Barstool Rundown

Barstool Rundown

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El Pres, KFC, and Big Cat and the rest of Barstool Sports break down the biggest and funniest stories/videos from the internet that day. The Rundown is the Front Page of the Internet in audio form, presented with a slant on men's humor in a locker room atmosphere.


Barstool Rundown March 23, 2017  

1.Atheist Prayers 2.Chicken Nuggets 3.Nancy Kerrigan 4.GF/DaughterMixup 5.Snooki

Barstool Rundown March 22, 2017  

1. Cash Me Outside Chick 2. The Rock Golf Drive 3. Wheel of Fortune vs. Jeopardy 4. LeBron vs. Lavar Ball 5. 360 Head Kid

Barstool Rundown March 21, 2017  

High School Football Coach Hot Dog Hot Dick Japan Funeral Discounts Balloon Boy Dude Slides Into Cousins DMs Asshole Gore Dancing With the Stars Pussy Grab

Barstool Rundown March 20, 2017  

March Madness Best Unintentional Knockout Reporter Gets Sent Seizure Gif Brady Jersey Greg Marshalls Wife Crocodile Dundee Dude

Barstool Rundown March 16, 2017  

Harvey/Lima Crean Fired McDonalds Roulette Video Gas Station Crash

Barstool Rundown March 15, 2017  

Hockey Talk Car Accident WV Man Admits Crime Carmello Hats Snowstorm Interview Snoop Vs. Trump Twerking Florida Woman

Barstool Rundown March 14, 2017  

1. Hockey Dek League Player Fights Ref 2. Zuckerberg Jump Shot 3. Prospect Commits to duke with superhero video 4. Spags Not Gay Blog 5. Will Smith becoming uncle phil 6. Ezekiel Elliot pulls girls top down 7. Facezam App

Barstool Rundown March 13, 2017  

1. March Madness 2. Spring Break Twerking 3. Student Breaking Teacher's Ankles 4. Logano vs. Busch 5. Richard Simmons 6. Ketchup Murder 7. Worst Umpire Ever 8. Matador Eyeballs

Barstool Rundown March 9, 2017  

Arod and J-Lo Schizo Murder Lonzo Ball Dad Vs. Chuck Blanket Fight on Plane ACC Tourney Brie Larson Vs. Casey Affleck

Barstool Rundown March 8, 2017  

1. Tony Romo 2. Suns Mascot 3. Tim Tebow 4. Ciara / Russell Wilson 5. Pitt Coach 6. Pink Starbursts

Barstool Rundown March 8, 2017  

Tony Romo Sun's Gorilla Mascot Tebow Ciara/Russell Wilson Pitt Coach Kevin Stallings All Pink Starburst

Barstool Rundown March 7, 2017  

Bogut Injury Vince Young Jew Crew Lucky Charms Poison Mixtape Murder Juggler DUI Robbie Cum

Barstool Rundown March 6, 2017  

1. Rough and Rowdy 2. Arian Foster Wolf 3. Tebow's Arc 4. Reuben Foster 5. Trump Tie

Barstool Rundown March 2, 2017  

1. Sam Ponder 2. Horse to Work 3. Kim Jong Un 4. Beau Biden Widow 5. Ohio State Girl Break Up

Barstool Rundown March 1, 2017  

1. Richmond Baseball Fantasy 2. Markieff Morris Big Nuts 3. Spain Sex Czar 4. Sumo Wrestler 5. Tennis Girl

Barstool Rundown February 28, 2017  

1) Gary from The Oscars was in prisons for 20 yrs for attempted rape 2) Kellyanne Conway picture 3) Boogie cousins in NOLA 4) Dwight howard punks celtics fan 5) Leo flew in his eyebrow artists for the oscars

Barstool Rundown February 27, 2017  

1. The Oscars 2. Mark Cuban/Bleacher Report 3. Louisville Half Court Shot 4. Kim Jong Un 5. NY Sex Parties 6. Transgender Wrestler

Barstool Rundown February 23, 2017  

1. Bingo Controversy 2. College Hoops 3. Brady Wipeout 4. Jameis WInston 5. Stolen Car 6. Huffington Post Cheater 7. Jamie O'Grady

Barstool Rundown February 22, 2017  

Azabajan President Names Wife VP MLB Intentional Walk Rule Schilling Autographs Windshields Tire Guy Not A Man A Mouse Assault Bob Kraft vs. Haters 7 Earthlike Planets Discovered

Barstool Rundown February 21, 2017  

Dirty TN Cop Pineapple Pizza Smoke Lights Couch on Fire Trebek Bars Model Hangs from Window Backup soccer goalie scandal AZ Gov Sex Stories

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