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Nissan Leaf and the future of auto shows | Autoblog Podcast #525  

We drove the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the BMW M550i.

We drove the Ford Ranger | Autoblog Podcast #520  

We flew to New Zealand just to drive a truck.

Sampling the Hyundai Kona | Autoblog Podcast #519  

We discuss discos of the Land Rover variety, overpriced Civics, and market price Demons.

Highland Porsches and Ford Firing | Autoblog Podcast #516  

Alex got to drive a bunch of cool Porsches and we kind of hate him for it.

New York Auto Show wrap-up | Autoblog Podcast #513  

On this episode, we look back at the New York Show, talk about driving a Ford F-650 dump truck, and give out some car buying advice.

New York preview | Autoblog Podcast #512  

On this episode, we preview the New York Auto Show, talk Nissan Sentras and Range Rovers, and then get into some buying advice.

From Maseratis to rental cars | Autoblog Podcast #511  

We discuss Maserati's foray into crossovers, why bad cars can make good rentals, and the new and used cars you should buy.

Camel-power and Challengers | Autoblog Podcast #510  

From the AWD Dodge Challenger to a new method of measuring power, this podcast has it all.

Volkswagen's latest ad is not subtle | Autoblog Podcast #509  

James Riswick joins us to discuss the many new cars he's driven, we rant about a VW ad, and then it's time to spend your money.

A case for the Eclipse Cross | Autoblog Podcast #508  

We recap the recent crop of supercars and Mike advocates for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

The Geneva show was crazy bananas | Autoblog Podcast #507  

Supercar overload in Switzerland, what we've been driving, and lots of hand-crafted car-buying advice.

ZL1 1LE OMG and a Geneva Show precap | Autoblog Podcast #506  

We talk sports sedan fights and crazy Camaros, do a big Geneva preview, and spend your theoretical money.

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