Barstool Rundown

Barstool Rundown

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El Pres, KFC, and Big Cat and the rest of Barstool Sports break down the biggest and funniest stories/videos from the internet that day. The Rundown is the Front Page of the Internet in audio form, presented with a slant on men's humor in a locker room atmosphere.


Barstool Rundown April 20, 2017  

Serena Williams Inmate Fax Fail Julia Roberts Richard Simmons

Barstool Rundown April 19, 2017  

Aaron Hernandez Gronk Crashing white house Couple fucking at tennis match Pigeon CPR Elizabeth warren favorite Curse word Poop Sports Playoffs

Barstool Rundown April 18, 2017  

Carmelo NHL Playoffs People Kissing a Kia Kim Jong Un Haircut Jazz Fan

Barstool Rundown April 17, 2017  

Playoffs Zero Blog 30-23 Zack Rewnski United CEO Meme Migos Kid Bowling Dude

Barstool Rundown April 13, 2017  

1. NY Post Guy Retires From Hot Women 2. Penguins Fan Stabbed with Screwdriver 3. Moe Harkless 4. Indians Protest 5. Kid drives car

Barstool Rundown April 12, 2017  

Tom Herman Lindsey Pelas Kane for Mayor Romo Oilers Owner Sex

Barstool Rundown April 11, 2017  

United Update Sergios Fiance Janet Jackson Prenup You Trying To Pop? 50 Cent

Barstool Rundown April 10, 2017  

1. The Masters 2. Otis Nixon 3. United Airlines 4. Colorado Arrest Video 5. Florida Sherriff

Barstool Rundown April 6, 2017  

1. Curt Schilling Denies Negotiating for dummies 2. Texas Rangers Girl crying 3. Kid accepted to Stanford writing "#BlackLivesMatter" 4. Guy Texts Ex everyday 5. LaLa Land prom proposal 6. I'll Never suck dick again 7. Reds Prospect doing coke on snapchat 8. Guy eats 20 punches from chick

Barstool Rundown April 5, 2017  

1. Kendall Jenner 2. Wheel of Fortune 3. David Spade 4. Lance Stephenson 5. Steph Curry 6. Mike Francesa

Barstool Rundown April 4, 2017  

National Title Lebron Tweets Frank The Tank Romo Retires OK Cheerleader Prostitution

Barstool Rundown April 3, 2017  

1. LPGA Controversy 2. Wrestlemania 3. LeBron James 4. Texas A&M Baseball Prank 5. Uconn Women Basketball 6. Jeep vs. BMW 7. Golf Clips

Barstool Rundown March 30, 2017  

Aaron Hernandez Fiance Cervix Killer Aussie Surfing in Flood Lamar Cheating Hockey Goalie Slash Married Men Dinner With Chicks

Barstool Rundown March 29, 2017  

James Brown Wig Apology Arod Corp Kids Trapped In Elevator John Legend Performs Elon Musk AI Goodell Attend Pats Opener Snake Eats A Guy Raiders Bunny Ranch

Barstool Rundown March 28, 2017  

Lebron Flops Auburn Softball Player Vs. UF Coach 2 Year Old Lou Gehrig Lions Eating People Trump 1st Pitch

Barstool Rundown March 27, 2017  

1. March Madness 2. Luke Maye 3. Lavar Ball 4. Anthony Weiner 5. Lebron James 6. Steve Aoki Cake Throw 7. Raiders

Barstool Rundown March 23, 2017  

1.Atheist Prayers 2.Chicken Nuggets 3.Nancy Kerrigan 4.GF/DaughterMixup 5.Snooki

Barstool Rundown March 22, 2017  

1. Cash Me Outside Chick 2. The Rock Golf Drive 3. Wheel of Fortune vs. Jeopardy 4. LeBron vs. Lavar Ball 5. 360 Head Kid

Barstool Rundown March 21, 2017  

High School Football Coach Hot Dog Hot Dick Japan Funeral Discounts Balloon Boy Dude Slides Into Cousins DMs Asshole Gore Dancing With the Stars Pussy Grab

Barstool Rundown March 20, 2017  

March Madness Best Unintentional Knockout Reporter Gets Sent Seizure Gif Brady Jersey Greg Marshalls Wife Crocodile Dundee Dude

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