Ben Fordham: Highlights

Ben Fordham: Highlights


Walkley award winning journalist Ben Fordhamn presents Sydney Live on 2GB


Ben Fordham - Highlights: December 16  

Listen to the highlights of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham.

Ben Fordham Farewells Executive Producer Harriet Glenn  

Harriet has worked on Sydney Live for the last 4 years.

Ben Fordham – Jodie, Freddy and Pearl’s Santa Photo  

Check out Pearl’s first Santa photo.

Ben Fordham – First Ever Convenience Store In The Opera House  

Ben chats to Redfern Convenience’s Hazem Sedda.

Ben Fordham - World's Most Interesting Hangings  

Ben speaks to serial killer expert Amanda Howard.

Ben Fordham Is Joined By Glenn Wheeler  

Glenn comes in studio to wish very one Merry Christmas.

Ben Fordham – NSW Police Commissioner Calls In  

Ben has a chat to Andrew Scipione.

Ben Fordham – Driverless Car Runs Red Light  

It was on the first day of a trial in San Francisco.

Ben Fordham – Terri Butler Pays Up  

Ben gets the latest on the QUT case with Hedley Thomas.

Ben Fordham – Proposal At Taronga Zoo  

Watch Paddy propose to his long term girlfriend, zookeeper Meghan. 

Ben Fordham - Highlights: December 15  

Listen to the highlights of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham.

Ben Fordham – Tips On Wine For Christmas  

Ben speaks to Taylors Wine’s Mitchell Taylor

Ben Fordham - The Big Marn  

Sports news and more with Darryl Brohman.

Ben Fordham – Residents Buy Their Local Pub  

Ben chats to Josh Corrigan from the Doodle Cooma Arms Hotel

Ben Fordham – Exodus Foundation Christmas Search For MC  

Ben speaks to Rev Bill Crews and ‘Mr Sold’

Ben Fordham – Finance With Heidi Armstrong  

Ben speaks to the finance expert.  

Ben Fordham – Politically Correct Christmas Signs Torn Down  

 Ben speaks to the minister responsible Dominic Perrottet

Ben Fordham – Harris Farm Ditches $1 Milk  

Ben chats to Brett Kelly from Norco Dairy Co-op

Ben Fordham – Eddie Obeid Jailed  

Ben speaks to SMH’s Kate McClymont

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