Chad, Jonathan, and Nate chop up Singletrack 6. In the final episode in this series, the guys discuss their experiences and analyze how their preparation stacked up against such a challenging event. Topics covered in this episode: - How to travel to a race on a budget - The effects of a concussion - How to recover from a concussion - Ideal bike setups for cross country racing - What is the best bike for technical XC racing - How to decide between a hardtail or full suspension MTB - What your pace has to do with cramping - How to ramp TSS for a stage race - Marginal gains for Hydration Packs - Does heat training pay off? - Daily pacing for a stage race - The logistics of a stage race - Tire choices for the interior of BC - Should you use a hydration pack for XC racing? - Marginal recovery gains during a stage race - How to recover from a stage race - How MTB recovery differs from road recovery

Ask a Cycling Coach: 110 – Singletrack 6 - Stage 5  

Stage 5 of Singletrack 6 took an unexpected turn. Tune into this super quick episode to see what we learned. Topics covered in this episode: – Maintaining focus even when the trail is easy – Why you should never feel ashamed of walking a technical section

Ask a Cycling Coach: 109 – Singletrack 6 - Stage 4  

The Queen Stage is in the books! Only two stages left of Singletrack 6, but does Jonathan have two stages left in him? Topics covered in this episode: • Using a power meter for mountain bike racing • How to deal with blisters on your hands from mountain biking • Why you are getting flat tires • Using the experience of smart trainer on the trail • The aggressive demands of an XC Stage race • How to know when to back off and let a group go • Trusting your strengths on race day • Stage 5 preview

Ask a Cycling Coach: 108 – Singletrack 6 - Stage 3  

Stage 3 was the highest stage yet and nearly 100% singletrack, and Coach Chad is back! Topics covered in this episode: • Big pre-race breakfast or constant snacking: which is best? • Pacing in a fast group • How to adjust your race strategy for a bad start position • Things to consider when receiving info about a course • How to manage fear in a race • Avoiding flat tires in rocky terrain • How to know when to back off and let a group go • Trusting your strengths on race day • Stage 4 preview

Ask a Cycling Coach: 107 – Singletrack 6 - Stage 2  

Stage 2 started hard and remained technical throughout with plenty of riders being caught out by rugged terrain and technical climbs. Topics covered in this episode: • How to manage a hard start in a race • Dealing with dusty conditions • Regrouping after a mid-race setback • How to carry momentum in technical terrain • How to pass and get passed on singletrack • A trick to help you gain time on climbs • How to provide good rider support • Chad's plan for cramp management • Stage 3 preview

Ask a Cycling Coach: 106 – Singletrack 6 - Stage 1  

Stage 1 is done & dusted, and it left its mark with some serious shake-ups moving forward. Topics covered in this episode: • How not to start a race • Is pushing hard for position early in a race really worth it? • Making steep climbs manageable • Things to remember in technical descents • How did Nate's tire choice end up? • How to tackle steep and loose descents • How to change your mental state mid-race • The host's nutrition strategies • Managing cramps, and how to avoid them • Stage 2 preview

Ask a Cycling Coach: 105 – Singletrack 6 - Race preview, stage race prep & more  

• Upcoming daily podcasts! • How training for a technical MTB race is different • How to overcome fear on a mountain bike • Different ways to taper for a race • The best way to fly with your bicycle • How to plan transportation for your stage races • How to recon a foreign route from afar • What tires should you pick for Singletrack 6 or a technical MTB race • How to know if you should carry a hydration pack or not • What are tire plug kits? • Conditions you should monitor for a stage race • How to plan meals & nutrition for a stage race • How to pace a 6-day stage race

Ask a Cycling Coach: 104 – How to read a race, get upgrade points, and how to build bike skill  

• Why maple syrup could be good mid-ride fuel • Pacing a mountain bike TT • How to manage performance on a hot day • Why even XC riders should go ride lifts at a bike park • How to fit training into a busy vacation • The UCI tire width rule that you need to know about • Are night lights keeping you from recovering? • Should you train during high ozone warnings? • Are goosebumps a bad sign when training? • The daily schedules of Nate, Chad and Jonathan • The pros and cons of racing in combined category races • How to read a race and know your competition • How to get upgrade points for your next race

Ask a Cycling Coach: 103 – How to Get Faster with Heat Training  

Take a deep dive into heat training to learn how it can make you a faster cyclist in hot and cool conditions. - How much does heat affect cycling performance? - What temperature is ideal for heat training? - How to control the temperature of your training environment - Is it better to heat train in humid or dry environments? - How sweating cools your body and how to increase your sweat rate - Should you train at a lower intensity in the heat? - How heat training improves performance - Can heat training improve VO2max? - How to make your sweat more efficient - Hormonal benefits of heat training - Does a post-ride sauna session have the same effect as heat training?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 102 – How to get faster watching The Tour, why fit people burn more calories  

• Why do you want to eat more during rest days or weeks? • Should recovery rides feel hard? • Why are you not good at long climbs? • Bike setup, pacing and technique to make you a faster climber • What is the best way to increase short power? • Is peak power what matters most in a sprint? • Omniums vs. stage races • Omnium strategy • How to fuel during a stage race • Does needing to get out of the saddle mean your workout is too hard? • When is it okay to sprint in the saddle? • How to learn as much as you can while watching the Tour de France. • Is riding zone 2 while watching the tour a waste of time? • Should your workouts be as hard as your races? • Why do you burn more calories when you get fitter?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 101 – Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road – Race recap, heat management & more  

• Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road recap • How to pace a long MTB race • How to save energy in a mountain bike race • The effects of extreme heat on human performance • How to rebound from overheating • Hydration strategies with aid stations • How to avoid cramps on the bike

Ask a Cycling Coach: 100 – Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road – Race prep, course recon & more  

• Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road course preview • How to prioritize races • How to set a time goal for an MTB race • What to know before you pre-ride a course • When should you time your course recon? • What is "sessioning" and how to use it • How to find good lines through a turn or obstacle • Is carb loading effective? • How to fuel before a race • How to stay positive during a tricky course recon

Ask a Cycling Coach: 99– Shortcuts to fitness, sleep hacks and how elevation really affects you  

• Will taking 3 days off in a row hurt your fitness? • Can you fit two weeks worth of training into one? • Why you can't complete long intervals • Sleep hacks • How much does elevation really affect you? • Can you take a week off between training phases? • Does your training improve with a more expensive trainer? • How to treat saddle soreness • What is the difference between saddle sores and saddle soreness

Ask a Cycling Coach: 98 – TrainerRoad Podcast – Lost & Found Gravel Grinder Recap  

• What to know before you race the Lost & Found Gravel Grinder • Should you warm up before a gravel race? • How to know if positioning is key for your race • How to improve your positioning quickly • What bike should you use for gravel racing? • Accessories and tools to carry in a gravel race • How to pace a gravel race that starts with hard climbs • What tires are best for gravel racing? • How much pressure to run in your tires for gravel racing • Are dropper posts valuable in gravel racing? • How to know if you should stop at aid stations or not • Group tactics in gravel racing • Should your nutrition plan change for gravel racing? • How to race a criterium with a lot of turns • How to "feel out" a pack of unfamiliar racers

Ask a Cycling Coach: 97 – TrainerRoad Podcast  

• What Coach Chad learned from his trip to The Giro • What Nate has learned about geometry and bike setup • How to build corner speed • How to pace an XC race • Lost & Found Gravel Grinder preview • What to carry with you during a gravel race • Best bike setup for a technical gravel course • The coach's strategies for race day • Nate's calorie counting tips

Ask a Cycling Coach: 96 – TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Is walking your dog recovery? • Is a carbon, full-suspension XC bike worth the cost? • How to fit your training into lunch breaks • Is active recovery actually better than complete rest? • How to train for “Knife Fights”, or how to be a serious threat in criteriums • How to adjust your plan to fit in big weekend workouts • What metrics should you track in a mountain bike race? • How to break through a wall of resistance on a smart trainer • How to train for TTs, The Coach’s TT challenge • Are warm downs effective? • Will taking 3 days off in a row really hurt your fitness?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 95 – TrainerRoad Podcast  

• How to train for crtieriums • The best way to train for cyclocross • How to pace a long time trial or bike split • Does riding the trainer cause unique injuries • How to mix low-volume and high-volume training plans • What the coaches look for in their power files • Aerodynamic advantages for triathlon • How to use road shoes in triathlon, Nate • Chad and Jonathan's TT challenge • Are cool downs beneficial?

Ask a Cycling Coach: 94 – TrainerRoad Podcast  

• DEXA vs. BodPod • Knee pain rehabilitation for cyclists • Coach Chad is going to The Giro! • Is lactate a myth? • What causes pain during a hard effort? • Is it more important to hit your power goals, or stay in aero position? • How to train indoors in a hot environment • Should you wait to take an FTP test after rehabbing from an injury? • Do smart trainers measure power differently than power meters? • Should triathletes train like roadies in the off season? • How to balance massive weekend rides/races with a training plan

Ask a Cycling Coach: 93 – TrainerRoad Podcast  

• Coach Chad's fasted training • Why just riding inside or just riding outside is not the best approach • Nate's high calorie experiment • Counting calories for cyclists • Why replicating your event's distance is not necessary, but can be beneficial • Nutrition's role on long rides • How to pace a road race that starts with a long climb • How to stay strong during a hard workout • How to psychologically prepare yourself for a hard workout • Does coffee dehydrate you? • Should you skip base if you have already been riding a lot?

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