Battling Anxiety

Battling Anxiety

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Reverse your anxiety with positive thinking. Let's start a conversation today.


In Defense Of Feeling Crappy  

I used to think happiness was 100% up to you. Here's why I changed my mind.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun?  

I threw away my notes this week and went into full improv mode. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! :)

Goal Setting, Green Tea And Things To Look Forward To  

Topics in this show: The importance of reasonable goals. Green tea vs. coffee and things to be thankful for. -Best way to contact me: -Like "Battling Anxiety Podcast" on Facebook

Reverse Your Negative Thoughts!  

It's great to be back. One thing I've learned over the last few months: it doesn't pay at all to be hard on yourself. Reverse your harsh thoughts!

One Sure Way To Reduce Your Anxiety  

This won't be a groundbreaking tip you didn't already know, but today I present a simple process to reduce stress/anxiety when you face a problem.

You Are Not Alone  

Anxiety and mental illness can be difficult to cope with. My message this week is simple-you are not alone in how you're feeling. There's no shame in having anxiety or mental illness. We're all human, mistakes happen, bad times fade away. You are not alone.

Meeting New People Is One of the Most Rewarding Things to Do  

I've challenged myself to meet 1,000 new people and take a picture with each one by September 1st, 2016. Today I'll talk about why you should constantly make an effort to meet others. Everyone has a story and most are willing to share it to someone willing to listen.

Setting A Big Goal  

Setting big goals can help you get out of your comfort zone. Today I'm setting a BIG goal for myself, I hope you join me in setting up a goal!

Why Is Anxiety Tough To Talk About?  

For some reason, it's hard to speak up and talk about anxiety and mental illness. My hope is that this podcast may someday help reverse this trend and make it okay to talk about mental illness.

Make Your Anxiety Positive  

Before hosting the Oscars in 2009-Hugh Jackman said he was "excited" rather than "nervous" to host the awards. This is something we can keep in mind before any big event or performance.

Three Simple Habits To Reduce Your Anxiety Every Day  

This week I'm sharing three easy things you can do every day that have really helped me reduce my anxiety. Always appreciate and welcome feedback -

Fail Your Way to Victory!  

It always stings to fail or hit roadblocks in life. However, I feel failure may be one of your greatest tools to use towards success.

Lions, Tigers and Relationships-Oh my!  

In episode four of Battling Anxiety, I talk about how relationships and anxiety can create challenging situations. Contact me:

Fight Against the Negative Voice in Your Head  

A difficult topic to discuss. How do you fight against the negative voice in the back of your head? Podcast can now be downloaded from iTunes! Search for "Fighting Anxiety". Comments and topic suggestions can be sent to

Fighting Anxiety - Four Tips For Handling Stressful Situations  

This week I'm sharing four helpful tips that have helped calm my anxiety whenever I'm in a stressful situation. As always-feedback is always welcome! I can be reached directly at


Anxiety has been something I've struggled with for about 10 years. This is my first attempt talking about it openly-I hope a few people can relate to what I'm talking about.

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