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'We need a moratorium on all coalmines': Naomi Klein in conversation – Behind the Lines podcast  

On a Sydney Peace Prize panel moderated by Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor, the author Naomi Klein, anti-Carmichael coalmine campaigner Murrawah Johnson, climate action leader Maria Tiimon Chi- Fang, Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Nadine Flood and GetUp! human rights campaigner Shen Narayanasamy discuss the need to transition to a post-carbon Australia. Naomi Klein at the Great Barrier Reef: what have we left for our children? – video

'All they see is your race, because that is what's written on your body' | Christina Ho  

It’s impossible to talk about rising pressure in education without addressing the elephant in the room, that is, the prevalence of children of Asian background working overtime for their excellent academic outcomes in our schools, particularly our selective schools. People are reluctant to address this head on, because invariably an accusation of racism – or actual racism – will follow. Lucy Clark spoke to Dr Christina Ho from UTS about her latest research in a Guardian Australia Behind the Lines podcast • Hothoused and hyper-racialised: the ethnic imbalance in our selective schools

Pauline Hanson voters speak: 'I'm utterly disappointed in the way our country is run' – Behind the Lines podcast  

There has been plenty of speculation about why One Nation supporters voted the way they did in the 2016 federal election. Bridie Jabour asks the voters themselves for the Behind the Lines podcast and the answers are complicated – and surprising • Meeting Pauline Hanson’s voters: silent screamers find their voice • Comprehending Pauline is not the problem. Engaging constructively with Hansonism is | Katharine Murphy • First Dog on the Moon | A cartoon about Pauline Hanson voters. What are they?

David Marr at Fodi: can we solve the asylum seeker crisis? – Behind the Lines podcast  

Could a simple change to the law make a difference for asylum seekers in Australia? Or do we need to stop acting as though there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ types of refugees? David Marr, Shukufa Tahiri, Jane McAdam, Daniel Webb and Geoff Gilbert explore alternative solutions to the current situation for asylum seekers in Australia

How Guardian Australia broke the Nauru files story – Behind the Lines podcast  

What’s it like combing through thousands of reports of abuse? Bridie Jabour talks to Paul Farrell, Helen Davidson and Nick Evershed about the investigation, how the project came together and why reporters used to covering immigration and child cruelty cases still found themselves shocked by what they read. ‘If this happened in an institution on the Australian mainland it would be shut down the next day,’ Evershed says

Dr Munjed Al Muderis' journey to Australia – Behind the Lines podcast  

Dr Munjed Al Muderis lived very comfortably in Iraq but what led him to leave as a traitor? Today he is an inspiring doctor who specialises in crafting new limbs for amputees but to get here he risked a dangerous journey by boat and a long stay in detention. He tells the story behind his Dear Australia video

Kristina Keneally: what has Malcolm Turnbull got himself into? - Behind the Lines podcast  

He’s still going to be prime minister, but Malcolm Turnbull did not get the election result he wanted. So how can he recapture political momentum? Kristina Keneally joins Bridie Jabour and Miles Martignoni and suggests at least one way the PM can stamp his authority on the Coalition again. Plus why we should keep a very close eye on the monthly poll ratings for ‘preferred prime minister’ to find out Turnbull’s fate.

Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy on a 'strange, upside-down' election – Behind the Lines podcast  

Join an all-star cast of Guardian contributors as we unpack how election night went. Lenore Taylor, Katharine Murphy and Gabrielle Chan discuss what the result means for Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten. Election analyst Ben Raue takes a close look at where the numbers stand. Michael Safi discusses the resurrection of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party and Elle Hunt takes us through the defining image of the day: a sausage sandwich

Gay Alcorn in Indi: voices from a divided electorate – Behind the Lines podcast  

Gay Alcorn travels to the Victorian seat of Indi, which independent Cathy McGowan won from Liberal party MP Sophie Mirabella in 2013. Can McGowan repeat her success or will the electorate return to Mirabella, or possibly Nationals candidate Marty Corboy? Voters in the electorate talk about what matters to them, who will they vote for and why More coverage: Will Indi hold on to the power of one?

Attack ads: do they actually work? – Behind the Lines podcast  

Kristina Keneally joins Gabrielle Jackson and Miles Martignoni to discuss election ads and slogans, what you should be doing in the last week of the campaign, the best and worst performers so far, and why Scott Morrison could be Australia’s next PM

Is spending billions more on education a price worth paying? – Behind the Lines podcast  

Lucy Clark joins Gabrielle Jackson and Kristina Keneally to discuss the education policies on offer at this election, why the Gonski funding plan now divides the major parties, and how that debate means some critical questions are being ignored

How to show 'the stench of death' on the Great Barrier Reef – Behind the Lines podcast  

Michael Slezak, Guardian Australia’s environment reporter, joins Gabrielle Jackson, Nick Evershed and Lucy Clark to talk about how we revealed the full story of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef for our ‘Reef on the brink’, series and why the fate of the reef should be centre stage during the Australian election

Van Badham: don't fall for the same old neoliberal election ads – Behind the Lines podcast  

Van Badham joins Gabrielle Jackson and Miles Martignoni to discuss inequality in Australia and what the economic policies being presented this election cycle might mean for everyday Australians • Is Australia egalitarian? Ask the worker sacked for using a Post-it note • It’s time Australians looked more closely at our privileged ruling class

David Marr: Shorten would be a good Victorian premier, but would he make a good PM?  

David Marr joins Behind the Lines podcast regulars Bridie Jabour and Michael Safi to discuss the the election campaign so far. Is the Labor leader doing well, or is the bar just set very low? Is there even a bar anymore?

Kristina Keneally: the truth about election tax cut promises  – Behind the Lines podcast  

Kristina Keneally joins Gabrielle Jackson and Miles Martignoni to discuss the election campaign at the halfway stage, including the claim that Labor once supported corporate tax cuts, Scott Morrison’s aggressive language in a press conference, why Malcolm Turnbull’s father is the focus of a new campaign ad and why a double dissolution may work well for independents

Richard Ackland: 'Where is George Brandis?' – Behind the Lines podcast  

Why has the attorney general been absent from the campaign trail ? Richard Ackland joins Bridie Jabour to discuss this and why Australia’s legal aid funding is so low that it’s actually costing taxpayers more

Kristina Keneally on why the leaders' debate doesn't matter – Behind the Lines podcast  

Kristina Keneally joins Bridie Jabour and Gabrielle Jackson to discuss the latest face-off between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, the protests against Mike Baird and the coverage of Amber Heard’s domestic violence case against Johnny Depp

David Marr on the one thing that's stopping the Coalition from ruling forever – Behind the Lines podcast  

David Marr, Bridie Jabour and Michael Safi discuss the ‘elephant poo’ the Coalition has been cleaning up since Peter Dutton’s remarks on refugees, and what the marriage equality debate says about parliament

NBN raids: how independent are the federal police? – Behind the Lines podcast with Kristina Keneally  

Kristina Keneally joins Bridie Jabour and Gabrielle Jackson to discuss the Australian federal police raids over alleged NBN leaks, what they mean for the election campaign, whistleblower protection, freedom of press, and why an independent agency like the AFP is still strongly tied to the government

David Marr asks: could Bill Shorten win? And why is everyone so scared of the Greens?  

On this weeks’ Behind the Lines podcast David Marr talks to Bridie Jabour and Michael Safi about the Labor leader’s chances, Malcolm Turnbull’s weaknesses and how this election is shaping up as a repeat of 2013

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