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Hayley Quinn is an international speaker, TV personality and Dating Guru. Attraction HQ is the definitive guide to having great relationships with women, without changing who you are or becoming an alpha-idiot in the process. You'll learn step by step skills to improve how you communicate with women: from how to approach a women to a brilliant first date conversation. If you're constantly the Nice Guy, the friend, or just don't know where to start I will be teaching you the ways you can authentically meet and connect with more women. As a woman Hayley will also give you the key insights into female psychology you need to understand her, plus simple, honest ways to build relationships with women. You don't need to change your DNA, you need to change your outlook. It's time to get off the sidelines and start to create the love life that you want.


Why you should embrace sextech  

Why sex toys aren't to be feared... today I talk to 'Chief Pleasure Office' Stephanie from about technological advancements in pleasure, why men using sex toys is cool and what the future of sex looks like

How to manage 'approach anxiety'  

How to overcome approach anxiety. Today I talk to Shawn from about strategies for overcoming anxiety, why social skills aren't manipulative and how to be a better communicator.

Hacking online dating  

I interview Ben from Super Fit Dad about how you can hack online dating apps

Exit the mindset for rejection  

I chat to Charles Rare @rare_thoughts about why you can't go up to her expecting it to fail! Better mindsets and skills for how you can say hello to her coming your way

How to respond to a 'no'  

This week I talk to Rosie about how you can respond to a no and ask for consent! controversial female friendly podcast for men as usual...

Why love has to evolve  

Love needs a new strategy - my HQ Club Manager AlexVanV and I take you through what needs to change. Support this awesome empowering message by voting for me to speak at SXSW

What you can learn from a male escort (!)  

In my latest controversial podcast I interview Garren James from about what it takes to be a paid male escort... and what women really are into! This interview blew my mind, I hope you enjoy it :)

How to react when she gets angry at you  

How to react when your girlfriend reacts negatively to you. I discuss communications skills for relationships with coach and performer Ashley.

Why your operating system for dating is wrong  

This week I talk to the infamous genius Ross Jeffries about how most people's world view on love is set up in a way that doesn't enable them to approach dating in a way that empowers them One of my favourite guests this man is a GENIUS

Using trust to approach her  

In this week's episode I talk to wellness coach and speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen about how trust is the sexiest quality a man can possess when he's approaching a woman. Find out more about Harriet at

The Man Cave  

In this episode I talk to wellness coach Harriet Waley-Cohen ( about what to do if you need time away from a relationship to 'process' This teaches you how to communicate things to her in a way that isn't going to freak her out. Relationship saving advice!

Body Language break down  

This week I'm joined by Layan Bubbly to talk about how you can use your physical presence to generate attraction. If you want to master body language and flirtation this is the podcast for you. Find out more about Layan at

Dating myths women believe  

Time to get some empathy so the main problems women suffer when it comes to dating. Both genders have issues in the realm of love: hopefully this episode will help you to understand her better.

Choosing who to 'wife'  

In this episode I talk to pro Matchmaker Siobhan about what qualities you need to look out for when thinking about a long term partner. It's not someone who is a 20 year old virgin bride.. come on guys! we'll teach you how to look out for better qualities than that

What to do about one night stands  

Today I speak to female entrepreneur Jae Ruax about one night stand etiquette and RESPECT As usual strong female opinions preside in this podcast on how you can relate to women better Catch up with Jae on socials @jaeruax

Don't leave the door open  

This week I'm joined by therapist and writer Charles Rare to talk about not keeping your options open and committing to a course of action You can find more about Charles here: @rare_thoughts

Connection chemistry  

This week we're talking connection and how to build it with her. There are no lines and gimmicks just good solid advice about how to be more present and develop conversational tools that will help you to connect with her. I'm joined by Jon Matrix from a male dating coach who looks at how men can improve their lives holistically.

Cold approaching women with Beckstar  

This week I chat to Beckstar about cold approaching women i.e. how to say hello to a complete (& sexy!) stranger eeek. This episode's full of great practical advice so I hope you enjoy it

Bisexual women & the men that love them  

In this special episode of my podcast I talk to Ralph Sutton from the SDR show about why he'll only date bisexual women, and about closure, and about love in general. We had our differences but you'll love how candid and out there this episode is. Find out more about Ralph at

Dating bisexual women  

I talk to shock jock Ralph Sutton from the 'SDR' (read: sex drugs and rock and roll) show about love, dating and his interesting approach to only having bisexual female partners. After an initial period of loathing I decided Ralph was pretty alright... listen in and here this guy run wild with his ideas on sex, dating and why there's no such thing as closure.

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