Ask the Naked Scientists ENHANCED PODCAST

Ask the Naked Scientists ENHANCED PODCAST


Ask the Naked Scientists Enhanced - Your Science Questions Solved


Where do children get their intelligence? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.10.21  

Are there increases in miscarriage rates, why are rats used in experiments, could we use developments in cartilage growth to treat scaphoid wrist fractures, is it safe to do strenuous exercise as you get older, where do children get their intelligence and what causes your stomach to flip when you go on a rollercoaster? Plus, scientists using nose cells grow new knee cartilage.

Do we use all of our brain? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.10.14  

Why does the BCG vaccine cause swelling, where does moisturiser go when you put it on your face, what are the side effects of sickle-cell anaemia medication and is it true that we only use a small proportion of our brain? Plus, a gene editing technique that could provide a treatment to sickle-cell anaemia.

How do we see distant stars? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.10.07  

Is autophagy linked to autoimmune diseases, what could cause unilateral spinal dysfunction, what is adrenal fatigue and how do we see distant stars? Plus, the low down on the Nobel prizes in medicine, physics and chemistry.

How does radiation escape black holes? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.09.30  

How do we get bright images of planets, why do distant lights appear to blink, how does radiation escape black holes, what could cause a loss of smell and why does our stomach grumble when it's hungry? Plus, news of the Rosetta Mission's final hours.

Could the Earth be a living creature? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.09.23  

Could planet Earth be a living creature, how do they name medicines, what's the difference between a heart attack and a cardiomyopathy, how do HIV protective drugs work and how were the Egyptian pyramids built? Plus, news of a new gene that could screen for heart disease.

Why are men hairier than women? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.09.16  

Why are men hairier than women, how can a cockroach survive a microwave, why is our poo brown when we eat colourful food, why is the reflection on a spoon upside down, why do we close our eyes when we sneeze, do we produce saliva at night, can you make yourself taller and is there a treatment for CIAP. Plus, the monkeys that have been writing Shakespeare to treat paralysis.

How do birds sit on electric wires? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.09.02  

How do birds sit on electric wires without getting hurt, why does hot weather cause nose bleeds, how do probiotics treat vaginal thrush, is there a cure for retinitis pigmentosa, are the any solutions to the problems caused by human activity and what can you do to lessen your asthma? Plus, Australian scientists have discovered evidence of the first life on earth.

Why doesn't vodka freeze? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.08.26  

If the ice caps are made of freshwater, how did they form from a salt water ocean? How do baby lobsters eat jellyfish without getting stung? Why doesn't vodka freeze? Does putting a spoon into the neck of a champagne bottle stop it from going flat? What causes your eye to twitch? How do we know that the Earth isn't flat? What is the role of the placenta in pregnancy?

What's it like on Mars? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.08.19  

Why do we catch colds on holiday? If a fly takes off inside a car, why doesn't it get flung to the back? What are the latest treatments for macular degeneration? Is kidney infection linked to depression? Why am I choking on my saliva? Why do wheels sometimes appear to turn backwards? ... and what is it really like on Mars?

Why did the Olympic swimming pool turn green? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.08.12  

Why did the Olympic swimming pool turn green? Is it normal to get hiccoughs after eating spicy food? How accurate is carbon dating, and are there different types? Why do flying ants appear after the rain?...And what is the sun, really?

How do tornadoes form? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.07.29  

Why do I feel an electric current if I touch the wall when I'm lying on my electric blanket, is it possible to absorb vitamin D through glass, what happens to microbeads from cosmetics, how does a tornado form, with the advancement of artificial intelligence how do we know that radio presenters aren't just robots, can you use electricity to generate more electricity and what medication could be used to eradicate Staphylococcus aureus? Plus, how tomatoes hold the key to fend off plant parasites.

Why do dogs have wet noses? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.07.22  

Why do dogs have wet noses, when a fly hits a train does the train slow down, why do our ears keep growing as we age, why don't animals die when they eat other animals which are poisonous, can Metformin be used to slow ageing and can stem cells be used to reverse type one diabetes. Plus, a data storage solution that works at the scale of single atoms.

What's the science in palm reading? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.07.15  

How does wireless charging work, why do people have different coloured eyes, is drinking water from plastic bottles bad for your health, is there any truth in palm reading, what's the reason for different hair types and is the artificial sweetner Aspartame really bad for you?

How old is the Universe? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.07.08  

How old is the universe? What is the big bang? How did the universe begin? What happens when you power nap? What is the science behind black holes? What is the difference between a black hole and a wormhole? Plus, news on the Juno mission to Jupiter...

Zika vaccine effective in mice - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.07.01  

Can the vaccines that protect mice against the Zika raise the hope of a human vaccine? What are the symptoms for a disease known as lichen planus? What are genetically modified (GM) crops? Are GM crops bad for us? How can you make a genetically engineered plant? How can we improve the efficiency of the solar panels? Is aging an illness? Can we cure aging?

Why are mosquito bites so itchy? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.06.24  

Can we come up with a new way of managing mosquito infections? Can a cure for Zika virus lie in an inflammatory cream? How does the bonding process between the parents and a newborn form? Does a baby recognize a mum's voice?

Why does standing up make you see stars? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.06.17  

Why is water's molecular composition one oxygen and two hydrogens, could strong magnets on cars stop crashes, what is the VY Canis Majoris, can salt be used to cool drinks, what is sciatica and why does standing up make some people see stars?

What causes light to move? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.06.10  

How does light move without force, is there a connection between migraines and an electrical storm, what causes Parkinson's Disease, how do you treat Job syndrome, why would falling asleep cause leg contractions, what's the best way to boost your immune system, how does momentum affect impact in a crash, how bad is Uveitis and would it be hypothetically possible to observe the big bang? Plus, bone marrow transplants for multiple sclerosis treatment.

How do we vomit? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.06.03  

Do the chemicals in our food cause cancer, how do we vomit, how does the moon affect the tides, do tonsils extend vocal range, is cancer more common in certain races, how fast does electricity travel in water and could cancer be a catalyst for evolution? Plus, could we get a universal cancer vaccine?

A new way of keeping time? - Ask the Naked Scientists 16.05.27  

Why do you get dark circles under your eyes, could animal blood be used for human transplants, could we dry out silica packets in the microwave, does ozone treatment work, what's the difference between a blood transfusion and a plasma transfusion, what are the new developments in cataract surgery, is there a general anaesthetic alternative in surgery and how do anti-inflammatories work. Plus, a new way of keeping time.

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