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The podcast channel for BangTheBook features sports betting analysis and free picks from some of the industry's top handicappers. With NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, and College Basketball podcasts, we cover all the sports with betting tips, free picks, stats, and matchup analysis on all the games that you want to know about.


BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 25  

On this week's "Tuesday Takeover" edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible for a comprehensive breakdown of the 2017 NFL Draft and all of the prop bets that are available for this week's event. Adam and Joe took a deep dive into the quarterbacks and their projected draft positions, as well as the running backs, wide receivers, and a personal favorite of Joe's at the tight end position. They also covered the defensive side of the ball. There are a lot of prop bets out there with very reasonable lines that enhance your fan experience for this weekend's event and you definitely don't want to miss Joe's thoughts at the end about some players that are not listed in the props, but could be guys to watch at the NFL level.

The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 24  

It's Monday and that means another week of work. However, the news is not all bad because it means another edition of The Bettor's Box. BangTheBook's MLB betting podcast hosted by Adam Burke goes deeper into baseball betting than any other show in the industry. Per usual, Adam started with a deep dive Beyond the Box Score, including a comprehensive list of concerns about the Chicago Cubs rotation. He also went Down the Lines to evaluate line moves and then included his top play for Monday night. The Monday Mailbag featured two MLB questions and one NFL question. Sample size notes and a DFS tip led into what he's looking at for the week ahead on the diamond.

The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 20  

Host Adam Burke was back in the saddle again on Thursday for the latest edition of The Bettor's Box,'s MLB betting podcast. You simply don't get information about baseball betting as detailed or as helpful anywhere else in the industry. Adam went Beyond the Box Score to take a look back at three series that just ended to recap what we saw and what betting angles can come from it. He also explained some line moves in todya's Down The Lines segment. This included a pick for Thursday night's action with a fade on a pitcher in line for some serious regression. He also talked about defensive metrics and how they can be incorporated into your MLB handicapping and looked at the weekend ahead, including a teaser for a big play coming up on Monday.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 18  

On this week's Tuesday Takeover show on BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by the great Philip Rossman-Reich of to chat NBA playoffs. Philip's work can also be found at The Step Back, so he's keeping his focus on the postseason despite the front office turnover with Orlando. On this segment, the guys broke down each of the eight first-round series in the NBA playoffs to look at adjustments that need to be made and to also talk about some of the spreads for the upcoming games in those respective series. LeBron James, Paul George, James Harden, John Wall, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, and Isaiah Thomas are all doing their thing, but it's the supporting casts that got a lot of the attention on this episode. Philip had a lot of strong thoughts and opinions, as well as some outlooks on how the rest of the series will play out.

The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 17  

Host Adam Burke was back and quite possibly better than ever on today's edition of The Bettor's Box,'s MLB betting podcast. There were a lot of things to cover from this past weekend and nobody does it like he does it. This is undoubtedly the most informative MLB podcast in the sports betting industry. He started by going Beyond the Box Score with some talking points from the series between the Mets and Marlins, Rangers and Mariners, and Rockies and Giants. He talked about a few key pitchers from those series. Perhaps the most important segment of today's show was when Adam talked about the teams due for some positive and negative regression based on sequencing, runners in scoring position, and more. Instead of going Down the Lines today, Adam used that time for the Monday Mailbag, with three great listener questions and topics. He gave a sabermetric stat and explained it, gave out an important daily fantasy baseball tip, and then gave out his top pick best bet for Monday night. A look ahead at the next three days finished off what was a very strong edition of the show.

The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 13  

The Bettor's Box is's exceptional MLB betting podcast with tons of tremendous content and analysis from our host Adam Burke. You're not going to find the depth of information anywhere else in the industry that you can find with this show. Adam started with a look Beyond the Box Score at some recent series that just wrapped up and analyzed some of the stats and interesting notes that can help with your baseball handicapping. He also took a look Down the Lines to analyze some line movements since we were last on the air on Monday. With a pick for Thursday night, an explanation of a key sabermetric stat, a daily fantasy baseball tip, and a look ahead to the matchups coming up this weekend, listeners are now ready to go out and bang the books on the bases.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 11  

On the April 11 edition of BangTheBook Radio, Sports Cheetah from was this week's guest for the Tuesday Takeover show. We brought Cheetah on to discuss the NBA playoffs and some of the betting strategies that he incorporates at this time of year. You'll remember from past segments with Cheetah that his NBA betting exposure has been pretty low late in the regular season, but he fires it back up for the playoffs. The guys talked about betting series prices, the Zig-Zag Theory, and live betting strategies as we look ahead to the Larry O'Brien Trophy presentation. This was a great segment to have you ready to go when the basketball playoffs tip off later this week.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 10  

Host Adam Burke had a lot to do on today’s edition of BangTheBook Radio. There were three separate segments rolled into one with The Bettor’s Box, the Monday Mailbag, and an early look at the NHL playoffs. Baseball took up the majority of today’s show with some really strong advice and insight that you are definitely not going to find anywhere else out there in the industry. After talking about the great contests being offered at and the content available to readers, Adam stepped into The Bettor’s Box and took listeners on a trip around Major League Baseball. He went Beyond the Box Score into some of the most notable series from the weekend. He went Down the Lines to explain some line moves and why he thought the numbers moved the way they did. He also discussed a sabermetric stat of the day, a DFS tip, and pick for Monday night’s action, and also a look ahead at the games coming up before Thursday’s edition of the show. The Monday Mailbag had a handful of listener questions about betting types, terminology, and a puck line vs. run line debate. Adam also gave some initial thoughts on the upcoming NHL playoff matchups, as the postseason begins on Wednesday.

The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 6  

On this edition of The Bettor’s Box, Adam gave some introductory thoughts on what the show is all about and what listeners can expect to hear about. This show featured a Beyond the Box Score look at the series between the Indians and Rangers, Rockies and Brewers, Astros and Mariners, and Giants and Diamondbacks. With the Down the Lines segment, Adam fielded a listener question about predicting line moves and talked about what the big moves mean this time of the year. He picked up on a few trends with teams early on in the season, including a betting angle on the Tampa Bay Rays. Today’s sabermetric stat of the day was his personal favorite offensive statistic and his daily fantasy tip is something that everybody can apply with ease. His top pick actually came from the NHL with a lot of day games on the MLB side, but he did add a MLB pick.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 4  

The first installment of our "Tuesday Takeover" show on BangTheBook Radio won't be a whole lot different than what you're used to hearing on Tuesdays. Host Adam Burke will be joined by Bryan Leonard of to chat some NBA and also some MLB. Late-season NBA betting is a challenge, but the playoffs are drawing closer and that means that it's about time to re-evaluate some of the NBA teams and see how they are playing heading into the postseason. On the MLB side, Adam and Bryan will discuss the challenges of betting early in the year with a very inefficient market and how that affects his ability to get plays to clients. To wrap things up, Adam will give a few MLB thoughts based on Opening Day and also take a look at the NHL card for tonight.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast April 3  

The last show with our traditional BangTheBook Radio format for a while will be on Monday. We'll start things out with host Adam Burke and the Monday Mailbag segment. Listeners have sent in some interesting questions for this week's segment, so Adam will talk about those and also break into some Major League Baseball betting advice. Kyle Hunter of joins us to break down tonight's National Championship Game between Gonzaga and North Carolina. We'll also get Kyle's thoughts on how his college basketball season went and what he needs to do in order to improve going forward. The guys will also chat a bit about Kyle's approach to baseball and some of the win total picks that he made for the 2017 season.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 31  

We've got one more show left to go on our current schedule. Host Adam Burke will talk about our updated schedule for the months of April, May, June, and July as we scale back just a little bit over the spring and summer months. He'll also give out his top season win total bets for the upcoming MLB season and also some updated MLB futures opinions as we look ahead to Opening Day on Sunday. He'll include some NHL talk for the weekend and also a look at the NBA schedule for this weekend's games. Rob Pizzola of Prediction Machine joins us in the second half of today's show. He'll address the simulations for the Final Four games and shed some light on who is likely to advance to Monday's National Championship Game as we say goodbye to March Madness. Rob will also give us some of his Major League Baseball thoughts for the upcoming season and the guys will touch on the NHL a little bit as we look ahead to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 30  

We've talked about the Final Four with three handicappers and we're about to make it five on this "Thursday Meeting" edition of BangTheBook Radio. Host Adam Burke will first be joined by Brad Powers of to discuss the two big games coming up on Saturday night with South Carolina vs. Gonzaga and Oregon vs. North Carolina. He'll also give us some projected lines for the national championship game. A college basketball year-in-review is also on the schedule, so Brad will give us his thoughts on that and then also mention some of his spring college football observations. We'll take the same approach with Ralph Michaels from to discuss the Gamecocks vs. the Bulldogs and also the Ducks vs. the Tar Heels. We'll also take a look back at the entire college basketball season with Ralph and talk about what worked, what didn't, and what he'll look to incorporate a little bit more in the future. We'll look ahead to the national championship game and get ready for a huge weekend in college hoops.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 29  

We'll get you over the hump of the work week with some more BangTheBook Radio content. On today's show, host Adam Burke chats with Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily to give some updates on the NBA picture and to take a look at things as the playoffs approach. On this pre-recorded segment, the guys discussed the tiered structure of the Eastern Conference and focused on the Cleveland Cavs and their defensive woes. They also looked at the bottom feeders in both conferences to discuss how things will go for those teams the rest of the way. Also, with WrestleMania 33 on the horizon, Philip gave his best bet for one of Sunday's match outcomes. Wes Reynolds joins us for our Wednesday Wagering with Wes Reynolds segment. We'll focus a lot on golf today, with the Shell Houston Open this week and the Masters next week. With some format changes coming on the horizon, we'll sporadically hear from Wes going forward, so we'll cover the first major of the season on today's show. Augusta National is an iconic venue and it can be an interesting betting event as well.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 28  

Our weekly "Tuesday Meeting" show has given listeners a lot of great insight throughout the season. We'll keep that going here this week with two professional handicappers shedding some light on the NBA, MLB, and, of course, the Final Four. We'll start things off with Bryan Leonard of for this week's Sports Wagering Talk segment. Bryan will chat about his MLB season prep work and some of the teams that he likes and others that he dislikes going into the season. The guys will also talk about the Final Four matchups between South Carolina and Gonzaga and also Oregon and North Carolina, as well as some NIT, CBI, and CIT. We also go Hunting for Winners with Sports Cheetah every Tuesday on the broadcast. We'll get some thoughts from Cheetah on his MLB prep work and what goes into that process from him. We'll also revisit a listener question from the day before about futures betting and the bankroll involved with that. Then we'll break down the NIT, CBI, CIT, and the Final Four games on the college basketball betting side. This promises to be another excellent show with two of the best in the business.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 27  

The final week of March is upon us and we're ready to get you prepared for the Final Four and the National Championship game. Before we do that, we'll open up this week of BangTheBook Radio with our weekly Monday Mailbag segment. Host Adam Burke answers your sports betting questions to the best of his ability. Listeners have really appreciated and enjoyed this segment since we worked it into our regular rotation and we've got a lot of great questions today, including making a living as a bettor, futures betting inquiries, and NHL betting tips. Kyle Hunter of joins us for the second part of today's show to take a look at all things college basketball. We've got some big NIT games this week and some interesting spots in the CBI and CIT before we actually dive into this week's Final Four matchups. Of course we'll talk South Carolina vs. Gonzaga and Oregon vs. North Carolina, along with some projected lines for the National Championship Game next Monday, but we're going to have you ready for everything that will come your way in college hoops this week.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 24  

We're wrapping up the week and heading into the weekend here on BangTheBook Radio. There are a lot of talking points to cover on today's show, including what we saw last night in the NCAA Tournament and what we might see tonight in the four games. Two of the four weekend matchups are set and we've got some lines to consider for those games. We'll also pay some attention to the NBA and the NHL, a couple of leagues that we have been neglecting to focus on all of the March Madness stuff that has been happening. Host Adam Burke will talk about some situational angles for tonight and heading into the weekend, as the NHL schedule really tightens up to get things done within the next 15 days. We'll also hear from Kyle Kensing of FanRag Sports to chat about the NCAA Tournament and about the upset of his alma mater Arizona Wildcats. We'll forecast the Elite Eight and, time permitting, check around with some of the coaching hires and the other things happening around the country.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 23  

You know all about the Tuesday Meeting on BangTheBook Radio and we're lucky enough to bring you the Thursday Meeting as well. Host Adam Burke is joined by two professional handicappers, as Brad Powers of and Ralph Michaels of share their professional opinions on all things sports. This week, we're focused on March Madness and the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. With the weekend drawing closer, we'll try to project some of those Saturday and Sunday matchups to give listeners an idea of what to look for after the Sweet 16 round. We'll talk about those games as well, but we're all about having you prepared for whatever comes your way. We'll also chat with Brad about the Golden Nugget Games of the Year lines for college football and also some additional thoughts as spring practices begin and others wrap up.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 22  

We're getting over the hump of another work week and getting one day closer to the Sweet 16 on BangTheBook Radio. We're also getting one day closer to the start of the Major League Baseball season. As a result, host Adam Burke will talk about what we've seen so far in Spring Training and will discuss position battles and injuries that may have adjusted some of his season win total thoughts and team outlooks. MLB betting is a challenge, but we're here to put you on the right track this week and beyond. Wes Reynolds joins us for the weekly Wednesday Wagering with Wes Reynolds segment to talk a couple of golf events this week. We've got the Dell Match Play, which is a WGC event, and also the Puerto Rico Open, an accompanying event for those that don't qualify for the WGC. We'll also get some of his thoughts on the Sweet 16 matchups and some of the angles that he may be looking to play.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast March 21  

Things have returned to normal this week on BangTheBook Radio. With that, it's time to get ready for our weekly "Tuesday Meeting" show. We'll chat with professional handicappers Bryan Leonard and Sports Cheetah, both of to crowdsource more opinions about the upcoming Sweet 16 games. During our Sports Wagering Talk with Bryan, we'll get his thoughts on late-season NBA betting and if it's best just to put that league aside and focus on other opportunities. They'll also discuss the Sweet 16 and project some Elite Eight matchups as well. Lines are out and adjustments have been made, so we'll talk with Bryan about those perception and recency biases. We'll also go Hunting for Winners with Sports Cheetah, who has a lot of different futures still alive and some interesting ways that he has hedged those plays. The guys also talked about some of the specific Sweet 16 matchups and about some of the betting angles present in those games, including long travel for some teams and some of the perception shifts in the sports betting industry based on how the first weekend of games went.

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