At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podc

At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podc


Ben Nicholson-Smith and Arden Zwelling take fans inside the Blue Jays and around MLB with news, analysis and interviews.


At The Letters - March 16  

Arden joins Ben from Dunedin, Fla. to discuss Aaron Sanchez’s contract renewal and the latest on the Blue Jays' injuries. Plus a discussion of the team’s prospects, including Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

At The Letters - March 7  

Ben and Arden discuss a couple intriguing Blue Jays pitchers before inviting Mike Wilner and Shi Davidi along for a wide-ranging discussion on all things Blue Jays. This ATL episode covers everything from Brett Lawrie to Toronto’s bullpen.

At The Letters - March 2nd, 2017  

Ben joins Arden from Dunedin, Fla. to discuss the latest spring training developments including health updates on Josh Donaldson and Devon Travis and the latest on prospects such as Rowdy Tellez. Plus: a discussion of why spring training's a good reminder

At The Letters - February 21st  

ATL begins with a discussion of Josh Donaldson's calf injury and why it should be of moderate concern to the Blue Jays. Beyond that, Arden and Ben discuss Mat Latos, Jose Bautista and Marcus Stroman's suggestion that the Blue Jays have the best MLB rotati

At The Letters - February 17th, 2017  

Team Canada infielder Pete Orr joins ATL in-studio for a wide-ranging discussion. Among the highlights: the upcoming World Baseball Classic, his MLB career and his new role as a pro scout with the Brewers.

At The Letters - February 15th, 2017  

With spring training officially underway, Ben and Arden look ahead at some of the 2017 Blue Jays who might be flying under the radar. Plus, Shi Davidi joins ATL from Dunedin, Fla., to share some observations on the Blue Jays.

At The Letters - February 7th, 2017  

The Blue Jays have added Joe Smith, potentially completing their off-season. What does this mean for their bullpen? On a different topic, Arden recently profiled Shohei Otani, the two-way Japanese star. Ben and Arden discuss Otani in the second segment of

At The Letters - February 1st  

Now that the Blue Jays have signed a backup catcher and a lefty reliever, Ben and Arden make sense of the newest additions and look ahead at what might happen next. Plus: a discussion about some intriguing Blue Jays prospects.

At The Letters - January 18th  

Shi Davidi joins Ben to put the Jose Bautista signing in the context of the Blue Jays' off-season. For a national perspective on the move Dave Cameron of FanGraphs weighs in, making the case that the Bautista deal helps the Blue Jays salvage their winter.

At The Letters - January 11th  

Arden and Ben discuss the Blue Jays of Arden and Ben discuss the Blue Jays’ off-season thus far, talk Edwin and Jose and take a look at Aaron Sanchez signing with Scott Boras and what that means for Toronto.

At The Letters - December 21st  

Ben and Arden are joined by Mike Wilner and Shi Davidi to reflect on the 2016 season and look ahead to 2017

At The Letters - December 14th, 2016  

Arden and Ben break down the lack of Jays moves, Edwin Encarnación and Jose Bautista and much more

At The Letters - December 7th  

Arden is joined by Ben Nicholson Smith from the Winter Meetings to talk all things Jays

At The Letters - November 23rd  

Ben and Arden discuss Brett Cecil's contract and it's impact on the reliever market and how the Jays are going to fill their many holes. Plus, listener questions from the ATL mailbag

At The Letters - November 16th  

Ben and Arden break down the Kendrys Morales signing and what it means for the returns of Edwin and Jose, and Baseball America’s Ben Badler guests to chat about Blue Jays international prospects Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

At The Letters - November 9th  

Arden is joined by Shi Davidi from the GM meetings from Scottsdale, Arizona and Arden takes listener questions.

At The Letters - October 26th  

Arden and Ben break down free agent targets for the Toronto Blue Jays and look back at their Over/Unders from earlier in the season.

At The Letters - October 20th, 2016  

Ben and Arden break down the Jays' exit from the ALCS and look ahead to what's sure to be a very interesting offseason.

At The Letters - October 17th, 2016  

Arden and Ben do a bonus pod to break down the first 2 games of the ALCS and look forward to the next three at the Roger's centre

At The Letters - October 12th, 2016  

Ben and Arden look back on the the Wildcard game and the ALDS and look forward to the ALCS against Cleveland.

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