Better Reading Podcast

Better Reading Podcast


Cheryl Akle discusses the world with her favourite authors.


Valli Little - Podcast #12  

Cheryl Akle and Valli Little discuss the communal nature of cooking, Valli's journey into food, and her new book ‘My Kind Of Food’. 

Mia Freedman - Podcast #11  

Cheryl Akle and Mia Freedman discuss how women find community, the media in Australia, and Mia’s new book ‘Work Strife Balance’. 

Oliver and Rosemarie Zammit - Podcast #10  

Rosemarie and Oliver Zammit talk to Cheryl Akle about the death of their son Doujon Zammit. They discuss organ donations and the relationships that came about because of them. 

Natasha Lester - Podcast #9  

Cheryl Akle and Natasha Lester talk in depth about the writing process, the book publishing world, and Natasha's most recent book 'Her Mother's Secret'. 

Turia Pitt - Podcast #8  

Cheryl Akle and Turia Pitt continue an ongoing conversation. They discuss overcoming challenges and the value of hard work. 

Better Reading Book Club - The Girl Before  

Cheryl Akle is joined by authors Rachel Johns and Katherine Scholes for a discussion about J.P Delaney's 'The Girl Before'. 

Katherine Scholes - Podcast #7  

Katherine Scholes and Cheryl Akle discuss the writing process, childhood, finding a sense of place, and Katherine’s new book ‘Congo Dawn’. 

John Safran - Podcast #6  

John Safran and Cheryl Akle discuss the changing face of far right movements in Australia, the logic of the left and right, and John’s new book ‘Depends What You Mean By Extremist’.

Caroline Overington - Podcast #5  

Caroline Overington talks to Cheryl Akle speak about journalism, literary scandal, writing, and her new book 'The Lucky One'. 

Tracey Spicer - Podcast #4  

Cheryl Akle and Tracey Spicer talk about ineqality in the media, society, and families. 

Holly Throsby - Podcast #3  

Cheryl Akle and Holly Throsby speak about family, education, the arts, making albums, and writing her book 'Goodwood'. 

Candice Fox - Podcast #2  

Cheryl Akle speaks to Candice Fox about family life, nature vs nurture, the culture of the navy, and how her collaboration with James Patterson came about. 

Nikki Gemmell - Podcast #1  

Cheryl Akle speaks to Nikki Gemmell about her mother, her books, and the broader influences in her life. 

Tom and Meg Keneally (2017) - Better Reading Highlights  

Cheryl Akle speaks to Tom Keneally and his daughter Meg about their new book 'The Unmourned', how they manage writing together, and who annoys who the most.

A Better Reading highlight from March 2017. 

Rebecca Huntley (2017) - Better Reading Highlights  

Cheryl Akle talks with Rebecca Huntley, researcher on social trends, about her new book 'Still Lucky'. A book about why you should feel optimistic about Australia and it's people. 

A Better Reading highlight from March 2017. 

Tom Rob Smith (2015) - Better Reading Highlights  

Cheryl Akle sat down with author, Tom Rob Smith to talk about his bestselling crime fiction thriller, 'The Farm'.

A Better Reading highlight from March 2015.

Matthew Reilly (2017) - Better Reading Highlights  

Cheryl Akle speaks to Matthew Reilly in West Hollywood about his new book 'The Four Legendary Kingdoms', movies and life in LA. 

A Better Reading highlight from February 2017. 

Better Reading Book Club - Crimson Lake  

We discuss Candice Fox's 'Crimson Lake', with the author in the room. 

Liane Moriarty (2016) - Better Reading Highlights  

Cheryl Akle speaks with Liane Moriarty author of Truly Madly Guilty, The Husband's Secret, Big Little Lies, and more... 

A Better Reading highlight from October 2016.

Jimmy Barnes (2016) - Better Reading Highlights  

Jimmy Barnes talks to Cheryl Akle about his new memoir 'Working Class Boy'.

A Better Reading highlight from October 2016.

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