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Athletico Mince

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Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson bring you the football podcast with a cast-iron guarantee of at least 8% football content.


Ep. 48 - Milk's Off!  

An upsetting cinema visit, a kidnap, the kiss of life, some chocolate bar bother, the return of Vince Parsnips and much more...

Ep. 47 - Lawrissey's Ironmongers  

Lawro and Morrissey team up with a new business, the Liverpool gang share some grooming tips, the Secret Soccer Superstar returns and Bob spies on Pierce Morgan again...

Ep. 46 - Democracy In A Capsule  

More EPL holiday fun, Pierce Morgan meets Alan Brazil on a train, Bob has another crack at the South African tale, and we end with a beautiful duet...

Ep. 45 - Yes Please!  

We're BACK with a bumper hour-long episode - and there's more stuff in it than we could possibly list here. Enjoy...

Ep. 44 - Dinner With Morrissey  

Bob talks about dining with superstars, there's a Man United gang update, Barry Homeowner calls round, and Andy tries to get Bob to invest in a chesty health product.

Ep. 43 - New Potato Season  

Updates from Steve and Casper, the Boro gang, Barry Homeowner and much, much more...

Ep. 42 – Ding Dong, Landlord Here  

Fresh tales of the Alderman and the Man United gang, a flurry of songs, and more from Barry Homeowner.

Ep. 41 - Meet Barry Homeowner  

A new episode of Vince Parsnips' observational sitcom, another trip to South Africa, some TV show ideas, and a marital crisis for Lawro.

Ep. 40 - Hello, Is It Three You're Cooking For?  

More from the unruly mangos, the Boro gang arrive, the Secret Soccer Superstar returns, and there's an exciting announcement...

Ep. 39 - Instanbul  

More Manchester United gang activity, Christmas tree cage fighting, an agnostic ballad and another run-in with a South African maniac...

Ep. 38 - Zlatan Versus Roody Toody  

Fake news, a shoulder injury origin story, some robot war, and the end of the road for a much-loved character...

Ep. 37 - Christmas Mince... Part Two  

The second half of our Christmas offering, with Steve & Casper, the Alderman, Corbyn, some tit and heart chat, and ambitions for 2017.

Ep. 36 - A Christmas Gift To You  

Here's a collection of the very best songs from 2016's episodes. 24 hot hits - everything from Little Mouse to the Scottish dirges. Merry Christmas from Bob and Andy!

Ep. 35 - Christmas Mince... Part One  

The first half of our Christmas offering, with Lawro & Robson, Gangs of the EPL, observational comedy, the Secret Soccer Superstar and a Scottish song. Part two... soon...

Ep. 34 - Enter The Borthwick  

Supermarket dash chat, Lawro’s embarrassing ants, more EPL gang action and a tale of marital woe from a remote Scottish island.

Ep. 33 - Steve's Restaurant Showdown  

McClaren meets up with the fat lass, an observational sitcom is launched and there's a shocking turn of events on the Spurs gang scene.

Ep. 32 – The Alderman and the Apricot  

Jezza and Bill do some colouring-in, there’s a Gangs of the EPL update and Bob gets a sexy visitor.

Ep. 31 - Cuban Chicken Collective  

A restaurant run-in with Corbyn, Bob goes up the Arsenal, we find out what’s the best chop, and there’s a brand new Scottish song too.

Ep. 30 – My Mantelpiece Is Marble  

A Casper kidnap update, Corbyn’s Chadwick boasts, Bob’s latest showdown with the Spurs gangs, and skips for teens.

Ep. 29 - Sigh by Romany Distance  

Lawro's dinner party goes with a bang, the Spurs squad gang culture, a new Greg(g) Wallace song and Steve McClaren's brand new nemesis.

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