Better Reading Podcast

Better Reading Podcast


Cheryl Akle discusses the world with her favourite authors.


Kylie Ladd  

Cheryl Akle is joined by author and neuropsychologist Kylie Ladd for a conversation about writing, dementia, and the origins of her recent book 'The Way Back'. 

Christopher Bollen  

Cheryl Akle and Christopher Bollen talk about New York, a sense of place in Christopher's books, and the writing process. 

Paul Field  

Cheryl Akle and Paul Field discuss career, the unexpected success of The Wiggles, and Paul's recent book, 'Gimme Shelter'. 

Emma Viskic  

Cheryl Akle talks to award-winning crime writer and musician Emma Viskic. They discuss music, writing, and Emma's recent book, 'And Fire Came Down'. 

Bill Hayes  

Cheryl Akle talks to Bill Hayes about writing, insomnia, and the late Oliver Sacks. 

Rusty Young  

Cheryl Akle talks to Rusty Young about his origins as a writer, time spent in prison, and his recent book, 'Colombiano'. 

Armando Correa  

Cheryl Akle and Armando Correa talk about 'People en Espanol', Cuba, and Armando's debut novel, 'The German Girl'. 

Tony Jones  

Cheryl Akle and Tony Jones talk about politics, the ABC across time, and Tony's new book, 'The Twentieth Man'. 

Ailsa Piper  

Cheryl Akle talks with Ailsa Piper, author of 'The Attachment'. The two discuss writing, grief and personal faith.

Joanna Maxwell  

Cheryl Akle talks to Joanna Maxwell, author of 'Rethink Your Career: In your 40s, 50s and 60s'. They reveal how they each arrived in their current careers and the many facets of worklife. 

Anne Tonner  

Cheryl Akle talks with Anne Tonner, winner of the 2017 Finch Memoir Prize. The two discuss Anne’s daughter’s experience with anorexia, and her book, ‘Cold Vein’. 

Manal al-Sharif  

Cheryl Akle talks to Manal al-Sharif about growing up in Saudia Arabia, finding her political voice, and her new book, ‘Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening’. 

Paul Irish  

Cheryl Akle and Paul Irish talk about Sydney History, Aboriginal identity, and Paul's new book, 'Hidden In Plain View'. 

Richard Anderson  

Cheryl Akle and Richard Anderson talk about writing; passionate, unexpected sex; and Richard’s new book, ‘The Good Teacher’. 

Jamila Rizvi  

Cheryl Akle and Jamila Rizvi discuss Canberra, women in the workplace, and Jamila's new book, 'Not Just Lucky'. 

Wendy James and Jaye Ford  

Cheryl Akle talks with authors Wendy James and Jaye Ford about their friendship, crime fiction, and differing writing processes. 

Jenevieve Chang  

Cheryl Akle and Jenevieve Chang discuss youth, racism, and Jenevieve's book 'The Good Girl Of China Town'. 

Michael Robotham  

Cheryl Akle and Michael Robotham talk about ghostwriting, crime fiction and Michael's new book, 'The Secrets She Keeps'. 

Monica McInerney  

Cheryl Akle and Monica McInerney discuss family, the journey into writing, and Monica's most recent book, 'The Trip of a Lifetime'. 

Rebecca Huntley  

Cheryl Akle talks with social researcher Rebecca Huntley about social trends, Pauline Hanson, and what the hell is going on in the world. 

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