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Stand Up NY Labs presents Betch Slapped- a hilarious weekly podcast hosted by the founders of Betches and comedic authors behind NY Times best-selling books "Nice is Just a Place in France" and "I Had a Nice Time & Other Lies." You'll hear the Betches' take on everything from celebrity gossip to what you should be watching on TV to actual news that you might give a sh*t about. You'll also get to hear The Betches give advice to listeners about love, friendship, and other sh*t in "Dear Betch" and join them as they play riveting games like "Shoot, F*ck, Marry." For more on The Betches check out or their popular Instagram @Betches.


#35 Would You Rather Be Friends With Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?  

The Betches discuss the Bachelorette premiere, the Katy vs Taylor feud and the amazing true crime doc we’ve been watching lately dear Betches are a girl who has a crush on her best friend and a girl who got ghosted in a tinder relationship. Games include what are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus.

#34 Weddings Are So Cliche  

We talk about Bachelor Ben & Lauren’s break up and how much we love the upcoming Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. We discuss a reader response to our Bill O’Reilly discussion and give a male listener advice on how to not be a fuckboi. We also give our thoughts on extravagant weddings

#33 Can You Be In Love With Two People At The Same Time?  

We talk about the Ponzi scheme that is Fyre Festival, Nicki Minaj paying everyone's college bills, and how we hated two new popular shows on Netflix. We answer a Dear Betch on how to make a career for yourself (not as an investigatory journalist), and play What Are Your Thoughts on...Polyamory edition. (And more) Send your questions for 'Dear Betch' to

#32 No Emotional Masturbating  

This week the Betches discuss the Fyre Festival disaster and The Handmaid's Tale. They answer questions from a listener who has never been kissed and another one who's worried her boyfriend is too serious for her. They debut their new game "What Are Your Thoughts On", and play Would You Rather and Shoot F*ck Marry. Today's episode is sponsored by Framebridge ( CODE: BETCHES) Send your questions for 'Dear Betch' to

#31 Relationships Are 90% Timing  

The Betches discuss Chris Soules recent arrest and Bill O’Reilly's $25 million bullsh*t payout. They answer a Dear Betch about defining the relationship too soon and play some really challenging Would You Rather's and Shoot, F*ck, Marry's.

#30 There's No Filters In Real Life  

In this amazing episode we discuss behind the scenes bullsh*t of Coachella, the Girls and Vanderpump Rules finales, and we give advice about receiving unsolicited dick pics and asking for a raise at your internship.

#29 Cracked Out Chris Harrison  

The Betches discuss the United flight drama, Kylie's new show and 2017 Coachella fashion with Cosmopolitan Accessories Editor Nicole Fineo. They give advice to a listener about how to have the exclusivity talk and debate whether if you'd still date a guy if he was perfect in every way except that he spoke in email sign off phrases.

#28 Social Media Is A Big Little Lie  

Is this special tv dominated episode the Betches talk about the Vanderpump Rules reunion, the Big Little Lies finale, this weeks episode of Girls, and answer questions about being a virgin in college & asking your company about moving costs

#27 Alec Baldwin For $500  

#27 Alec Baldwin For $500 by The Betches

#26 Elephant In The Room: Tom Schwartz’s Sons  

The Betches discuss Vanderpump Rules, competitive endurance tickling, and the THINX sexual harassment scandal. They give advice to a listener wanting revenge on a guy that ghosted her. They discuss which reality star they’d want to be stranded with and play ‘would you rather.' Send your questions for 'Dear Betch' to

#25 Networking Worse Than Dating  

The Betches talk about The Bachelor finale , their absurd trip to SXSW, answer advice about dating a guy you’re not that attracted to and what to do when your boyfriend is super stressed out and not giving you enough attention Today's episode is sponsored by Parachute. Go to to get free shipping and returns on bedding & Framebridge ( CODE: BETCHES) Send your questions for 'Dear Betch' to

#24 Instagram Is Fake News  

In this episode the Betches discuss the fantasy suite Bachelor episode, International Women's day, WTF they're gonna do at SXSW, and more. Audience submitted advice questions are about a girl who needs to come out as a lesbian to her friends, and a long distance messaging relationship. Today's episode is sponsored by Parachute. Go to to get free shipping and returns on bedding

#23 You Don’t Deserve A Wedding Hashtag w/ Evan Krumholz  

This week the Betches are joined by Evan Krumholz. They discuss the Oscars best picture confusion, A Kay Jewelry sexual harassment lawsuit, and the Bachelor. A listeners questions about men's fashion and the nature of cheating are answered and the Betches play the game 'Would You Rather.' Send your questions for 'Dear Betch' to

#22 Did You Guys Know Rachel Is Black? w/ Liz Plank  

The Betches talk about political correctness, trolls in Trumpmerica, and the general emotional shortcomings of guys. Three games including: would you rather have every breakup be nationally televised or every inappropriate comment you've ever made be nationally televised?

#21 Are You Rich Or Boughie?  

This v special episode featured Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules. We discuss behind the scenes of the show and the Pump Rules cast, debate the definition of "boughie" and answer the Dear Betch of a girl who has a 7 year flirtation with her "guy friend" -- which by the way, are guy friends even real?

#20 The Justin Spesh  

On this week's Betch Slapped The Betches discuss Nick's breakdown, Kristina's story, and Corinne on the Bachelor. They also give their predictions for the upcoming Grammys. Advice is given to a girl whose friends are all single and another girl who isn't sure if her boyfriend is cheating. The girls discuss the differences between Justin Trudeau and Justin Theroux and play Would You Rather with dating hypotheticals.

#19 Is The Bachelor Getting Boring?  

In this week's episode we discuss whether or not The Bachelor may actually have become boring, if it's all Nick Viall's fault, and what we would do if we had an unlimited amount of money. Dear Betch submissions are both dating-related, and we have a game segment, f*cking duh.

#18 Courtney Robertson Or Donald Trump  

The Betches discuss their experience at the women's march, President Trump, and how reality TV and the news are basically the same thing now. Dear Betch submissions are about dating your friend's boss and what to do when your boss hasn't given you a raise in 3 years. Games are Would You Rather and "guess which hometown the cast of Vanderpump Rules are from."

#17 Most Dramatic Orgasm Ever  

This week on Betch Slapped, the Betches discuss the latest episodes of The Bachelor and Vanderpump Rules. They give advice to a listener struggling with her over critical mother and another who no longer wants to be the office gossip. The Betches imagine life being sister wives and play shoot f*ck marry with various TV hosts including Chris B. Harrison.

#16 Murder & Blowouts  

Today's episode recaps Corinne's sluttiness on The Bachelor and we play (and lose) a game called "guess what past Bachelor contestants' careers were," amongst other newsworthy discussions. Dear Betch questions are about how direct to be with a guy early in dating, and about asking for a raise after your boss dicks you around.

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