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Baseball America delivers baseball news you can't get anywhere else. Covering the game from a player-development point of view, the staff of BA will deliver its take on what's going on in the world of baseball every week on its podcast, analyzing the game from the majors and minors--with an emphasis on prospects--through our unparalleled college and high school coverage.


Baseball America Top 25 Podcast  

Teddy Cahill, Jim Shonerd and Mike Lananna talk Preseason Top 25, powered by Louisville Slugger.

Baseball America Mets Podcast  

John, JJ and Matt analyze the Mets' farm system and where the club stands long-term in the National League East.

Baseball America Marlins Podcast  

JJ, John and Vince Lara chat about the Marlins system following the trade for Dan Straily.

Baseball America Astros Podcast  

JJ and John wrap up our AL Top Prospects talk with a look at the Astros farm system.

Baseball America Athletics Podcast  

JJ Cooper, John Manuel and Vince Lara discuss the A's system, which is short on sure things.

Baseball America Rangers Podcast  

JJ Cooper and Ben Badler discuss the Rangers farm system, which has taken a hit from its recent trades.

Baseball America Mariners Podcast  

JJ and Kyle discuss the Mariners Top 10 Prospects list and Kyle Lewis discusses his rehab from his knee injury.

Baseball America Angels Podcast  

JJ and Kyle Glaser discuss the Angels farm system and the delicate balance between winning now and winning later.

Baseball America Twins Podcast  

John, J.J. and Mike Lananna discuss the Twins' top prospects.

Baseball America Hall of Fame Podcast  

John and Matt Eddy talk Hall of Fame candidates, including Tim Raines.

Baseball America Winter Meetings Podcast  

John and JJ talk Rule 5 draft, White Sox trades, Giolito vs. Lopez and the Angels' small but smart moves.

Baseball America Winter Meetings Podcast  

JJ, John and Will Lingo talk about the BA Gala and the Winter Meetings.

Baseball America CBA Podcast  

JJ, John and Kyle Glaser discuss the new CBA that is being finalized.

Baseball America Indians Podcast  

JJ and Teddy Cahill discuss Cleveland's Top 10 Prospects and the Indians' chances to stay on top of the AL Central.

Baseball America Tigers Podcast  

JJ and Josh talk Tigers prospects and Detroit's path forward, then Kyle Glaser stops by to help JJ analyze last night's Mariners-Braves trade.

Baseball America CBA Podcast  

JJ Cooper and Kyle Glaser analyze the chances that baseball is headed for a lockout.

Baseball America Rule 5 Podcast  

John, J.J. and Matt Eddy discuss the possible effects of the proposed 26-man roster expansion and an initial look at the Rule 5 draft.

Baseball America Royals Podcast  

John Manuel and JJ Cooper discuss the Royals' Top 10 Prospects.

Baseball America AFL Podcast  

Josh Norris and Kyle Glaser discuss the soon-to-wrap-up AFL season, sponsored by Bowman Cards.

Baseball America Yankees Podcast  

JJ, John and Josh Norris discuss the Yankees Top 10 and the spate of new minor league nicknames.

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