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Each week the FT banking team discuss the biggest banking stories of the week, bringing you global insight and commentary on the top issues concerning this sector. To take part in the show or to comment please email


Bids for Worldpay, battles with Banco Popular bondholders, bonanza for US banking investors  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss two unsolicited bids for Worldpay, and the legal fight by Banco Popular bondholders against the so-called bail-in, while US banking editor Ben McLannahan talks to Chris Kotowski of Oppenheimer about the results of US stress tests.

Italian bank bail-outs, warning from China's banking regulator and capital demands from the UK central bank  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the Italian bank bail-outs, the warning from China's banking regulator and the latest capital demands from the UK central bank. Italy appears to have dodged new rules to protect taxpayers from bank bailouts. We talk to James Chappell, analyst at Berenberg, about the ramifications. China's regulator has signalled concerns about Chinese banks' exposures to the country's big acquisitive conglomerates? We talk to China correspondent Gabriel Wildau about how worried should be. And finally, how will UK banks respond to the Bank of England's new demands for 'counter-cyclical capital buffers'. Banking editor Martin Arnold offers his view. >

Global regulation, fraud case against Barclays, deregulation under Trump  

Brooke Masters and guests discuss global regulation and the prospects for consensus as new leaders take over some of the biggest organisations, the fraud case against Barclays and its former top executives and the impact of the Trump administration on deregulation in the US.

Santander-Popular deal,troubled bank"resolution" and the FX scandal  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Santander's acquisition of troubled rival Banco Popular, the broader implications of "resolving" troubled banks in Spain, Italy and beyond,and the foreign exchange trading scandal-will the latest suspects be extradited to the US

Allied Irish Banks' IPO, HSBC moves jobs to Birmingham and M&A fees  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the planned IPO of Allied Irish Banks, HSBC's struggle to move 1,000 jobs from its London headquarters to Birmingham, and M&A fees - do big banks or boutiques make the most money?

Russian banks, UK peer-to-peer lenders and the lure of millennials in the US  

Martin Arnold and guests discuss Russian disappointment with the Trump presidency, progress in the UK peer-to-peer lending sector, and how a US disruptor bank enjoyed rapid growth by offering free checking accounts to millennials. With special guests Andre Kostin of Russian state bank VTB, Rhydian Lewis of Ratesetter and Luvleen Sidhu of BankMobile. Music by Kevin MacLeod

Distressed eurozone banks, RBS on trial, hiring in Asia and Canadian banks  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss RBS as it attempts to settle with disgruntled shareholders, global banks increase their hiring in Asia and some worrying signs about the health of Canada's mortgage lenders.

Lloyds returns to private sector, GIC bails out of UBS and US money transfer market  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the return of Lloyds to the private sector, the decision by Singapore's GIC to cut its stake in UBS and consolidation and competition in the US money transfer market. With special guests Sir Win Bischoff, former Lloyds chairman, and Western Union's Elizabeth Chambers.

Goldman Sachs, Brexit, Wells Fargo and BoE payment reforms  

Martin Arnold and guests discuss Goldman's management shake-up, why more banks are warning about the impact of Brexit on their UK operations, a look ahead to Wells Fargo's investor day and the Bank of England's plan to modernise its payment systems. With special guest Omar Ali, UK financial services leader at the consultancy EY.

European bank results, euro clearing and UK credit card risk  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss European bank results and why they shape up badly against the American banks, EU plans to move euro clearing out of London to continental Europe and credit card risk in the UK, with special guest Chris Wheeler of Atlantic Equities.

Deutsche Bank breaks Volcker rule, Credit Suisse earnings, a new UK lobby group and China's UnionPay  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss how Deutsche Bank broke the Volcker rule, Credit Suisse's first quarter earnings, a new banking lobby group in the UK and the attempt by UnionPay, China's domestic credit card, to penetrate international markets.

US bank deregulation, free in-credit banking in the UK and Goldman results  

Caroline Binham and guests discuss the fate of the Volcker rule and bank deregulation in the US, the UK's free in-credit retail banking model and Goldman Sachs's disappointing first quarter performance. With special guest Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve governor.

Barclays chief faces probe, Deutsche revival and US bank earnings  

Christopher Thompson and guests discuss the damage to the reputation of Jes Staley, Barclays chief executive, over his conduct towards a whistleblower, Deutsche Bank's capital increase and what to expect from this week's US bank earnings reports. With special guest Matt Nixon of Disraeli Group.

Women in finance, Credit Suisse tax probe and non-US banks in America  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss new FT data on women in banking and why so few make it to the top, the sweeping tax probe facing Credit Suisse, and how regulation affects non-US banks in America. With special guest Sally Miller, chief executive of the Institute of International Bankers.

UK stress tests, 'one-hour contracts' and Credit Suisse bonuses  

Patrick Jenkins and the Financial Times banking team talk to Simon Brennan, a director at Deloitte, about the Bank of England's stress tests. The team also discuss Santander's introduction of 'one-hour contracts' and take a look at Credit Suisse as it prepares to raise capital and pay big bonuses.

The lure of Frankfurt, investment bank rankings, and ATMs  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss signs that Frankfurt is emerging as the early frontrunner in the race to win jobs from London ahead of Britain’s EU departure, the latest investment bank rankings, and the . With special guests Hubertus Väth, director of Frankfurt Main Finance and Mark Benjamin, president and COO of cash machine company NCR.

Bank ethics, HSBC's new chairman and the life of a Wall Street analyst  

Caroline Binham and guests discuss a new survey of bank ethics in the UK, Mark Tucker's appointment as chairman of HSBC, and how the role of Wall Street bank analyst has changed in the last 25 years. With special guest Dame Colette Bowe of the UK Banking Standards Board and Mike Mayo, US bank research analyst.

Deutsche's rights issue, holding managers to account and Goldman's phone crackdown  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Deutsche Bank's big rights issue, the UK Senior Managers Regime one year on, and Goldman Sachs's crackdown on free phone calls. With special guest Davide Serra of Algebris Investments.

New UK clearing bank, Deutsche Bank pay and US banks' expatriate workers  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss the launch of the first new clearing bank in the UK in 200 years, Deutsche Bank pay and the friction in the US between Trump's protectionist policies and banks' desire to employ staff in Asia. With special guest Nick Odgen, executive chairman of Clear Bank.

RBS's EU reprieve, Deutsche Bank's mystery investor and HSBC profits slide  

Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss a proposal that Royal Bank of Scotland should no longer be required to sell Williams & Glyn, Deutsche Bank's mystery Chinese investor and HSBC's disappointing results. With special guest Andrew Coombs of Citigroup.

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