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Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

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126 Ding Dong  

Hi there, this show has stories about two cats, a couple of ding dongs, a disguise, Easter Island, Rarotonga and a bag-o-puke!

The music for this show is from a group of street performers in Rome and the picture for the episode is of them.

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

125 Plane People  

This episode is sort of rough around the edges.  I had my digital recorder stolen in Madrid and didn't want to be late getting the episode posted, so about five minutes is recorded on my Cell phone which is not the best quality... but it will have to due.

We have stories about some flight attendants and passengers behaving badly, an airline x-file and a heart warming tale about the Plane People.  You can read the printed story here.

Contact...   flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music is "Airplane" by the Side Street Blues

124 The Eye of the Coconut  

Kia Orana!

This show is full of stories from my recent trip to Rarotonga and Aitutaki along with lots of tales from the airplane.  We hear about two in flight emergencies, guard roosters, lots of crabs and some skinny dumpster diving flight attendants.

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

The music is a sound seeing tour of the Cook Islands.  I recorded the music from two local bands, an island night (which is like a Luau) and three churches.

123 I'm Late Because I Had To...  

Episode 123

This show features stories abut strange peeing habits on the airplane, parents behaving badly, a famous passenger and bruised private parts!

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music is "Airplane" by The Sid Street Blues

Illustration by Louise Norman, check out her website.

122 Deflateface  

This show features a personal story from my recent trip, a pesky lougie, naked flight attendants in crew rest, some body odor and some fox talk.


Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

121 High Talkers  

This show has stories about a six year old busines man, high talkers, ghosts, pesky overhead bins, a hero and some sezy farm animals.

Contact....  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music is "Flying" by The Catch

120 Singing to a Frog  

This show has funny stories about bunnies, frogs, Jersey Shore guys on the airplane, some hotel ghosts and more importantly... what to do when you have to fart while working on the beverage cart!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music "Fly" by The Good Sirs

Oh and by the way Nadia in South Korea reminded me that it's my 10th year of podcasting Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase..... time really flys by!

119 Thieves Don't Read  

This show features stories about naked people on the plane, three thieve stories along with some buns, boobs and hooks!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music "Everything Good" by Twintwelve

Check out these excellent podcasts...

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour


118 Click, Click, Click  

In this 118th show we have stories about what to do when passengers annoy you, private body parts on show on the airplane, a story from my recent trip to Panama, lightening in the cabin... and a naughty pilot.

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

The music for the show is a street preformer in Brussels, Belgium

117 Car Sick Rooster  

This episode features stories from my fantastic trip to Panama.  We hear about crabs, frogs, roosters, pearls and puffer fish... along with the some airplane stories.


Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com


116 No Cooking For You!  

Lots of good stories in this show about running from the cops on a layover, holy water, maxi pads, fainting, life vests and an ambien fueled anxiety dream sleep walker on the airplane!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music from the fabulous Lascivious Biddies, here is their website

115 Schlong Story Short  

This show has three stories about a certain body part along with two Doogie stories, some lost pantyhose and some crazy things people have done to get themselves fired.

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

The music for this show was recorded in Mainz Germany during Fasching which a huge party with lots of costumes and music and booze.  It's a German Carnival (fun!)

114 Ebola Betty  

This show has stories about ebola, nut jobs, a game of duck duck goose, emotional support animals, pilots taking charge and a naked passenger.

Contact....  flywithbetty@gmail.com

I recorded the music for this episode on the street in Munich Germany plus a classic song that is mentioned in one of the stories.

113 You Say Albeano I Say Albino  

In this show we have stories about bras in strange places, things in the toilet that... don't belong in the toilet, famous flight attendants, a baby tree, bad taxi drivers and an albino!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music "Airplane" by the Side Street Blues

112 Ghosts at my Doorstep  

I'm just back from a big trip to Sulawesi Indonesia so this show is chalk full of stories from Sulawesi.  We have stories about swallows, a poopy pen, a tarsier high, mohawk macques, ghosts, Tau Tau and smoke at the airport!

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

111 Butt to Butt or Crotch to Crotch?  

This show features stories about a screaming pilot, air marshals, two passengers taking matters into their own hands and the burning question of ...butt to butt or crotch to crotch?

The photo is of a Tarsier that I hope to see on safari in Sulawesi this month.

The music was sent to me from Sheila from sunny Velencia Spain.  Check out the video Cabin Crew Worldwide appreciation Song

Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.com

110 Slippery Little Suckers  

It's time for a new show and this month we have stories about airline hoarders, some slop in the aisle, a smart ass and some sick soup!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

There's a quick clip from my new favorite podcast You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

Music "Vegas Turnaround" by Hall and Oates

109 Old Lady Parts  

Episode 109

This show features four old lady stories, a love is in the air story and two crazy Russians!

Contact...   flywithbetty@gmail.com

The music for this episode is "Fly Betty Fly" by Jay Dover.  You can find more about him at www.dover41.com

Funny video Penny is Forced to Work Economy

Funny video Air Afrikaans

108 Sit On It!  

This show has lots of farting on the airplane stories!  We also have a fast healing passenger, mood blankets, a creative use for airplane coffee... and a love story!

Contact...  flywithbetty@gmail.com

Link to the Sit On It - Nick at Nite Happy Days Commercial

107 Where are the Air Marshals?  

In this show we have stories about air marshal nurses, surfing, Fokkers, loons and butterscotch!

Contact   flywithbetty@gmail.com

Music by Simple Plane Jet Lag Natasha Bedingfield

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