Australian Prescriber Podcast

Australian Prescriber Podcast


The Australian Prescriber Podcast provides a regular dive into some of the many great articles that Australian Prescriber publishes every two months. In each episode, our host will chat with one of the authors from a recent issue of Australian Prescriber.


Episode 5 – Community use of naloxone for opioid overdose  

Pharmacist Dhineli Perera interviews Dr Marianne Jauncey about naloxone, how it works, when it is used and its increased access in the community.

Episode 4 – Chronic heart failure  

Dr David Liew interviews Dr Ingrid Hopper about the management of chronic heart failure. Diagnosing the type of heart failure is critical as it determines treatment.

Episode 3 – Immunisation and pregnancy  

Dr Janine Rowse interviews Dr Kerrie Wiley about the benefits and safety of vaccination during pregnancy.

Episode 2 – Changing Australian medicine names  

Dhineli Perera interviews Jerry Yik about the TGA’s decision to change approximately 200 Australian medicines names. Why are they doing this, is it a good thing, and who will be affected? 

Episode 1 - Retail Genetics  

Dr David Liew interviews Dr Ken Harvey about over-the-counter genetic tests, and whether they are all they promise to be.

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