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The podcast channel for BangTheBook features sports betting analysis and free picks from some of the industry's top handicappers. With NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, and College Basketball podcasts, we cover all the sports with betting tips, free picks, stats, and matchup analysis on all the games that you want to know about.


BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 15  

On the Tuesday August 15 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke will be joined by professional handicapper and bettor Bryan Leonard of for this week's Sports Wagering Talk segment. Adam and Bryan will chat about the perception of some of the major conference college football teams coming into the season, with a look at teams like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington, and the others that had really successful seasons last year. They'll take a deep dive into the contenders in the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 and also see if somebody can emerge from the Big 12 as a serious contender this season. It's also Week 2 of the NFL Preseason, so we'll check in on Bryan's NFL betting preparations with the regular season now just over three weeks away. With the time left in the show, Adam will talk about what's going on in the world of Major League Baseball and give some betting tips for those that are still grinding away on the bases.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 14  

We're back and better than ever with a new week of BangTheBook Radio broadcasts. Host Adam Burke will start things off for this week by chatting with Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible and Fantistics for this week's NFL Week in Review & Monday Night Football Preview segment. At least, that's what we'll call it during the season. The guys will chat about the trades that took place involving the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Los Angeles Rams last Friday and also about several teams to keep an eye on for future NFL betting opportunities in the NFL Preseason. Kyle Hunter of will also join us for this week's College Football First Look. On this segment, the guys will talk about two more Group of Five conferences, with deep dives into the AAC and also the Mountain West Conference. They'll talk about the differences between betting and handicapping and also discuss the differences between betting totals in college football and the NFL. The college football betting analysis with these two guys is some of the best in the business and we're happy to bring it to you again today.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 10  

On the Thursday August 10 edition of BangTheBook Radio, professional handicapper Brad Powers of joined host Adam Burke to discuss power ratings, how to evaluate some challenging teams for the 2017 season, and also about his NFL betting philosophies and approaches. The guys covered six specific teams with a look at Clemson, Texas A&M, Michigan State, UCLA, Colorado, and Boise State with some of their question marks and public perceptions. They also discussed how to handicap the NFL, both in the regular season and the preseason, so that you can bang the books this year in football.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 9  

We had to break up our Tuesday Meeting show because of a scheduling conflict, but it's never a bad thing to spread your talent out throughout the week. Preston Johnson, aka Sports Cheetah, will join host Adam Burke on Wednesdays now throughout the season. We've got plenty of college football prep work to discuss with him, including some of the futures that he has already placed and the way that he gets set up for the season. We've talked about how oddsmakers are adjusting and how markets are getting sharp. Has Cheetah made any adjustments of his own to stay ahead of the books? Is he weighing things a little bit more heavily than he has in the past? There are a few key teams that stand out for one reason or another. Adam and Cheetah will run down a list of teams that could be kind of polarizing out there in the market at the outset. You'll have to tune in to find out about those teams and also to see which side of the debate that you fall on. To open and close the show, Adam will discuss some of the things that we want feedback on from our great listeners, a call for writers, and where to access BangTheBook Radio content

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 8  

A familiar friend to BangTheBook Radio listeners joins us on Tuesday, as host Adam Burke chats with the great professional handicapper and bettor Bryan Leonard to get some of his thoughts on the upcoming season. The guys have a long list of football betting talking points to get to. Setting up power ratings is the most important part of the lead-up to the season, so Adam will pick Bryan's brain about how he comes up with his numbers and how he uses those numbers to gain edges early on in the season. Bryan is a MAC expert, so the guys will talk about a couple of teams in that conference to illustrate how to go through the process with two very different situations. Along with some college football discussion, Adam and Bryan will also chat about the differences between setting up college football power ratings and prepping for the NFL season. Are power ratings helpful? Are there better ways of planning for a season? They'll also talk about the NFL Preseason and some betting strategies that can help you get started on the right foot. With the remaining time, host Adam Burke will check in on some baseball stuff, as meaningful games are still being played on the diamond. We'll incorporate some elements of The Bettor's Box into our daily shows as we go forward throughout the rest of the season.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 7  

We are back with daily shows on BangTheBook Radio! That means our regular rotation of guests is back in the mix and our focus primarily shifts to college football betting and NFL betting. As we get back into the mix, we'll welcome our regular Monday guests to the show. Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible and Fantistics joins us to chat about some of the new coaching changes and to evaluate how those schemes fit with the players in house. The teams in the spotlight are the Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Rams. We'll also chat with Joe about his NFL futures bets and how some of those teams stack up for 2017. Kyle Hunter of joins us for some college football handicapping thoughts and analysis. The guys will talk about setting up college football power ratings and about the need for conference specialization. Kyle has focused a lot of his time and energy on two under-the-radar conferences this season, so he'll talk about those two leagues and also use an example of his power rating for a Sun Belt team looking to build off of last season's successes. The guys will also talk some NFL preseason football and betting strategies for those exhibition games.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast August 3  

We're getting back into our daily BangTheBook Radio format next week, as we shift our focus primarily to the football season, but host Adam Burke still had some great baseball betting insight and analysis to share with you on this Thursday August 3 edition of The Bettor's Box. The Trade Deadline is now in the past, so Adam recapped what we saw and gave some of his thoughts on the deals that went down and the betting impact that they will have the rest of the season. He went Beyond the Box Score to look at the Tigers vs. Yankees series, the Orioles sweep of the Royals, and the Marlins taking two of three from the Nationals. The Down the Lines segment shed some light on some emerging trends with MLB betting odds. He also gave out a pick for Thursday night and previewed the weekend ahead in Major League Baseball.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast August 1  

This week's Tuesday Takeover guest was a new voice for our BangTheBook Radio listeners to enjoy, as very successful college football and NFL handicapper Collin Wilson joined host Adam Burke. This was a really great show to get everybody in the right frame of mind for the start of the season. There was a long discussion about how to set up college football power ratings and how to use them to your advantage during the season. Also, Collin has a different method of creating home field advantages than most people, which can create some good value in the betting market. The guys also discussed some of his biggest season win total plays thus far and how he decided to fire on those numbers. A few NFL thoughts concluded today's show, with some words on how the college football and NFL markets differ, as well as some NFL Preseason betting strategies. Collin has had a lot of success in the Westgate SuperContest and is looking to get into the money this season in both the traditional one and the SuperContest Gold, which was a good ending to today's show.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 31  

Host Adam Burke had a lot to follow during the recording of today's edition of The Bettor's Box. It's the MLB Trade Deadline, so plenty of rumors are swirling and plenty of teams are looking for pieces and parts to help them for the playoff push. Along with trades and transactions to discuss, Adam talked about some things we saw over the weekend in the Royals vs. Red Sox, Rockies vs. Nationals, Cubs vs. Brewers, and Rays vs. Yankees series. He also gave out a couple of free picks for Monday's night action that go against the grain of the market. A couple of Monday Mailbag questions and a look at the week ahead wrapped up another fine edition of the best baseball betting podcast in the industry.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 27  

Host Adam Burke was back on the air with a new edition of The Bettor's Box,'s MLB betting podcast in advance of a busy weekend of baseball and four days ahead of the MLB Trade Deadline. This show had our traditional format, starting with a look Beyond the Box Score at a series win for the Rays over the Orioles, a missed opportunity for the Pirates against the Giants, a Marlins offensive explosion against the Rangers, and another sweep for the Royals. The Down the Lines segment covered MLB betting odds movement from Tuesday through today and also featured a free pick for Thursday night's action. A look at some weekend series with some good series prop betting opportunities wrapped up today's show

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast July 25  

On this week's Tuesday Takeover edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by professional handicapper Brad Powers of to talk college football. The guys opened the discussion with the Hugh Freeze fallout at Ole Miss and what that means for the betting market and how Brad has made adjustments to the Rebels in his power ratings. Then, the guys covered several different teams that have made some very interesting offensive coordinator hires. Those teams were Auburn, Ole Miss, Utah, Baylor, Kansas, UConn, San Jose State, and Florida Atlantic. These are great test cases for how to adjust power ratings and how to look for value early on in the season. Significant changes will also take place in the totals market for these teams as well. It was great to have Brad back on to talk college football and this type of subject matter is sure to help you make money betting on college football this season.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 24  

There wound up being a whole lot to talk about on this July 23 edition of The Bettor's Box, BangTheBook Radio's MLB betting podcast. Host Adam Burke had a lot of notes and a lot of great baseball betting insights to share with our listeners. The Beyond the Box Score segment featured a look at three sweeps and an impressive series victory, as the Indians, Rangers, Royals, and Nationals all had good weekends. He talked about looking for outliers and understanding sabermetric concepts and what they mean. The Down the Lines segment featured on the MLB betting odds and the market. He gave out two picks for Monday's action as well. The Monday Mailbag segment included questions about picking a sportsbook, adjusting for the new MLB offensive environment, college football power ratings, and where to stay in Las Vegas. A quick look at three series this week wrapped up another edition of the world's best baseball betting podcast.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 20  

On the Thursday July 20 edition of The Bettor's Box, host Adam Burke had no shortage of things to talk about. In fact, he maybe had too much to talk about. Some big MLB Trade Deadline deals have already happened and many are yet to come, so Adam talked about the JD Martinez trade and also the big bullpen acquisitions by the Yankees before looking at what could happen in the coming days. The Beyond the Box Score segment also featured a look at the Rockies' sweep of the Padres and the gritty Mariners taking a series from the Astros, along with some MLB analysis on teams that are overachieving or underacheiving in certain splits. The Down the Lines segment was full of surprises, with some teams that were bet against now getting bet on and also Adam's free pick for Thursday night. Finally, Adam previewed the weekend ahead with Yankees vs. Mariners, Blue Jays vs. Indians, Nationals vs. Diamondbacks, and Cardinals vs. Cubs.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast July 18  

We did something very different with the Tuesday Takeover show this week. Host Adam Burke was joined by Las Vegas-based freelance writer Marc Meltzer to talk the direction of the town, the direction of sports betting, and the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights and the Las Vegas Raiders. This was definitely a departure from what we normally do on the show, but this is a bit of a lull in the sports betting calendar, so it was nice to do something out of the ordinary. The guys discussed the declining edges in Vegas for those playing lower stakes blackjack or those that like to play craps and video poker. They also talked about those dreaded resort fees and parking costs. Marc covered some of his favorite spots to eat, drink, and hang out, both on the Strip and off of it. Along with that, the guys talked about the impending legalization of sports betting and what, if any, impact it may have on Nevada and its corner of the betting market. Will the arrival of the new pro teams go over well in Vegas? Will it mean anything for the betting industry? Like we said, this is different than what we usually do, but still a fun listen for those that haven't been in a while or those that are looking to go soon.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 17  

The second half of the Major League Baseball season is well underway. Another Monday brings back the work week, but it also brings back a new installment of The Bettor's Box, the best MLB betting podcast in the industry. Host Adam Burke had plenty of things to discuss with listeners coming out of the weekend and did so on today's show. The Beyond the Box Score segment focused on the Yankees and Red Sox playing a lot of baseball in a short amount of time, the Braves sweeping the Diamondbacks, the Cubs doing the same to the Orioles, and how nobody can slow down the Dodgers. The Down the Lines segment covered some key line moves from the weekend and also featured some free picks and analysis for Monday night. A Monday Mailbag had four questions about umpires, pitchers, weather, and post-All-Star Break betting, and we previewed some of the series coming up early this week.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 13  

All-Star Host Adam Burke was back after a Break of his own to bring us the best MLB betting podcast on the planet. This July 13 edition of The Bettor's Box was full of outstanding information to set you up for the second half of the season, complete with a look at World Series futures, updated season win totals, and a whole lot more. He started with an abbreviated Down the Lines segment to touch on trends that we saw before the Break and pondered if we'll see them after. The Jose Quintana trade to the Cubs might set off the Trade Deadline, which obviously has betting implications. That was discussed, as well as a collection of stats that bettors can use to their MLB handicapping advantage over the next few games. With a look at the weekend ahead and an important betting note, it was good to get back to baseball and to do it in style.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 6  

The final edition of The Bettor's Box for the first half of the 2017 season was bursting at the seams with baseball betting insight and analysis. Host Adam Burke does it better than anybody else in the business and he had some great wagering angles and thoughts on today's show. The look Beyond the Box Score focused on the Blue Jays taking the series from the Yankees, the Brewers and Royals with impressive sweeps of the Orioles and Mariners, and the Dodgers' dominance against the Diamondbacks. Line moves weren't as numerous as in past weeks, but there were some very significant ones to focus on during the Down The Lines segment, which also featured a free pick for Thursday night. Finally, a preview of the weekend before the All-Star Game wrapped up today's show.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast July 3  

Host Adam Burke was back and perhaps better than ever on this edition of The Bettor's Box.'s MLB betting podcast has given you a different perspective on betting baseball throughout the season and today's show was full of analysis and more. Adam started with a look Beyond the Box Score to evaluate sweeps by the Red Sox over the Blue Jays and Giants over the Pirates. The Yankees fought valiantly, but fell short against the Astros. Adam also looked at possible regression for the Atlanta Braves. A list of line moves segued into two free picks for Monday night's action. A jam-packed Monday Mailbag with questions about arbitrage, bullpen dumpster fires, run lines, and the handicapping process was one of the best of the season. Finally, Adam looked ahead at four series this week and gave some thoughts and early leans on those games.

The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast June 29  

The best baseball betting podcast in the industry came your way once again on Thursday June 29 as host Adam Burke took listeners into The Bettor's Box for MLB handicapping insight and analysis. This show started out with a look Beyond the Box Score at some success for the Phillies and Nationals and the opposite for the Rockies and Cubs. Along with a recap of the series featuring those teams, Adam talked about some luck metrics that will turn around for four teams, including one to start betting against regularly. The Down the Lines segment featured some different market action than what we have seen recently and some new things to watch for. Two picks for Thursday night, a preview of the weekend, and a list of resources wrapped up today's edition of the show.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast June 27  

This week's Tuesday Takeover edition of BangTheBook Radio featured the great Sports Cheetah of, as he and host Adam Burke talked about a variety of different topics. The guys talked about taking mental breaks during the summer and how important that is for staying sharp throughout the year. Cheetah discussed his MLB season, which ends much earlier than everybody else's, and the guys also talked about how strange of a year it has been. The NBA playoffs were decent for Cheetah and he picked up on some new betting angles for future postseasons. Most of the show was dedicated to prepping for the college football season, though, as Cheetah talked about how to set up power ratings, manage an offseason bankroll, and capitalize on value when it's out there.

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