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The podcast channel for BangTheBook features sports betting analysis and free picks from some of the industry's top handicappers. With NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, and College Basketball podcasts, we cover all the sports with betting tips, free picks, stats, and matchup analysis on all the games that you want to know about.


BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast December 6  

The "Tuesday Meeting" show on BangTheBook Radio features a couple of outstanding handicappers looking to help you get better at betting on sports. College football bowl season is here and we're ready to break it all down for you with Bryan Leonard of and also Sports Cheetah of With Bryan, we'll focus on the MAC teams that are in postseason play and also talk about some of the differences between betting bowl season and betting the regular season. They'll discuss line moves, value in a number, and a whole lot more. Hunting for Winners with Sports Cheetah is one of our best segments. Cheetah is a terrific handicapper and a very insightful guy, so we're excited to get his thoughts on bowl season and also on some of the things going on in the world of college basketball. Like Bryan, Cheetah has a different approach to the postseason than he does to the regular season and also answers a listener question about hedging futures to try and lock in a profit. He also purchased the Lamar Jackson Heisman ticket on PropSwap, so we'll talk about that with him as well.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast December 5  

It's time to fire up the BangTheBook Radio train again and jump on before it leaves the station. It's Monday and we're ready to start things off on the right foot with a bunch of great sports betting analysis and free picks. We've got a 90-minute mega show for you today to shake off those work week blues. First, host Adam Burke is joined by Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible for the NFL Week in Review and Monday Night Football Preview. The matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets will be covered, as well as a busy NFL Sunday during Week 13. Next, we'll have a full hour with Kyle Hunter of There's going to be a ton of information in this segment. Bowl season is here, bringing tidings of comfort and joy to girls and boys around the betting world. The College Football First Look will focus on how to prep for bowl season and the important betting tips to keep in mind. Examples of these games will illustrate these points and the guys will talk about some early lines to look for. In the second half hour, the focus will be on college basketball during the Handicapping the Hardwood segment. Kyle has a long list of college basketball betting information to share with listeners, with fade/follow teams based on matchups, tempo changes, and a free pick between Arizona and Missouri. Don't miss this show. It's going to be a great one!

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast December 2  

Happy Friday! After what was a tough work week coming out of the holiday weekend, we're thankful for another weekend and that also means that we have a few items of business to take care of before we send you into the days without live BangTheBook Radio recordings. Host Adam Burke is joined by Cole Ryan for the Week 13 Westgate SuperContest Selections segment to start things off. The guys are coming off of a 4-0-1 week to improve to 28-31-1 in the world's toughest handicapping test. The hard work is finally showing in the results. Get their SuperContest NFL picks and picks and NFL betting tips for every game during the Rapid Fire Rundown segment. After missing out last week with a tough holiday schedule, listeners will hear from Brent of DSI Sportsbook once again this week for The Odds Report. Guys on "The List" are plenty active here this time of year with college football and the NFL and their bets are the respected ones that move lines around. Brent tells us about where those sharp players are putting their money down in those two football markets and also gives us a unique perspective that most bettors don't get to hear.

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast December 2  

Betting the Buckets only takes up a few minutes of your time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you'd be crazy not to make that trade for all the great basketball betting insight, free picks, and more. Hoops host Cole Ryan brings it hard throughout the week to share the NBA wagering angles that you need in order to have success betting on basketball. There's something different on each and every episode, whether it's an exercise in deciphering coach-speak, the Beyond the Box Score segment, a report on some teams that are rolling or some teams that are struggling. It's all about educating and informing the listeners on the great sport of professional basketball. It's blazing quick with a free pick, so tune in, cash in, and pass along the great NBA betting tips, tricks, and tools of the trade on this short podcast.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast December 1  

It's the last month of the year and what a year it has been for us on BangTheBook Radio. December is a very hectic month for handicapping with the Christmas holiday, bowl games, the push for the NFL playoffs, NHL, NBA, college basketball, and so much going on. Keep it tuned right here and we'll set you up for success. On this Thursday show, host Adam Burke will be joined by Brad Powers of for this week's Powers Picks segment. The guys will cover a long list of conference championship games, including the Pac-12, SEC, ACC, and Big Ten, and also Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma for the Big 12 title. Brad will also share his Week 13 NFL picks and analysis. Host note: The beeping sound in the background was out of our control and we sincerely apologize. It only happened while the host was talking, so please focus on Brad's outstanding analysis and not the 8-bit video game soundtrack in the background of Adam's parts. We'll get some top-notch college football and college basketball analysis for Conference USA from Alex Nicolas of Miner Rush, the SBNation home of the UTEP Miners. We'll get his thoughts on the C-USA football title game between the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. We'll also hear from him on the state of Conference USA for college basketball this season. Jay Primetown of joins us on this 90-minute mega show for a look at The Ultimate Fighter 24 finale at The Palms in Las Vegas. Flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson will take on the winner of the flyweight tournament for TUF 24 and Jay will break down that fight and the others on the card to find you the betting opportunities that can build your bankroll.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 30  

It's Wednesday and you know what that means. It's time to focus on the NFL. BangTheBook Radio listeners remember the Gridiron Gambling Report back from when we started just doing a couple of podcasts a week and we've kept that segment around even as we've grown into the sports betting talk radio juggernaut that we are. The Week 13 Gridiron Gambling Report segment with host Adam Burke and Cole Ryan was chock full of terrific NFL betting information. At the start, the guys reminded listeners about all of the things to keep in mind here during the holiday season. Then, the focus shifted to specific games, with the Thursday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings leading things off. Sunday games featured the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. To wrap up the show, host Adam Burke will give out some NHL betting thoughts and observations with tonight's small card and also for tomorrow night's games. He'll also update listeners on the latest in MLB with a look at the futures market and some of the developments of the offseason.

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 30  

Hump Day means Hoops Day in the world of Cole Ryan and that means another thrilling edition of Betting the Buckets. This blazing quick with a pick look around the NBA is full of terrific betting information to help listeners in a quick 10-15 minute format. Cole is monitoring all of the NBA action for you to pay close attention to adjustments that teams are making, misleading outcomes, and all of those things that affect the betting market, but may not be caught by most handicappers. With a look Beyond the Box Score, at a Calendar Crunch, and at some teams that should be on your radar this week and in the coming weeks, this is a must-listen for any serious NBA bettor. Cole wraps up with his exclusive free pick and then you are on your way to wow your friends and cash those tickets.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 29  

After a great Monday show, it's time to get right back up on the horse and to keep bringing you the sports betting information and analysis that you've come to expect from BangTheBook Radio. Our "Tuesday Meeting" show is an excellent opportunity for us to do just that. On this November 29 edition, we welcome two professional handicappers from to the airwaves. First, Bryan Leonard joins us to break down the MAC Championship Game between Ohio and Western Michigan, the AAC Championship Game between Temple and Navy, and the Mountain West Championship Game between San Diego State and Wyoming. The guys will also talk Week 13 of the NFL, including the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Minnesota Vikings. In the second part of today's show, we hear from Sports Cheetah of for this week's Hunting for Winners segment. Cheetah was recording away from home, so turn the volume up a little bit to hear all of the great things that he had to say. This segment focused on college football and college basketball, with some thoughts on whether or not past games mean anything here during the Conference Championship weekend. Also, Cheetah discussed some college basketball futures betting opportunities and some of the things that he uses to handicap college hoops, like home court advantage.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 28  

After a long holiday weekend, it's back to the grind for many, but it also means a new week of BangTheBook Radio, so the news is not all bad. We've got plenty of stuff to talk about coming out of a very busy weekend of football. We'll start things off on this Monday show with some NFL analysis from Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible during our NFL Week in Review & Monday Night Football Preview segment, with Joe's thoughts on the matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles. He'll also recap an interesting Week 12 in which the favorites had a big day. Last week, we had our first Handicapping the Hardwood segment of the season and that meant a full hour with Kyle Hunter of We'll do the same thing here this week, beginning with our College Football First Look. The guys will preview the conference championship games in the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, and ACC and also give additional college football thoughts and news. On the basketball side, Kyle has a list of teams to watch given some big changes and some good college basketball betting opportunities for wagering early in the season.

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 28  

Good morning, hoops heads. Shake off that Thanksgiving Weekend hangover with some NBA betting insight from the great Cole Ryan on the November 28 edition of Betting the Buckets. It was a busy weekend and a lot of stuff going on and you may have missed some of what happened in the NBA. The fortunate thing is that Cole is here to give you a blazing quick with a pick look at the Association with stats, trends, Beyond the Box Score nuggets, a look at a Calendar Crunch, and a deep dive into all things NBA. Handicappers need to know what to expect and what could have an impact in the future, so that's why this 10-15 minute look at the NBA is a must for all serious bettors.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 25  

On the day after Thanksgiving, we'll wrap up an abbreviated week on BangTheBook Radio with our Friday broadcast. On this week's Friday show, host Adam Burke will be joined by Cole Ryan for the Week 12 Westgate SuperContest Selections segment. On this segment, the guys will discuss their Week 12 NFL picks for the world's ultimate handicapping test with detailed breakdowns, stats, trends, and a whole lot more for the games that they like for this week's card. They'll also give picks on all of the remaining games during the Rapid Fire Rundown segment. Brent from DSI Sportsbook was unable to join the show this week because of Thanksgiving football and other scheduling conflicts, but he gave Adam a list of games to read off that have received sharp action this week in both the college football and the NFL betting markets so that listeners will still get The Odds Report, just not from Brent. It's an unconventional way to wrap up this week of BangTheBook Radio content, but we're still happy to have you along for the ride.

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 25  

Another full week of Betting the Buckets, our NBA handicapping podcast with hoops host Cole Ryan is in the books with his latest November 25 episode. This is such a terrific resource to all NBA bettors, as Cole shares NBA betting tips, free NBA picks, sports betting advice, and a whole lot more with so many excellent stats, trends, and wagering angles. His ability to break down a game is a valuable asset to our listeners, with a look Beyond the Box Score at something you may have missed or hadn't even thought of, a Calendar Crunch to show good situational betting opportunities, and, of course, free picks and opinions for upcoming games. It'll only take up about 10 or 15 minutes of your day, so join the Buckets Brigade and cash tickets at the betting window.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 23  

It's Thanksgiving Eve, so you're getting geared up for a huge weekend of football and a huge weekend of eating. Probably some Black Friday shopping, too. Well, take us with you on your travels. Our Wednesday edition of BangTheBook Radio will be a little bit different here this week. With no Thanksgiving broadcast (sorry!), we'll have one of our regular segments, but we'll also be changing things up. Wednesday's change will feature our Powers Picks segment with Brad Powers. We've bounced him around a little bit recently, but his analysis is always spot-on. We'll get some thoughts for him on the rivalry games this week during Week 13 of the college football season and also talk with him about some tips for staying up on everything here during the busy holiday season. The Pick Six segment and Brad's free pick for college football will transition into Week 12 of the NFL with some quick thoughts on the professionals. Second, our Gridiron Gambling Report segment with Adam Burke and Cole Ryan will cover everything that you need to know in order to make informed NFL wagers for Week 12. The guys will talk about Vikings vs. Lions and Redskins vs. Cowboys on Thanksgiving, along with two other NFL games.  

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 23  

On this Wednesday November 23 edition of Betting the Buckets, host Cole Ryan takes a look around the NBA to give you the information that you need to have success betting on basketball. On this segment, Cole took a deep dive behind Beyond The Box Score to find those misleading numbers and those wagering angles and tips that nobody else is looking for. He also discusses tough scheduling spots during the Calendar Crunch segment and gives a free pick to the loyal listeners that turns into a nice boost to the bankroll.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 22  

It's time once again for our Tuesday Meeting show. Some of the best handicappers in Las Vegas join us every week on BangTheBook Radio and we're very fortunate to get their insights on a variety of different sports and games. The famed Tuesday Meeting in Sin City has come to BangTheBook Radio with two of its smartest minds. First, we'll be joined by Bryan Leonard of for a discussion of Week 13 of the college football season and also Week 12 of the NFL season. The MAC is Bryan's specialty, so we'll get his thoughts on Toledo vs. Western Michigan and some Tuesday MACtion. You never know what you might hear, so it's best just to tune in. After that, we'll go Hunting for Winners with Sports Cheetah, another professional handicapper from This week, we have to talk college football with Cheetah, so we'll get his thoughts on a couple of big-time matchups this week, as Colorado takes on Utah and BYU takes on Utah State. Rivalry Week always brings a lot of interesting matchups and these two are no exception. We'll also talk some NBA as there are a lot of things going on in the Association. Cheetah will have some good NBA betting tips and picks for our listeners and a whole lot more

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 21  

It's time to kick off a new week of BangTheBook Radio sports betting picks and analysis. A lot of things happened in the football world and we'll recap all of those and set you up for success on what is a busy holiday week. First, we'll kick things off with Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible for our NFL Week in Review and Monday Night Football preview. Joe's scouting and talent evaluation background is really beneficial for our listeners because he focuses on the intricacies of the game and some of the things that we may not be able to see while trying to follow all of the games. He'll also help us preview the Monday Night Football game in Mexico City between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders. Next, we'll take a full hour with Kyle Hunter of to talk college sports. First, our College Football First Look for Week 13 as it's Rivalry Week (or Hate Week) for many of the teams across the country. The guys will talk about what happened in Week 12 and then move ahead to Week 13 with game breakdowns like LSU vs. Texas A&M, Washington vs. Washington State, and That Team Up North vs. Ohio State. The second portion of the segment will be our Handicapping the Hardwood college basketball betting segment, as Kyle discusses some coaching changes and what the new hires mean from a betting standpoint. Free picks and college basketball betting tips will come hot and heavy during these segments throughout the season. (Host note: Apologies for some audio issues (out of our control) during the Kyle Hunter segments. Please fast forward through the period where the audio cut out from about 1:19:40 to 1:20:00.)

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 21  

Who needs coffee when you have the energy and the excitement of Cole Ryan in the morning? Coming out of an interesting weekend in the NBA our Hoops Host with the Most is back for another thrilling installment of Betting the Buckets, our NBA handicapping podcast. There's a lot to unpack from the busy Friday night slate and the weekend and that's why Cole's wicked quick with a pick segment is just what you need to get up to speed. Cole took a look Beyond the Box Score at some recent games to illustrate some key NBA betting points and also looked at a Calendar Crunch and dug deep to find those NBA wagering angles you need to bang the books on this holiday week and beyond. With a free pick to wrap up the show, this standalone NBA gambling segment is just what you need to start the week off right.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 18  

We're wrapping up another great week of BangTheBook Radio with our usual Friday lineup. On The Odds Report, Brent, an oddsmaker from DSI Sportsbook, joins us to chat about where the money is being bet by guys on "the list". The list is comprised of the sharpest guys in the shop and maybe of the numbers hit by the professionals are still there for the taking, so feel free to follow along or fade after hearing these college football picks and NFL wagers. That also means that you'll hear from Adam Burke and Cole Ryan with this week's Westgate SuperContest Selections segment. The picks haven't worked out as well as the guys had hoped this season, but they still give out a lot of great information during this segment and information is everything for sports bettors. They're still plugging away in the SuperContest and you can play along with (or fade) their selections for Week 11. Along with the SuperContest games, the games give picks on every other game on the card during the Rapid Fire Rundown segment. Host note: Due to an editing error caught right before the show, the Odds Report was played in front of the SuperContest segment this week. Please note the timestamps. 0:00-3:50 - Show intro 3:50-34:30 - Brent from DSI Sportsbook The Odds Report 34:30-1:23:45 - Week 11 Westgate SuperContest Selections segment

Betting the Buckets NBA Handicapping Podcast November 18  

Betting the Buckets is wrapping up its first full week of the season and it's already getting rave reviews. BangTheBook Radio personality Cole Ryan takes listeners around the NBA with important stats, betting trends, schedule analysis, and a whole lot more to help you bang the books in the tough basketball betting market. On this Friday November 18 segment, Cole focused on some developments earlier in the week during the Beyond the Box Score segment that could have an impact on action tonight and this weekend. He also discussed a Calendar Crunch and some coachspeak between the lines before giving you a free pick winner for Friday night and some thoughts about the weekend.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast November 17  

Our Thursday 90-minute mega show is back, as we have three great guests to cover a variety of sports betting topics and markets. We'll get things started with this week's Powers Picks segment with professional handicapper Brad Powers of to chat about Week 12 of the college football season and Week 11 of the NFL season. Brad is one of the top football handicappers in the world and it's always a joy to get his expertise each and every week. Kyle Kensing of will chat with us briefly about the College Football Playoff chaos and then we'll dig into the Pac-12 and the Big West for college hoops to preview how some of those teams may line up for some college basketball picks this season. Finally, Jay Primetown of will give us picks and predictions for the double dose of UFC events this weekend. UFC Fight Night 99 Mousasi vs. Hall is in Belfast and UFC Fight Night 100 Bader vs. Nogueira is in Sao Paulo.

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