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Athletico Mince

United Kingdom

Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson bring you the football podcast with a cast-iron guarantee of at least 8% football content.


Ep. 30 – My Mantelpiece Is Marble  

A Casper kidnap update, Corbyn’s Chadwick boasts, Bob’s latest showdown with the Spurs gangs, and skips for teens.

Ep. 29 - Sigh by Romany Distance  

Lawro's dinner party goes with a bang, the Spurs squad gang culture, a new Greg(g) Wallace song and Steve McClaren's brand new nemesis.

Ep. 28 - Stop The Clock, Ernie!  

A couple of new catchphrases, Robson & Lawro try to get to close to Rafa again, tit crickets and some escalator memories.

Ep. 27 – Extreme Bangers  

A trip to Penrith with Lawro and Robson, drama at Steve’s house and we meet the Secret Soccer Superstar.

Ep. 26: Two Whole Roast Crabs  

Mark Lawrenson and Robson Greene go fishing, pasta comedy, Madcap Crazy Wacky Willy Club and a Casper update.

Ep. 25: Inspiration, Sophistication, Integrity and Style  

Mark Lawrenson’s pest control exploits, some carvery analysis, the latest Casper news and a very strange visit to a Jeremy Corbyn rally…

Ep. 24 - Clown Car Mercy Dash  

A Casper update, some pocket money chat, a racist ping pong ball act and a preview of a Gregg Wallace musical.

Ep. 23 - RIP Kenny Pepper  

An encounter with Jeremy Corbyn, funeral-based homoeroticism and elephant-racing in this week’s episode of the UK’s top gas-powered podcast.

Ep. 22 - Chadwick Contest  

Bob and Andy compare the weight of their Chadwicks, there's a report from a charity football match, some mild caravan chat and we learn about the 'half rush'.

Ep. 21 - An Airborne Kissing Mix-Up  

A £21 million bell, Steve McClaren's special visitor, Chadwick-weighing and a revelation about Bob's ice rink.

Ep. 20 - Consumer Special  

Bob & Andy answer listeners' consumer queries, plus air-fryer sock-drying, Steve McClaren goes on holiday and the Alderman has a kissing rival.

Ep. 19 - Shopping List Special  

Bob and Andy forensically study each other's shopping lists, the Alderman takes Bob for a ride and there's more observational comedy.

Ep. 18 - Kiss The Buckle  

The Alderman gets a new belt, Andy gets some dubious legal advice, Steve and Roy are on the decks and there's some red hot grouting chat. This episode is sponsored by use promo code MINCE10 to receive a free £10 pounds when you deposit £10. is for over 18s only. Terms and Conditions apply. Betting should be fun so please gamble responsibly.

Ep. 17 - Steve's Stinking Dishcloth  

McClaren and Hodgson’s beans on toast supper, a mink onesie, a game of London Tig and an upbeat party song.

Ep.16 - The Alderman's Toffee  

More observation comedy, the snake goes to the supermarket, ladder chat and poorly slave disposal.

Ep.15 - My Jambon Hell  

Observation comedy from Bob’s Marseille hotel room, McClaren’s sunbathing woes, a charity do with the alderman and loads and loads and loads of ham. is for over 18s only. Terms and Conditions apply. Betting should be fun so please gamble responsibly.

Ep.14 - The Susanna Hoffs Motorbike Incident  

Jamie Vardy’s massive piggy bank, a Tabitha Huntley Mystery teaser, Steve McClaren's night out at the theatre and more revelations about Bob’s relationship with the dirty alderman. is for over 18s only. Terms and Conditions apply. Betting should be fun so please gamble responsibly.

Ep.13 - BobFest Revealed  

Reaction to Top Gear, a canned chicken, a song that isn’t even new, socks, and some genuine listener feedback.

Ep.12 - Bob's Crime Club  

Knacking, a horse-related low, Robbie Savage’s home interiors and the horrors of blind servant abuse.

Ep.11 - Tom Jones’s Gold Extravagance  

Kitchen tap tips, Steve McClaren’s snake, autopsy etiquette, a recipe, and a song about ‘Yellow Sticker Hour’ up the Asda.

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