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Be Reasonable


Examining beliefs from outside of the mainstream


Be Reasonable: Episode #037 – Joey Talley  

Joining Marsh today is Reverend Joey Talley – a Wiccan Witch who claims to be able to prevent computer viruses, solve technical issues and much, much more, using Wiccan spells.

Be Reasonable: Episode #036 – Richard O’Connor  

Richard O’Connor is anaesthetist and crop circle researcher who is convinced he has evidence that UFOs are routinely visiting the earth. Support the MSS, our work, and all of our podcasts by making a monthly contribution via Patreon. UPDATE: The images we discussed in the pocast:

Be Reasonable: Episode #035 – Paul Byrne  

Joining me today is Dr Paul Byrne. Paul is a paediatrician and prominent campaigner against organ donation, who has consistently written rejecting the existence of brain death. Support the MSS, our work, and all of our podcasts by making a monthly contribution via Patreon.

Be Reasonable: Episode #034 – Ian Clark  

Ian Clark is an author and ESP researcher whose book ‘4.26am’ documents his experiences with sleep paralysis and why he believes human beings can communicate over thousands of miles via electrical signals transmitted by the heart. Support the MSS, our work, and all of our podcasts by making a monthly contribution via Patreon.

Be Reasonable: Episode #033 – Andy Thomas  

Andy Thomas is an author and conspiracy theorist whose book The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies explores a range of conspiracy theories and the areas of their overlap. Support the MSS, our work and all of our podcasts by making a monthly contribution via Patreon.

Be Reasonable: Episode #032 – Frank Strasser  

Joining Marsh this month is Frank Strasser, an artist and 9/11 truther who runs the website Actors & Artists for 9/11 truth. Unfortunately, this interview from July 2014 was affected by an issue with recording equipment, which means the last 10 minutes of the conversation was lost – but hopefully you can enjoy the rest […]

Be Reasonable: Episode #031 – Greg Caton  

Joining Marsh this month on be reasonable is Greg Caton. Greg is an alternative health advocate and supplement promoter, who was imprisoned in 2004 for violating FDA regulations, and in 2009 was listed by Interpol as an international fugitive.

Be Reasonable: Episode #030 – Susan Kennard  

Joining Marsh this month is Harley Street EFT practitioner Susan Kennard. Susan came to the attention of skeptics when she appeared on BBC2’s “Inside Harley Street” explaining her use of Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as ‘tapping therapy’.

Be Reasonable: Episode #029 – Ian Jacklin  

Joining Marsh this month is former Kickboxer, actor and alternative cancer activist Ian Jacklin. In 2007 Ian produced the film “ICureCancer.Com”, which examined people’s experiences of alternative cures for cancer.

Be Reasonable: Episode #028 – Bogdan Ziarko  

Joining Marsh this month is Bogdan Ziarko – a faith healer and exorcist. You can find out more about Bogdan’s work at

Be Reasonable: Episode #027 – Alan Butler  

This time on Be Reasonable we’re joined by Alan Butler from the website Dawn of Realization. Alan is an author and historian who believes that the Moon and Ceres have far different origins than most astronomers realise.

Be Reasonable: Episode #026 – Mike Buchanan  

Joining Marsh this time on Be Reasonable is Mike Buchanan, founder of the UK’s only explicitly anti-feminist political party “Justice for Men & Boys (And The Women Who Love Them).”

Be Reasonable: Episode #025 – Leo Rebello  

On this episode, Marsh speaks with Dr. Leo Rebello. Leo has been the Director of Natural Health Centre, in Bombay, since 1978. He claims to have delivered over 15,000 lectures in 65 countries and written fifty books. Amongst his recent work is Aids Scare, which argues that HIV doesn’t exist, and that AIDS should be […]

Be Reasonable: Episode #024 – Harry Rhodes  

Joining Marsh this month on Be Reasonable is Harry Rhodes. Harry is a researcher and activist from Chemtrails Projects UK. You can find out more about Harry’s work at

Be Reasonable: Episode #023 – Eugene McCarthy  

Joining me this episode is Dr Eugene McCarthy from Eugene’s work explores the theory that a conventional view of evolution is incomplete, and that cross-species hybridisation played a significant role in the development of many modern species, including humans.

Be Reasonable: Episode #022 – Jim Humble  

This month on Be Reasonable we dip back into the archives for one of the most troubling interviews I’ve ever been involved in. Back in 2010, reports emerged about a product called Miracle Mineral Solution – a pseudomedical panacea which was touted as a treatment for cancer, AIDS, malaria and Crohn’s disease, yet in actuality […]

Be Reasonable: Episode #021 – Alan Sanderson  

This month, Marsh speaks with Dr Alan Sanderson. As well as being the former president of the Spirit Release Foundation, Alan is a psychiatrist who treats psychiatric disorders by removing the inhabiting spirits of the deceased from his patients. His website can be found at

Be Reasonable: Episode #020 – Christopher Doyle  

Joining Marsh this month is Christopher Doyle, director of the International Healing Foundation – a group which controversially aims to offer their help to people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

Be Reasonable: Episode #019 – David Boyle  

In this month’s episode, Marsh spoke with UFO researcher and alternative historian David Boyle, proprietor of Exhibition of the Universe in Blackpool, UK. David regularly gives talks and interviews on all manner of subjects from ancient aliens to psychic abilities and government conspiracies.

Be Reasonable – Episode #018: Rafael Dellal  

In this month’s episode we’re joined by psychic Rafael Dellal. Rafael, a clairvoyant and medium, spoke to us about his work, the tools used by mediums, how to spot a real medium from a fake medium and the ethics of psychic readings. Regular listeners will note that Hayley Stevens is no longer involved with Be […]

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