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Background Briefing - Program podcast


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Death in Kalgoorlie  

When a 13 year old indigenous boy was allegedly run over and killed by a 55 yr-old white man driving a ute, a WA mining town erupted. Sarah Dingle investigates death and desperation in Kalgoorlie.

Murder on the Derwent  

It's the murder trial that split Tasmania. But is Sue Neill-Fraser innocent or is she - as the jury found - a calculating, manipulative liar who murdered her husband?

The battle over Sydney's heart  

The eviction of social housing tenants from Sydney's CBD is nearly complete. Heritage, history and the wellbeing of an ageing population has been traded off to build more social housing elsewhere.

Betting the farm  

It's been a year of wild weather and farmers are asking is climate change biting harder and faster than predicted?

Early inheritance syndrome  

Children and carers are trying to get their hands on the assets of elderly and vulnerable people who still have many years of life ahead of them. As David Lewis found out, the perpetrators often get away with it.

The body in the freezer  

In 1979 an Adelaide lawyer was shot and his body stuffed in a freezer with frozen food. His boyfriend was found guilty. Now he's appealing that and now suggests the killing was linked to the infamous 'family murders'.

No love lost in the Greens  

You might not know it, but the Greens have a right wing. Mind you, they deny it. Inside the split in the Greens.

Why did my baby die?  

Six babies are born still every day in Australia. Up to a third of those deaths might be preventable, but experts say fatalistic and outdated attitudes are holding back progress. Hager Cohen investigates.

Battle of the brewery  

How do three casuals in Perth get to decide on wages deal at the CUB brewery in Melbourne?

The Australian Brexit factor  

Disenchanted and feeling left behind one in four voters deserted the old parties. Reporter David Lewis investigates the Brexit factor

The brutal politics of a virus that won't go away  

Putin's war on drugs is fuelling an AIDS crisis, while in Uganda HIV+ people are being criminalised. Natasha Mitchell reports.

Black Saturday's long shadow  

Seven and a half years after the deadly Black Saturday bushfires, the ordeal is still not over for many. An historic half billion dollar class action settlement has still not been paid out. Rachel Carbonell investigates why tensions and tempers have begun to flare among some survivors in the class action.

Banks on trial  

Three of Australia’s biggest banks stand accused of manipulating a key part of the wiring behind our financial system. As Mario Christodoulou found out, the unfolding court battle is providing a glimpse inside a sometimes-seedy world of high salaries, bad behaviour, champagne and lap dancing. (Warning: This audio download contains strong language that may be offensive to some listeners)

An inside job  

Migrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter the UK sometimes use boats, but more often hide themselves in cars and trucks. To the frustration of UK authorities, it’s often British people smugglers who offer to take people across the border. This special investigation from the BBC takes us inside the people smuggling networks, to find out why people become involved in such a risky business. Due to copyright restrictions there will be no Background Briefing podcast or transcript this week. But you’ll find a link to the original BBC podcast below.

Selling the stem cell promise  

Clinics across the country are offering stem cell therapy for everything from Alzheimer's to arthritis, but some patients are coming to harm, with little evidence to support the procedures they're undergoing. Ann Arnold reports.

The Extra Mile  

As the number of Aboriginal kids in out-of-home care skyrockets, Victoria's child protection system has failed to reconnect many of these children with their culture, families and communities. Bridget Brennan investigates.

The price of milk  

Thousands of dairy farmers have been hit with huge debts after Murray Goulburn misread the market and blew up the milk price. David Lewis investigates how it all went so sour

Sis we've got your back  

When Indigenous leader Roy 'Dootch' Kennedy was finally jailed for his sex crimes, the women who stood up for his victim were pilloried and harassed. Bronwyn Adcock investigates.

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