Autastic: A Comedians Guide to Autism

Autastic: A Comedians Guide to Autism


Autism is not all gloom and doom. A weekly podcast about the lighter side of living with Autism. The Autastic Podcast is hosted by Graham Kay and Kirk Smith who are both comedians living in Los Angeles. Kirk has a teenaged son with Autism and Graham has an autistic adult brother. Together they talk about the lighter side of living with and coping with autism.


Ep. 96: Graham talk about Peter (Kirk is on Hiatus).  

Graham talk about Peter (Kirk is on Hiatus). Also we interview Peter.  

Ep. 95: Some very very sad news  

This week we have terrible news.  Lorena JJ's mom passed away unexpectedly.  Hug your family.

Ep. 94: Interviewing Renee Gardner and Kirk is sick and loopy  

Our final interview from the conference, Jill interviews Renee Gardner, PhD, of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.  Also Kirk is sick and does not make any sense.

Ep. 93: Autism Speaks Chief Science officer speaks  

This week Jill Esher travels to San Francisco to attend the International meeting for Autism research.  We have interviews of:

Dr. Tom Frazier, new chief science officer for Autism Speaks


Dr. David Amaral, research director at the UC Davis MIND Institute

Dr. Thomas Avino, UC Davis, discussing Autism BrainNet

I hope you enjoy this weeks special episode about the brain.



Ep. 92: Study links intelligence genes to Autism  

This week we discuss a new genetic study identifying 40 new intelligence genes and makes a connection to Autism.

Ep. 91: Part 3 of GAAD.  Inventor Andreas Forsland stops by  
This week we interview Andreas Forsland the inventor of Smart stones.  Also we talk about the Grey Skull cup, Peter know everyone in town.     Andreas Forsland  |   Smartstones, Inc. :prose™ translates body language into speech    | download :prose now   Get Volume Licensing for Education & Healthcare Use   2017 Roddenberry Prize Winner
2016 Edison Award Gold Winner
2016 Singularity University Grand Challenge Winner    


Ep. 90: Sooinn Lee CEO of Enuma talks apps. Part 2 GAAD  

Part 2 of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. This week we interview the CEO of Enuma, Sooinn Lee.



Ep. 89: We travel to Apple for: Global accessibility awareness day Part 1  

Global accessibility awareness dayThis week talk to Sarah Herrlinger, senior manager of global accessibility policy and initiatives at Apple. This is Part one of 3 interviews surrounding Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Ep. 88: Electroshock therapy?  

This weeks in the news we talk about Electroshock therapy.  Is this real?  What are the results like?

Ep 87: JJ's mom calls and give us the real story!  

We hear Lorena's side of the story.  She tells us her side of this.

Ep. 86: JJ's Seizures, a connection between antidepressants and autism?  

JJ's Seizures.  A new Swedish study about taking antidepressants durning pregnancy does not contribute to autism.  Also relationships with parents.

Ep. 85: Sesame Street gets a character with Autism: Julia  

Sesame Street gets a character with Autism: Julia. We talk about Frank Campagna who writes a blog called Autism dad.

Ep. 83: JJ's new place, Peter is journaling.  

JJ's new places great!  Talking Swedish accents.  Peter is journaling/calendaring.  Swedish accents. Dating resources for people on the spectrum. 

EP. 82: Kids not appreciating parents, Peter beats Graham at Bowling  

Kids not appreciating parents, Peter beats Graham at Bowling…again and again.


Being friends with people from different backgrounds.


Ep. 81: BACK from Hiatus!  

Kirk deals with some unexpected challenges traveling to Sweden on Short notice.  Graham extends his tour.  Continuing his adventures in Canada during pilot season.

EP. 80: Kirk’s in Saint John, Graham’s green card tour is coming to an end!  

Kirk’s in Saint John, Graham’s green card tour is coming to an end!

Ep. 79: Temple Grandin interview  

This week we score a short interview with Temple Grandin courtesy of Jill Escher.

Ep. 78: Autastic Australia, JJ loves ice skating, Peter is chatting up girls  

Kirk gives an update of one man show in Australia.  Graham braves the frozen tundra of the north.  Graham and Peter go Bowling...Peter wins then chats up a girl.

Teaching Improv to people with Autism.  When JJ’s tried he’ll say, “Good day to you" and leave.Letters we get letters


Ep. 77: Poop, fecal transplants a thing? Also no touching.  


This week, new research on fecal transplants.  Peter doesn't like to be touched.  Graham fighting a pot belly. And Tweeting about Autism.

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