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On Beaks & Geeks, we have candid conversations with authors. We seek to learn more about the people behind great books.


#147: Lisa Napoli  

Journalist and author Lisa Napoli joins Amy to talk about her book, RAY & JOAN. They discuss McDonald's history, radical giving, technological advances, and the work of art that inspired Napoli to start digging. . Learn more about the book here:

#146: Mitch Horowitz  

Mitch Horowitz is the Vice President and Executive Editor of Tarcher Perigee books and master of all things occult and esotericism. Mitch & Lindsay discuss the struggle with mainstream media and how we can retain information in the age of oversaturation. They talk about his recent fanboy moment as well as witch hunting, Ouija boards, positive thinking, and spirituality. Interfaith Voices: Read OCCULT AMERICA: Read ONE SIMPLE IDEA:

#145: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff  

Amie and Jay join Amy to talk about the second book in The Illuminae Files, GEMINA. From learning about space stations and computer hacking, to having a designer shoot a book these authors go all in. Learn more about the book here:

#144: Richard Cohen  

Richard Cohen joined Amy to talk about what's on his reading bucket list, what makes fiction great, and the weirdest way to learn rhythm. Learn about the book here:

#143: Amor Towles  

Amor Towles, author of the best-selling RULES OF CIVILITY, came on the show to talk about his new book, A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW. He and Amy talk Russian literature, gratifying research and why Andre Agassi is like a good novelist. Learn more about the book here:

#142: Christina Henry  

Christina Henry, author of The Chronicles of Alice series, stopped by the studio during NYCC to talk with Lindsay about her Lewis Carroll-inspired books, a 2nd place Goodreads choice award winner, ALICE and the follow-up, RED QUEEN. Despite the series being dark and not for the faint of heart, Henry insists she's not devoid of fear and is still horrified of Nightmare on Elm Street. Find out her other (surprisingly) favorite movie--of which she's watched hundreds of times--and what's next for the handwriting writer.

#141: Colin Dickey  

Colin Dickey joins guest host Emily to talk about ghosts, haunted mansions, creepy prisons, and our fascination with scary stories. Check out the book here:

#140: Phoebe Robinson  

Phoebe Robinson, comedian and host of WNYC's 2 Dope Queens podcast, talks to Lindsay about writing, getting older, podcasting, criticism, and her new Amazon show with Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn, I Love Dick. She also tells us which celebs would be her ideal roundtable interview, and why she loves her niece more than anything. Read the book, YOU CAN'T TOUCH MY HAIR:

#139: Jenny Blake  

Jenny Blake, author of PIVOT, talks with Lindsay about work, life, e-mail parties, trolls, and everything in between. She explains how failing is merely not trying at all, and why making small changes in your career can sometimes launch your path to greatness. Read the book:

#138: Johanna Basford  

Johanna Basford, the hugely popular illustrator behind adult coloring books, joins Amy to talk about the personal inspirations behind her art, fan tattoos, and more. Grab the book here:

#137: Catherine Banner  

THE HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF NIGHT author Catherine Banner joins Amy to talk about her novel, collecting folktales, small town gossip, and why the financial crisis inspired this book. Learn about the book here:

#136: Delia Ephron  

SIRACUSA author Delia Ephron chats with Lindsay about her New York Times-bestselling novel (soon to be film), vacationing in Italy, and how to eat like a child. She also tells us about her terrible boss and experiences with married couples. Read the book:

#135: Drew Magary  

Drew Magary chats with Emily about his new book, THE HIKE, magazine writing, interviewing Justin Bieber, and winning Chopped. Read the book:

#134: Blake Crouch  

DARK MATTER author Blake Crouch talks with Lindsay about quantum mechanics, the road not taken, love, and how alternate realities redefine regret. We also talk about this book becoming a movie, and what it's like to be adapted. Read DARK MATTER:

#133: Jennifer Close  

THE HOPEFULS author Jennifer Close chats with Lindsay about magazine writing, Washington, D.C. politics, relationships with friends and family, and Hillary Clinton. Find Jennifer reading one of Lindsay's favorite parts at: 15:27. Read the book:

#132: Nadja Spiegelman  

Nadja Spiegelman joins Amy to talk about painful family history, becoming closer to her mother and grandmother, living in Paris, and much more. Learn about the book and read an excerpt here:

#131: Chuck Palahniuk  

Chuck Palahniuk, author of FIGHT CLUB, chats with Lindsay about throwing candy at his adoring fans and other spectacular things that occur at his book events. He tells us something no one knows about him and talks in detail about his new graphic novel and sequel, FIGHT CLUB 2. Read Chuck Palahniuk:

#130: Yaa Gyasi  

Yaa Gyasi joins Amy to talk about her debut novel, HOMEGOING. They discuss diaspora, family, history, and writing an ambitious book. Learn about the book here:

#129: Heather Havrilesky  

Heather Havrilesky talks with Emily about her advice column, vulnerability, being compassionate, and watching Game of Thrones. Read HOW TO BE A PERSON IN THE WORLD:

#128: Nancy Isenberg  

Nancy Isenberg joins Amy to talk about her new history book, WHITE TRASH. Learn more about the book here:

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